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Genesis GV80 Coupe: Redefining Value in the World of Coupe SUVs

Many are interested in the GV80 Coupe, the first coupe-type SUV of Genesis. As soon as it was unveiled, it began to energize the SUV market with its emotional and advanced design and configuration. The GV80 Coupe, which combines Genesis’ unique elegant luxury with top-notch high performance, offers consumers a wider range of options while also setting a new standard and value for high-performance and emotional SUVs.

The Genesis brand’s first SUV, the GV80, established a special meaning by attracting the attention of many people upon its launch in January 2020; That model is the flagship SUV representing Genesis, the luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Group, and also opened the era of domestic luxury SUVs, presenting new standards and values. The design that houses the unique and luxurious sensibility of the Genesis brand, the interior that makes passengers comfortable at every moment, and the highest level of cutting-edge technology have captivated consumers not only domestically but also overseas.

The GV80, which set a new standard in the SUV market, returned with a new look after about 3 years and 9 months; It heralded another sensation with more attractive looks. What is noteworthy about this change is the GV80 Coupe, Genesis’ first coupe-type SUV. The SUV presents a special emotion that has never been experienced before, and many people are keeping an eye on it.

The GV80 Coupe is the Genesis brand’s first coupe-type SUV, opening the era of high-performance and emotional SUVs

The GV80 Coupe strengthens its value through a sporty design and powerful performance added to Genesis’ design identity, Athletic Elegance, while offering more options to consumers looking for a luxury SUV. At the same time, it has become a pioneer in domestically produced SUVs with high-performance sensibility. The charms of the GV80 Coupe, which will fuel the success of the GV80, and the exclusive specifications offered only by the GV80 Coupe are explained in detail here.

Full of visual elements

The GV80 Coupe is characterized by delivering unrivaled value through a bold design that combines elegant luxury and dynamism. And special elements that emphasize high-performance characters were added. The exterior design element that only the GV80 Coupe features is eye candy. The aggressively trimmed front bumper has a larger air intake, and the 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharger model delivers the image of a coupe-type SUV with a strong sense of high performance through dark chrome garnish.

Of course, certain elements emphasize the unity of the Genesis model - the dual-line headlamps and tail lamps that symbolize Genesis, and the crest grille that symbolizes the Genesis emblem. Through this change, Genesis pursued a unique style by adding unity, cutting-edge technology, and detailed design. The dual line headlamp houses MLA technology (Micro Lens Array; its small lamps can produce large amounts of light and are mainly used in microscopes and telescopes). In addition, the GV80 Coupe-specific crest grille design with the Double Layered G-Matrix pattern on the GV80 Coupe concept car emphasizes the dynamic characteristics of the high-performance coupe SUV.

The side design is the highlight of the GV80 Coupe; The line starts from the bonnet and flows along the roof, and starting from the C-pillar, the height naturally lowers and continues to the trunk. The lines flow smoothly and elegantly, reminiscent of a smooth pebble polished by nature over a long period of time. In addition, sporty 20-inch wheels and 22-inch front-processed dark gray colored wheels are exclusive specifications available only for the GV80 Coupe. And of course, both wheels come with high-performance tires. In addition, the color of the brake caliper varies depending on the specification; The 2.5 Turbo and 3.5 Turbo models come with black-colored calipers, and the 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharger model comes with calipers painted in an intense red color that emphasizes high performance. The calipers in a different color from those of regular models emphasize the high-performance image.

The rear also looks dynamic; Unlike the GV80, that model has dual-line tail lights that are sharply cut diagonally. In particular, the tail lamp with a surface-emitting light source is one of the elements that creates a clean and luxurious image of the GV80 Coupe. The muffler design consists of two parts; The 2.5 turbo and 3.5 turbo models house a dual muffler shaped like a front crest grill, and the 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger model emphasizes a more dynamic image through dual twin-type mufflers.

Likewise, the exterior color of the GV80 Coupe emphasizes its uniqueness with a coupe-specific color. Bering Blue, the color used only for the GV80 Coupe, not only expresses the dynamic and elegant design character of the GV80 Coupe, but also adds specialness. In addition to this, the variety of exterior colors offers its consumers more options - such as glossy and matte options. For glossy colors, there are a total of 9 types, including the exclusive color, Bering Blue, and for matte colors, there are a total of 4 types: Matterhorn White, Makalu Gray, Storr Green, and Barossa Burgundy.

The beauty of white space and dynamic characters emphasize sporty style

The cabin space inside the GV80 Coupe boasts a luxurious, dynamic, and high-tech image that only Genesis can offer

The GV80 has undergone notable changes not only on the exterior but also on the interior. Based on the Genesis brand’s interior design identity - the beauty of white space - a high-tech image was added to further maximize elegance and luxury - a 27-inch OLED wide display and seamless center fascia, to name a few. Of course, exclusive specifications that emphasize the unique characteristics of the GV80 Coupe maximize the charm of its high-performance SUV. 

The most noticeable part is the garnish surrounding the interior. Garnish options available for the GV80 facelift model include black high gloss, aluminum, real wood, basalt weaving, and linen weaving. On the other hand, the GV80 Coupe has a total of three garnish options, including spin pattern aluminum, black news paper real wood, and real carbon, to complete the differentiated interior of a high-performance SUV.

Coupe Design Selection I, the basic specification of the GV80 Coupe, is equipped with a spin pattern aluminum garnish, and those who choose Coupe Design Selection II can decorate the interior with black news paper real wood or real carbon garnish. The garnish is applied to the crash pad, center console, and door trim. In addition, a 3-spoke D-cut sports-type steering wheel is housed as standard in all models to emphasize a dynamic image, and the 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharger model doubles the high-performance sensibility with metal pedals with G-Matrix pattern design. 

The GV80 Coupe can create a unique interior space based on various configurations such as seat materials, pattern design, garnish, stitching, and piping. Those who choose Coupe Design Selection I can experience an interior that exudes a younger and more dynamic sensibility by combining seats with technical punching, stitching, and piping and spin-pattern aluminum garnish. In addition, the seats with harmonious quilting and piping in Coupe Design Selection II, and black news paper real wood or real carbon garnish complete the sophisticated and luxurious feel of Genesis and the dynamic atmosphere of the GV80 Coupe.

Exciting driving performance created by various powertrain options

The GV80 Coupe offers the pleasure of driving as well as the pleasure of looking at it

The GV80 Coupe is equipped with a variety of powertrains to provide driving pleasure that matches its dynamic and emotional design. The range of choices has been expanded to satisfy everyone, including those who seek driving pleasure and those who seek visual pleasure.

The GV80 Coupe’s engine is a gasoline 2.5 turbo with a maximum output of 304 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 43.0 (kgf·m), and by improving fuel efficiency, combustion stability and responsiveness, it has a maximum output of 380 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 54.0 (kgf·m) and a gasoline 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger, which was introduced for the first time in the world through the G90. All engines are combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. These diverse powertrain configurations are capable of satisfying everyone, from customers who want the attractive design of a coupe-type SUV to those who prefer high performance.

Among these, the most noteworthy point is the gasoline 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger, which is featured for the first time only in the GV80 Coupe among Genesis SUV models. The 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger has two turbochargers distributed across two cylinder banks, three on each side on the left and right, arranged in a V shape, and an additional supercharger driven by an electric motor. The supercharger, operated by a 48V electric motor, compresses air to improve low-to-mid-speed performance and responsiveness. In addition, dual CVVT, integrated exhaust head, integrated flow control valve, center injection, and water-cooled intercooler fuel efficiency and acceleration response. Based on this configuration, it boasts a maximum output of 415 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 56.0 (kgf·m).

It’s not just the engine’s high output figures; For braking performance that supports powerful performance, a high-performance braking system consisting of large discs that fill the wheels and 4-piston 20-inch monoblock calipers is housed as standard. For reference, this brake system is provided as an option for the GV80 facelift model. In addition, there is Flex Brake, a brake mode that makes the coupe model even more unique and increases driver convenience. Flex Brake consists of Comfort and Sport modes, and you can experience a different braking sensation depending on each mode; If the driver changes the brake system to sport mode through the display, the system provides a more dynamic driving experience by making control easier through pedal effort and stroke different from comfort mode.

Special features, more fun

The GV80 Coupe hides special features for its drivers; This special feature helps drivers feel the pleasure of driving every moment, from the time they get in the car to the time they get out. The first feature is the coupe-specific Active Sound Design (ASD), which is designed to further enhance the GV80 Coupe’s thrilling driving sensation and enhance listening pleasure. This feature combines engine sounds with virtual sounds designed in real time to create a three-dimensional sound suitable for the character of the GV80 Coupe. This sound doubles the enjoyment and further increases the excitement of driving, providing a unique driving experience.

The high-performance gauge displays driving-related information such as oil temperature, torque usage, and turbo pressure, increasing immersion in driving

In particular, the visual elements of the GV80 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharged model have a function that presents a thrilling driving experience - a high-performance gauge cluster. In general, when driving sports, it is important to intuitively convey the status of the vehicle to the driver. The high-performance gauge cluster is for this purpose, and through the cluster, the driver can quickly and easily see various information required for sports driving, such as oil temperature, torque usage, and turbo pressure booster, at a glance. In addition, the launch control, which allows the driver to experience powerful launch performance by maximizing acceleration performance, is one of the exclusive features applied only to the 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger model.

Sports Plus mode is also available only for the GV80 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharged model. Sports Plus mode changes the engine response to provide performance optimized for sports driving while also adjusting the damping force of the electronically controlled suspension to enhance driving sensation.

New experiences. New values

The Genesis GV80 was widely loved for its unique luxury and charm. The GV80 Coupe, unveiled along with the newly returned GV80, highlights the value and charm of the GV80 and at the same time serves as a signal foreshadowing Genesis’ extraordinary move. It will not only expand the automaker’s lineup, but also play a pivotal role in delivering unique experiences through powerful powertrains, dynamic designs, and exclusive features. The automaker hopes that the GV80 Coupe, which emphasizes attractive style and unique performance, will offer its consumers a journey into a new world. And at the end of the journey, unique, satisfying pleasures and special values will await them.

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