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Genesis 2023 G70 2.5 Turbo: The Pinnacle of Luxury Sports Sedans

The Genesis 2023 G70 has been further perfected through various upgrades while housing a new powertrain. Here are the details on the 2023 G70 2.5 Turbo, which is taking one step closer to the pinnacle of luxury sports sedans.

Genesis has improved the G70, the brand’s last internal combustion engine sports sedan. The ‘luxury D-segment’, which includes the G70, is one of the types most prioritized by luxury car brands around the world; This ‘near-luxury’ segment is a key class that can attract various customers through their easily accessible nature and expand the brand base. Another feature of this segment is that it can clearly capture the brand identity and it is easy to create a fandom for their brand, especially among young customers. For this reason, each automaker puts tremendous effort into the segment.

The Genesis G70 began to survive in the segment with such an enormous mission, and has been praised as ‘exceeding expectations’ by global automobile experts since its debut. In the first year of entering the United States, it was selected as the ‘2019 Car of the Year’ by , a world-renowned American auto magazine, and North American auto journalists named this car the winner of the 2019 North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year (NACTOY).

Two-Line Headlamps: the signature design of the Genesis brand
G70’s dynamic side design realized with short front overhang and long dash to axle (distance from front wheel to steering wheel)

“The G70 is smooth, quiet, fast, upscale, nimble, good-looking, and a great value,” guest judge/former engineer Chris Theodore said. “It’s very good at almost everything.” Such comments received in the US automobile market, where luxury car brands from around the world are competing, had a greater impact and meaning. Numerous strong competitors from Japan, the US, UK and Italy have tried to take over the German brand, the mogul of the luxury D segment, but with no impressive results; The G70, however, opened up new possibilities.

In addition to such excellent driving performance, the charm of the G70 was the comfort and luxury that suits a luxury brand. And entering 2023, the automaker started to improve the marketability of the model. The 2023 G70 houses a new 2.5 turbo engine and boasts updates inside and out of the vehicle.

All 2023 G70 trims offer Brembo brakes as standard

The 2.5 turbo engine is one of the main features of the 2023 G70, and its maximum output is 304 horsepower, an increase of more than 50 horsepower compared to the current 2.0 turbo engine (252 horsepower). This improvement not only increases driver satisfaction, but also underlines the high-performance character of the G70 given by the 4-cylinder engine in terms of product. The 2023 G70 applies a high-performance Brembo brake system as standard to all trims to secure braking capability that suits its output.

The 2.5 turbo has improved both performance and fuel economy compared to the current 2.0 turbo

In actual driving, the 2.5 turbo engine gives satisfaction that far exceeds the improved output. In particular, the rapidly increasing torque from 1,650rpm maximized the acceleration perception. In addition, from 4,000 rpm, the exhilarating exhaust sound is delivered to the cabin, further enhancing driving pleasure. The ample power also helps to realize a more comfortable and agile driving; It makes it easier and faster to draw out the power needed for driving. The 8-speed automatic transmission that transmits the power of the 2.5 turbo engine to the wheels also continues to accelerate smoothly and quickly as the rpm rises, showing elegant yet agile control.

The change in response of the vehicle according to the driving mode is also very clear. The 2023 G70 has a total of five driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, and Custom; These integrate and then control steering wheel stiffness, suspension damping force, and engine, and transmission response - according to the driver’s preference. For example, Coasting Neutral Control in Eco Mode automatically switches gears to neutral when you take your foot off the accelerator, maximizing glide to increase fuel efficiency. In addition, the Sport Plus mode allows launch control to exert maximum acceleration performance with gear shift timing suitable for sport driving. This also allows some slip on the rear wheel for sport driving.

The G70 provides different driving functions depending on the driving mode

But the G70 hasn’t lost its luxury D-segment identity either; The automaker specifically focused on ride comfort. The electronically controlled suspension uses sensor information to control the damping force of the front and rear shock absorbers in real time; In this way, it provides optimal ride comfort and grip, which minimizes aftershock when there is an impact from small bumps on the road, and also gently absorbs irregularities on the road. The double-glazed sound-insulating glass on the windshield and on the sides of the front seats is also satisfactory. The passengers can feel the same interior quietness as that of the higher class vehicles.

Of course, better ride quality does not mean worse cornering performance or driving stability. The car delivers ample driving information and housed a precise and detailed steering feel. Above all, it shows calm and stable movement in any situation based on outstanding chassis balance. This driving sense of the G70 is also in line with Genesis’ unique design identity - dynamic elegance.

Driver-centered interior layout that enhances concentration
Genesis emblem in Guilloché pattern

Driving performance isn’t the only change to the 2023 G70; New changes unique to the 2023 G70 are noticeable in every corner of the vehicle. At its core, this vehicle is a sports sedan that emphasizes driving performance without merely obsessing over new changes; It enhances luxuriousness by refining details while maintaining an intuitive layout that allows you to focus on driving. On the exterior, the Genesis logo with a delicately sculpted Guilloché pattern stands out, but the cabin space is meticulously constructed based on luxurious materials, conveying its notable interior quality.

The interior is composed of high-quality materials such as nappa leather, stitch, and real aluminum, so it is highly satisfying to see and touch, and has the highest competitiveness among vehicles in its class. In particular, changes to the steering wheel with the new logo, frameless room mirror, multi-function switch, door/console garnish pattern, and air vents have advanced luxury to the next level. These changes take into account that this is a sports sedan that prioritizes driving satisfaction; This is the result of focusing on the luxurious customer experience while maintaining the current advantages.

The 2023 G70 has been perfected with its seamless room mirrors with minimal bezels, a new overhead console, and a new air conditioning unit with touch display

The 2023 G70’s meticulous consideration for user convenience is also notable - the air conditioner, for example. The three dials its predecessor had were changed to touch displays. Its simple and intuitive design provides frequently used functions such as seat ventilation, heating, temperature, or air flow volume.

Another noteworthy change is the specification that enhances marketability; All trims of the 2023 G70 come with front seat ventilation and rear seat heating as standard. This model also houses Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA), which automatically adjusts the driving speed after displaying road speed limit information to the cluster while driving. As such, the 2023 G70 has evolved in a way that refines its original strengths while eliminating its flaws - ‘focusing on its strengths,’ indeed.

Genesis also made this improved marketability visible in the G70 Shooting Brake model. In addition, by narrowing the price gap of 2.8 million won with the sedan after the specification adjustment to about 2 million won, it could attract customers more easily. Shooting Brake has a unique style and excellent space utilization; And it reveals your taste and lifestyle in a sophisticated way. If I had met Shooting Brake on this test drive, I would have felt a different kind of fun.

Many people want the luxury D-segment to be an all-rounder that covers all of the luxury, comfort, and driving performance. To meet the needs of these demanding people, the 2023 G70 uses a 2.5 turbo engine to boost driving performance, showing off as the brand’s last internal combustion engine sports sedan; In addition, meticulous changes in consideration of user convenience have increased the overall completeness and value of the vehicle. In the luxury D-segment market where luxury car brands around the world are fiercely competing, the rising star G70 will become even more powerful with this change.

by Injoo Lee

Photography by Minsuk Choi

HMG Journal Operation Team


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