The first Chapter of Mobility Innovation Begins in Singapore : Introducing, HMGICS

A Smart Urban Mobility Hub where people and technology are organically connected. This is the destination that HMGICS aims to reach. Hyper logistics automation that controls unloading and supply of parts in real time.Mobile robots that provide logistics on their own.A parallel Cell system capable of simultaneously producing different mobility solutions.Human-centric manufacturing processes where the experience of individuals harmoniously blends with the efficiency of robots.Digital Twin technology connecting virtual and real-world experiences.Vision scanning technology ensuring meticulous quality inspection.Robotics systems capable of assembling even massive components without human intervention.Vehicle performance and final quality checks through urban skytrack driving. HMGICS sets a new standard for the global factories that Hyundai Motor Group will create. 00:00 Intro00:40 Real-time control of component handling and supply00:44 Hyper Logistics Automation00:48 Automated Logistics Warehouse00:51 Integrated control of Logistics Management System01:00 Mobile Robots for automated logistics supply01:07 Simultaneous production of diverse mobilities with different specifications01:10 Cell Manufacturing System01:16 A harmonious blend of Human experience and Robot efficiency in human-centric manufacturing process01:20 Data-driven production facilities through MES(Manufacturing Execution System) implementation01:26 Connecting virtual and real-world data01:28 Real-time simulation and monitoring with Digital Twin technology01:34 Vision Scanning technology integrated with Robot technology01:38 Chassis-integrated Automatic Assembly01:41 Automated assembly of the E-GMP module, a dedicated electric vehicle platform01:52 Vision Robots equipped with visual sensors01:56 Autonomous movement and installation of large parts02:11 System validation with 6 Collaborative Robots02:16 Automatic in-depth inspection system for electronic components02:36 Performance and quality verification through Skytrack driving in the city02:50 Outro