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Same Name, Different Charm: Sonata The Edge

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The Sonata The Edge once again awakens the different charms of mid-sized sedans with the basic model and the N line. Here are the details of those two styles and charms.

Hyundai Motor Company’s Sonata has been reborn with a more sporty yet future-oriented design - Sonata the Edge. Its trendy name and near-full-change express confidence even amidst the dominance of SUVs. The biggest feature of the Sonata The Edge is that it captures the attention of many people by reflecting Hyundai Motor’s family look design, which has been completed throughout the body while maintaining the sleek proportions unique to the sedan.

The Sonata The Edge consists of two designs according to the direction each model pursues. The basic model stands out with the sharp proportions and sophistication unique to sedans, and the N line, which pursues high-performance sensibility, emphasizes a dynamic impression by adding bold and sporty details. The two models have different pursuits, but neither one is superior. If you look closely at the two, you can discover the design charm of the Sonata The Edge, each completed with its own personality.

The Sonata The Edge was completed based on Hyundai’s design identity, ‘Sensuous Sportiness’. From the launch of the 8th generation Sonata, the Sensuous Sportiness design showed Hyundai Motor’s sophisticated urban atmosphere and sporty sensibility. The first thing that draws attention to the exterior design is its face. The headlamp, grille, and air intake are organically integrated to create a low and wide stance. The cherry on top is the seamless horizon lamp that smoothly crosses the body with a single line, and its clear lighting from one seamless part gives a more futuristic design sensibility.

This cool styling can also be found on the side. The combination of a long, low hood and a sleek roof line has realized the ideal sports sedan proportions. It creates a dynamic posture that it seems the car can dash at any moment. The rear part has a wide range of black color parts, and a clear contrast stands out. In addition, the rear spoiler-shaped garnish and the H-shaped horizontal lamp express a dynamic yet stable impression.

Meanwhile, the Sonata The Edge N line stands out for its dynamic atmosphere. The main design elements emphasize a sporty sensibility based on a long and sleek body, and bold touches such as an expanded air intake or a rear spoiler stand out. Through the strong impression of the unique design and the details suggesting high performance, the Sonata The Edge N line reminds us of a sleek sports car.

The Sonata The Edge N line has many detail elements with high-performance sensibility, so it is fun to look closely at the exterior. Various detail elements with their own characters are quite satisfying - black color emphasizing contrast, trim finished with a matte texture, 19-inch wheels exclusively for the N line with emphasized spokes, dual twin tip mufflers, and the N line emblem throughout the body.

The cabin space of the Sonata The Edge also shows near-full-change. The driver-centered structure that focuses on driving remains unchanged, but high-tech features provide a ‘smart mobility’ experience. The key is the ‘panoramic curved display’ that integrates the 12.3-inch digital cluster and infotainment system. Based on the garnish that is widely spread in a horizontal structure, the curved display that surrounds the driver creates a neat and modern interior atmosphere. Of course, the Sonata The Edge also has driver-friendly improvements - like the electronic shift column moved to the steering wheel. It offers intuitive utility and ample storage space in the center console.

The interior of the N line has the same configuration as the basic model. However, it reveals a strong presence with the interior specifications unique to the N line. While maintaining the practical and modern configuration as a family sedan, more details were added to symbolize its high performance. Thanks to this, the N line also offers a convenient and pleasant mobility experience; The characteristics of the N line emphasize high performance while offering comfort at the same time.

For example, the accent color of the Sonata The Edge N line is also red, just as all the N line interior. The red color applied throughout the interior, such as the line across the crash pad, the sophisticated stitching on the seat and steering wheel, and the tachometer that appears in sports mode, expresses the strong image unique to the N line.

Driving the two Sonatas, the base model and the N-Line, reveals the characteristics of each vehicle more distinctly. Although it is a mid-sized sedan with the same platform, the basic model has a comfortable and light driving feeling, and the N line stands out for its exciting acceleration and sporty response. As much as the unique design, the direction pursued in terms of driving texture was different. However, there is no change in that both are Korea’s signature family sedans.

The test drive is the Sonata The Edge, which combines a gasoline 1.6 turbo engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and the Sonata the Edge N line, which combines a Smartstream gasoline 2.5 turbo engine with an 8-speed DCT. The base model, the Sonata The Edge, maintains a comfortable ride with its simple moderation. Its driving feel sticks to the essence of a family sedan by providing a luxurious ride at all times and responding swiftly when acceleration is required.

On the other hand, the Sonata The Edge N line is passionate; The 290 horsepower output of the robust gasoline 2.5 turbo engine and the shift sense of the agile 8-speed DCT awaken the pleasure of driving. It can return to a comfortable sedan anytime during sport driving. The driving ability that serves as both an everyday commuter and a sports model is the greatest attraction of the Sonata The Edge N Line.

Sonata, which has led the domestic sedan market for a long time, has succeeded in evolving once again. It is a truly pleasant change that allows you to experience the high-tech features while fully enjoying the charm of a sedan. When the two Sonata The Edge were brought together, the value unique to each model shined even more. Different charms were sharply refined, like the sharp cross section of ‘The Edge’. Of course, whatever the model, the charm of the classic Sonata will be boldly conveyed. Although the direction is different, the basics of a mid-sized sedan were clearly housed.

by Jangwon Kim

Filmed by Do-yeon Nam, Yong-sik Woo, Hee-don Jeong

Photography by Dae-il Choi, Bum-seok Kim

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