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Hyundai Driving Experience Capturing Global Customers

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For those who want to know a little more about the car they want, Hyundai Driving Experience will be the right choice. You can have a special experience not only in Korea but also in other countries - all you need is a driver’s license.

When it comes to cars, experiencing them is the most important aspect. The essence of these machines is that they move, so you’ll have to get inside them to see if it suits your taste. However, the opportunity to experience the car well is not as many as you might think; And it’s hard to know the car you want from a short test drive. Hence, a more special experience is needed - like the Hyundai Driving Experience (HDX) of Hyundai Motor Company. HDX is a platform where customers can directly experience the Hyundai Motor Company brand and products, providing customers with the best experience.

Hyundai Motor Company launched HDX in Korea in 2016. Many customers welcomed it because programs like this were rare in Korea. Going one step further, the automaker opened the ‘HMG Driving Experience Center’ in Taean, South Chungcheong Province in 2022 together with other brands of the Hyundai Motor Group. The HMG Driving Experience Center houses all brands including Hyundai, Kia and Genesis. This regular program introduces Korean customers to the fun of driving cars.

Hyundai Motor Company has continuously developed various programs and developed HDX into a high-quality customer experience platform. And based on that, they are expanding this platform all over the world. Since starting in Germany in 2020, they have settled in various countries including Italy, Austria and Spain. There is a reason Global HDX started in Germany; It is Europe’s most competitive market for high-performance cars.

Germany is highly developed in terms of automotive infrastructure and the related cultures - the Autobahn with no speed limits, numerous circuit track days, and individual trainings. German consumers also have high standards for cars and driving programs. The fact that they appreciate this program will prove the high quality and satisfaction of the program. For this reason, Hyundai Motor Company is operating the Global HDX at famous race tracks all over Europe, including the Nurburgring in Germany. Hyundai Motor Company has steadily accumulated professional manpower and know-how to promote its brand and products to customers through HDX. And that’s how they’re able to offer standardized, high-quality HDX platforms everywhere.

Global HDX includes meals, accomodation and experiences, just like an auto travel plan. It is to provide a comprehensive hospitality program of the same quality to participants from all over the world who are looking for Global HDX.

Global HDX takes place at circuits such as the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany and Ricardo Tormo in Spain. These courses are famous for their combination of various corners and straight courses. Here, drivers can feel the three DNAs of the N brand - Corner rascal, Everyday Sports Car, and RaceTrack Capability. In particular, the Nürburgring Nordschleife driving program, which inspired the development of the N, is so popular that it is booked first every year. Anyone with an international driver’s license can participate in Global HDX from anywhere in the world.

Global HDX uses European i20 N and i30 N. Same specifications as production cars, no additional tuning; Cars sold to customers are put into the HDX program as they are. The i20 N is a manual transmission model, and the i30 N is a DCT model. This is for the different transmission tastes of each customer. In addition, customers can experience the i30 N TCR, which was Hyundai’s first TCR and showed excellent performance - N Taxi TCR.

In winter, there is a special program where you can run on snowy mountains. This is a winter experience that started in Sölden, Austria, from 2022. The Winter Experience is also well received by customers. When it premiered in March 2022, it sold out in 30 minutes, and this year it was fully booked in 3 hours. One of the reasons winter experiences are so popular is the exquisite location. Sölden is a popular winter destination with many ski resorts due to its spectacular scenery with its ice caps, so that participants can enjoy the winter experience and vacation at the same time. This place is perfect for a lifestyle with cars.

The Winter Experience is available in three models: Tucson, Santa Fe, and IONIQ 5. You can learn how to deal with all the situations that may arise on the road in winter while driving in the snowy mountains. For example, you can learn how to generate friction and correct the car when it skids, how the vehicle handles differently on snow, what functions to use when going up and down a slope, and how to operate the HTRAC four-wheel drive system when one wheel falls into a pothole. You can even enjoy drifting on snow in the IONIQ 5. For reference, Winter Experience also presents a nice car lifestyle. You may enjoy driving in the snow during the day and Austrian cuisine and wine in the evening at a top-notch hotel.

European customers have been very satisfied with the global HDX, which combines driving pleasure and lifestyle experience. Customer satisfaction exceeded 95% according to a survey, and there was even a customer who decided to buy a Hyundai car right after trying the global HDX. In the future, Hyundai Motor Company plans to open Global HDX in more countries for customers and N enthusiasts around the world. They are preparing to expand it to various countries in Europe as well as the US and Chinese markets.

HDX’s goal is to allow anyone to freely experience the right car culture and driving pleasure in a variety of ways. A step-by-step driving training program tailored to each driver’s experience, skills, and character will show the new charm of a car that has not been known before. Hyundai plans to provide a standardized, high-quality HDX platform to customers in more markets in the future. Through this, more people may be able to experience the right car culture and the joy of driving.

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