2023.07.20 Kia

Kia’s Green Light Project Offers Medical Support for Children with Disabilities in Albania

Republic of Albania becomes 13th location for the Green Light Project (GLP) GLP in Albania to support children with disabilities; represents first iteration of Kia’s GLP in Europe Kia to expand GLP operations to Zimbabwe and Mozambique by the end of August this year

(Seoul/Librazhd) July 20, 2023 – Kia Corporation announced today that it has expanded its renowned Green Light Project (GLP) to the Republic of Albania, marking the launch of its thirteenth project location globally. As part of this initiative, Kia will be conducting a three-year medical support program for children with disabilities in the Librazhd region of Albania.

The GLP is Kia's flagship global social contribution endeavor, aimed at supporting communities in need across various sectors such as economy, education, healthcare, and environment. Kia has mainly activated GLP initiatives across impoverished regions in Africa, and this marks the first time a project has been set up in Europe.

Librazhd, the thirteenth GLP location, is a remote mountainous rural area with limited access to healthcare facilities. The project in Albania is specially named 'Kia GLP Hello Life,' which signifies Kia's commitment to empowering children with disabilities, enabling them to lead independent lives.

In collaboration with World Vision, Kia plans to enhance the quality of life for disabled children and local residents in the Librazhd region through various initiatives, including mobile medical clinics, the establishment of disability treatment centers, and several income-generating activities.

As part of this project, Kia will establish the first-ever multipurpose medical care center. This center aims not only to provide comprehensive care for children with disabilities but also to offer public health services and vocational education programs for the local community. 

Once the operational period concludes, Kia plans to transfer the center's operation and ownership to the local government, enabling them to lay the foundation for community development and the protection of children with disabilities.

"Kia is thrilled to pioneer its Green Light Project operation in Europe, marking a significant milestone in our commitment towards creating a safe, free, and sustainable future for humanity. With a strong focus on key areas such as environment and mobility, we are dedicated to making a positive impact through our social contribution efforts," said Duk Hyun Lee, Head of Sustainability Management Group at Kia. "Driven by our solid determination, we will harness our capabilities to surmount mobility barriers and empower people worldwide with opportunities for growth and self-reliance.”

Since 2012, Kia has made significant commitments through the Green Light Project in 12 locations across nine countries in Africa and Asia. The project focuses on providing tangible assistance to developing countries, creating a solid foundation that aids local communities in achieving self-sufficiency and independence. Last month, the GLP health care center in Ghana successfully transitioned to local management.

Starting with Albania, Kia plans to launch the Green Light Project in Zimbabwe and Mozambique by the end of August this year, continuing its global efforts to support local communities’ economic and social independence.

In addition to its involvement in the 'Green Light Project', Kia has also been actively engaged in the 'Green Trip' project, another CSR initiative to improve mobility solutions for people with disabilities in Korea. By providing vehicles and mobility services to them, Kia has enabled the safe and accessible transportation of around 75,000 individuals over the past 11 years. 

Kia drives forward with bold innovation, embracing the vision of becoming a 'Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider' by demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibilities.

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