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Genesis G70: The Power Within

Genesis G70 has released a new advertisement; Here are its details, which speak of ‘inner strength’ in an unprecedentedly elegant and dynamic way.

Advertisements in the past were only for product promotion. However, advertisements today are more like stories that brands tell their customers. It has become a medium that explains the future that the brand pursues and informs its commitments. So these days, advertisements contain the color of the brand. This is why the advertisement of Genesis, a brand that impresses and even inspires customers, is special.

The new advertisement for the G70, recently unveiled by Genesis, was inspired by the Korean traditional culture of Pungmullori spinning sangmo (hats with long ribbon attached to them that players can spin). This is an expression that fits the G70 to the identity of the Genesis brand. Combining luxury and performance, the 2023 G70 provides not only more luxurious than before, but also more agile driving performance. It was intended to boldly express such progressive characteristics with a Korean motif.

This is also the identity of Genesis. Genesis is a bold, progressive, and Korean brand. Its audacity means bold passion, progress means indomitable momentum that advances the future, and its being ‘distinctly Korean’ means creative energy inspired by the place where Koreans started.

In order to contain such diverse meanings and stories, a meticulous composition is required. To this end, Genesis focused on the concept of ‘inner strength’. The keyword ‘inner strength’ has an ambiguous meaning. One means the physical strength and experience that enables agile movement, and the other means the inner strength to believe in one’s choice and push forward.

Sleek and agile movements derived from inner strength are the characteristics of the G70. The new G70 is equipped with a new 2.5L turbo engine, which accelerates more powerfully than the previous model, and houses Brembo brakes as standard, allowing for more robust deceleration. The combination of the dynamic AWD system (3.3 Turbo Sport model) capable of drifting and the electronically controlled suspension that optimizes ride comfort in real time makes the car stable and agile.

Genesis used the motif of ‘sangmo’ as a way to dynamically express the characteristics of the G70. Spinning sangmo is a traditional Korean dance that moves dynamically while spinning a pole attached to the top of a hat. Its artistic value is high because of its technique and difficulty. The graceful movement of the 18m-long ribbon connected to the top is only possible with inner strength, and this is in line with the flexible and beautiful movement of the G70.

Of course, Genesis did not incorporate our traditional dance, Sangmo Spinning, as it is. It was reinterpreted in a modern way and solved luxuriously. Elements such as b-boy dance and modern dance are reflected in the turning of the top hat, adding a charm that can instantly attract attention. This is an attempt to bring something new to young luxury customers around the world who value the unusual and special rather than the ordinary.

The person in charge of turning the top hat is Kang-il Lee of the Korean traditional music percussion group ‘Tago’. Tago is a four-member group that presents crossover music and performances that are easily accessible to the public based on traditional Korean music. It is characterized by the use of ‘buk’, a Korean barrel drum, and received global attention by participating in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in England in 2016 and 2017 and receiving 5 stars for the best performances.

There is also a new and experimental attempt in the background music of advertisements. The melody of electronic music was used, but the sound of percussion instruments was used to match the beat. The sound of the Daego (large drum) is the base, and the medium-sized drum and the sound of the Danso (Korean traditional flute) are mixed. This is interpreted as the production of creative energy generated from the tension and balance that Genesis pursues.

Genesis tried to capture the characteristics of the G70 naturally in accordance with special scenes and music. The dynamic movement expresses the power of the 2.5L turbo engine, and the flowing movement of the long ribbon expresses the curvaceous beauty and design of the G70. And the combination of break dance and Sangmo dance expresses the braking power of the Brembo brake applied to the G70. In addition, the ‘flipping dance’, a technology that stably takes over by continuously turning the body in the air, expresses the stability of the G70 and the stable ride comfort created by the dynamic AWD system and electronically controlled suspension.

It is the catchphrase that puts emphasis on such a new and fresh attempt. The advertisement for the G70 reads, “Inner strength: is that the power that keeps you from shaking? Or the power that allows you to shake?” This leaves room for multiple interpretations; Such questions make you think about your values - of the G70 and yourself.

The inner power of the G70 encompasses luxury and performance. Even while running comfortably and stably, you can enjoy thrilling driving fun at any time. The new G70 has advanced across all areas. With its strong inner strength, it combines the two opposing realms of luxury and performance at a high level.

So what is the inner power of the consumer? The ‘power that keeps you from being shaken’ is the power that enables you to form your own identity, and the mind that believes in the value you want and is not easily changed. The power that allows you to sway freely, on the other hand, will be the power that allows you to move more freely. This is because in order to enjoy the excitement of the moment without fear, you need a firm trust in yourself.

As such, the new advertisement for the Genesis G70 reinterprets the theme of ‘inner strength’ by adding Korean elements, giving the brand and consumers something to think about. Then, what is the inner strength of the Genesis brand? Its power is to improve customers’ lives by providing Genesis’ unique experiences through design, technology, and hospitality.

Genesis is a bold, progressive, and very Korean brand. So, there are special elements not only in the product, but also throughout the brand. It will be fun to find Korean elements that are naturally incorporated throughout the brand, such as the ‘beauty of white space’, a design identity inspired by Korean beauty, and the ‘Genesis Sound’, which is based on the sound of Janggu(Korean traditional drum) and Korean off-beat.

G70 | Behind the Scene – The art of the Sangmo Dance | Genesis

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