Why did Hyundai Motor Group open a mobility testbed in Singapore? HMGICS

As technology continues to advance and urban structures undergo transformations, the question arises: what kinds of mobility will we be utilizing in the future? Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) is an urban mobility hub dedicated to contemplating and researching better ways for human mobility.Here, we explore and study the future brought about by innovative technology, using smart manufacturing systems to produce diverse forms of mobility and contributing positively to human progress. In this place where technology and people are seamlessly connected, Our journey towards a better future continues. 00:00 Intro01:09 HMGICS Digital Twin02:42 HMGICS Cell Manufacturing System03:40 HMGICS Data04:43 HMGICS Robotics AI06:27 Outro ※ Explore various innovative technologies being researched at HMGICS ☑ 01:09 Twin factories in a virtual digital space: Digital TwinCombining reality and the virtual through digital twin technology, we control real-world operations in real-time in virtual spaces to find better operational directions. ☑ 02:42 Mobility factory without conveyor belts: Cell ManufacturingHMGICS produces mobility in oval-shaped cells, a new production method that enables the rapid and flexible production of various vehicle types. ☑ 03:40 Fueling smart factory: DataStandardizing data generated throughout the entire mobility production process, we research optimal production processes. ☑ 04:43 Ideal harmony between humans and robots: Robotics AIRobotics and AI technologies are core elements at HMGICS. These technologies support creative human tasks and accelerate innovation in mobility production.