Busan Initiative with the Whole World | Initiative de Busan avec le monde entier | 부산의 경험을 전세계와 함께

Now, Busan is ready. From a small country with neither resources nor capital, it has become a content exporter that spreads technology and culture. Remembering the countless countries that have been with us, we await you in 2030 Busan for a brighter future together. The road to the 2030 Busan World Expo, Hyundai Motor Group will ride with you 00:00 Opening 00:05 1950 - We were not ready00:48 1988 - Harmonious festival amid the Cold War00:54 2002 - World Cup co-hosted by Korea/Japan00:59 2018 - Reviving the harmony of our human society01:25 Countries that have been with us01:55 Now, Busan is ready