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ARTWORK | Made by human 2023

'Made by Human' is a digital artwork that reflects HMG’s future vision through human expression and creativity.The film shows a series of human performances, with 4 different themes representing HMG’s future vision, expressed as visual metaphors.'Human Aura' is an ever-evolving and dynamic performance that serves as a metaphor for “an idea being co-created” by 2 people.'Petals' brings in the organic beauty of plant life.'Water' creates an effervescent trail that transitions into a sculpted material, a visual metaphor for the harmonious relationship between nature and HMG’s approach to product and experience design.'Wind' draws upon the motion language of fabric floating in the wind, evoking the feeling of clean, fresh air.Using these cues from nature, together the performances create a beautiful abstract choreography.-author: Universal Everything (2023)