4WS(4 Wheel Steering)|Limitless Freedom of Steering|Hyundai Mobis

4WS stands for '4 Wheel Steering' that allows mobility to perform a crab walk, zero turn, pivot turn and more. The same movements demonstrated with our e-Corner system are also made possible through 4WS. The difference with our previous e-Corner system demonstration is that while e-Corner system is an integration of steering, brakes, damper and in-wheel motor into a single package, the focus of 4WS is on the steering system itself. MOBIS 4WS system reimagines the capability of steering and introduces a whole new movement of a vehicle. See the action for yourself. 00:00 Intro00:16 Dialog Driving Mode00:27 Reverse-phase Mode00:38 Pivot Turn Mode00:49 Crab Mode01:00 Zero Turn Mode *Our 4WS demonstration is a successful outcome of collaborative work with HMC. Suspension Drive Module Concept that is original to HMC has been applied, and through collaboration, we were able to demonstrate the actual performance of 4WS on the production car, making only a minor modifications to the existing design.