Road Trip in Tongyeong|G70 Shooting Brake|GENESIS

“Travel expands unfamiliar senses and leads us to experience moments of immersion.” Tongyeong road trip with installation artist Paki.A special journey that stimulates the inspiration within usIt leads from Hansan-do Jeseungdang to the Tongyeong Canal. Via G70 SHOOTING BRAKEJoin us on a creative journey that expands the world. 00:00 Intro00:09 Jeseungdang Hall, Hansan-do00:16 Tongyeong Bridge00:20 Sebyeonggwan Hall00:23 Tongyeong Concert Hall00:28 Tongyeong Fisheries Science Museum00:35 Cheokpo Pork00:38 Ottchil Art Museum00:42 Mystique00:51 Saryangdo00:53 Saryang Bridge01:05 Tongyeong Canal Film by National Geographic Traveler Korea, 2023 Tongyeong