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Hyundai Motor Flexes Its Design Prowess at IDEA 2023, Collecting 6 Accolades including Gold Award for N Vision 74

Hyundai Motor’s acclaimed N Vision 74 ‘Rolling Lab’ grabs the spotlight yet again with its retro-futuristic design and bold vision for driving fun in a sustainable future The Hyundai IONIQ 6, GRANDEUR and all-new KONA production models are also acknowledged as featured finalists, highlighting their product design excellence Recognition of Hyundai Motor’s design competitiveness extends to robotics with the Plug and Drive (PnD) Mobility and L7

NEW YORK/SEOUL, August 24, 2023 – Hyundai Motor Company today tallied a grand total of six prestigious accolades, including the Gold Award, at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2023, organized by the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA).

Hyundai Motor clinched the prestigious Gold Award in the Automotive and Transportation category with its N Vision 74 high-performance hydrogen hybrid ‘Rolling Lab.’ It also garnered featured finalist honors for its IONIQ 6 all-electric sedan, GRANDEUR flagship model, all-new KONA SUV and two Plug and Drive (PnD) robotic mobility concepts. 

Winning the IDEA Gold Award stands as a remarkable milestone for N Vision 74, which has also secured the world’s other two major design accolades, the iF Design Award and Red Dot Award.

Since its introduction in 2022, N Vision 74 has been acclaimed as a continuation of the bold spirit of Hyundai’s Pony Coupe Concept, which debuted at the Turin Motor Show in 1974. Most recently, N Vision 74 made a splash at the renowned classic and concept car exhibition Concorso d’Eleganza Villa D’Este held in May at Lake Como, Italy. Through this showcase, the company highlighted the technological prowess, design innovation and unwavering spirit of innovation that connects its heritage to its bold vision for driving fun in a sustainable future.

“N Vision 74 is a tribute to our past efforts and a declaration of our future, carrying forward the bold spirit of the Pony Coupe Concept into a futuristic design that realizes the dream of our engineers to create Korea’s first sports car,” said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center. “With N Vision 74, we are building on the heritage of Hyundai and strengthening the brand identity.”

In addition, Hyundai’s IONIQ 6, GRANDEUR and KONA production models also garnered recognition as featured finalists, further solidifying the brand’s reputation for outstanding product design.

IONIQ 6 stood out for its ingenious and distinctive exterior design, along with a serene and balanced interior layout. The electric streamliner’s sleek silhouette achieved an impressive drag coefficient of 0.21, making it Hyundai Motor’s most aerodynamic vehicle to date. Moreover, IONIQ 6 differentiated itself with a comfortable and spacious interior, creating a user-centered space that sets it apart.

The seventh-generation GRANDEUR (badged as AZERA in export markets) was another standout, noted for building on the flagship sedan’s design heritage while setting a course for the future of mobility with innovative styling cues, high-tech details and interior use of premium and sustainable materials.

The all-new KONA builds on the legacy of its previous design while delivering a more robust and futuristic look. In particular, the Seamless Horizon Lamp, a horizontally connected LED lamp that integrates with the smooth yet voluminous upper front section, creates a futuristic impression.

In addition, two mobility models that incorporate Hyundai Motor’s core robotics technology, namely the Plug and Drive (PnD) Mobility and PnD L7 micro-mobility, were distinguished as featured finalists. First unveiled at CES 2022, the PnD modular platform is an all-in-one mobility solution that combines intelligent steering, braking, in-wheel electric drive and suspension hardware. 

PnD Mobility makes use of shared self-driving units, which can be reserved and operated remotely through smart devices. The innovative rotating seating arrangement facilitates effortless entry and exit from the vehicle, catering especially to those with mobility challenges and the elderly, thereby significantly enhancing their travel possibilities. On the other hand, the PnD L7 offers the flexibility of customization to meet various logistics needs. Its units are proficient in self-driving within grouped formations, with the added option of manual driving using the detachable driver’s seat.

“These honors are the culmination of substantial endeavors set in motion by our valued customers to bring boundless imagination and inspiration to life,” said Lee. “By listening to our customers, we will continuously push our boundaries as we strive to establish ourselves as a beloved brand that resonates with a wide range of lifestyles.”

Since 1980, IDEA has been regarded as one of the top three design awards in the world along with Germany’s iF Design Award and Red Dot Award and is North America’s premier design honor. Every year, IDEA’s distinguished panel of judges evaluates designs from around the world in various categories by assessing criteria, such as Design Innovation, Benefit to User and Benefit to Society.

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