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The Story Behind Genesis GV80 & GV80 Coupe: Amplifying Presence with Premium Sensibilities and Cutting‒Edge Technology

Genesis has significantly elevated the stature of its luxury large SUV, the GV80, by infusing it with new technologies that provide a comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Alongside, the release of the performance-oriented GV80 Coupe extends Genesis’s brand influence into the coupe-style SUV segment.

Genesis has undertaken a partial makeover of the GV80, with a focus on refining the design for an enhanced atmosphere both inside and out. This revamp includes the integration of luxurious materials, exquisite design, and advanced technologies to create a comfortable space, epitomizing the new GV80’s defining characteristics. Additionally, the GV80 Coupe, Genesis’s first coupe-style SUV, maximizes the performance feel and further expands the brand’s horizon. Manager Joon Kang from the product operations team and researcher Seung-gon Ryu from Genesis project team 4 share insights into the GV80’s competitive enhancements and the unique allure of the GV80 Coupe.

Q: What target customer segment does the GV80 aim for in the global luxury car market?

Joon Kang, Manager | The GV80 competes in the luxury large SUV segment, a pivotal category for luxury brands with demanding criteria. It needs to encompass popular elements as a volume model and distinguish itself from competitors with bold innovations.

Manager Joon Kang in the product operations team talks about the true charm of the GV80 and GV80 Coupe
The GV80, Genesis’ answer to the luxury large SUV, strides into the global premium car market with the kind of gusto you’d expect from a heavyweight contender in the luxury segment

Pinpointing the typical GV80 customer isn’t straightforward, but there are noticeable trends. In Korea, it’s often the choice for families looking for comfort in everything from daily drives to outdoor excursions. In the U.S., it’s the go-to for those valuing safety and space. To meet these expectations, the GV80 needed to amplify its presence and value.

Q: In the fiercely competitive global luxury car market, what makes the GV80 stand out?

Joon Kang, Manager | The GV80 boasts a suite of innovations: a 3rd generation platform, next-gen powertrain, and active noise canceling, to name a few. But it’s the ‘Athletic Elegance’ design ethos combined with features that delight both driver and passengers that truly sets it apart. The new GV80 evolves this dynamic and graceful design lineage, offering a spacious and modern interior. Its exterior highlights include the Micro Lens Array (MLA) headlights and the intricate G-Matrix pattern radiator grille.

New features: The MLA headlamp and the 27-inch integrated wide display

The interior impresses with its cozy and convenient space. The standout features here are the 27-inch integrated wide display and the ccIC (connected car Integrated Cockpit) system, alongside the mood curator that adapts to the passenger’s emotional state. These advancements showcase Genesis’ commitment to innovation, with the OLED technology in the 27-inch display elevating screen quality beyond traditional LCDs.

Q: As Genesis’ flagship SUV, surpassing its already high standards must have been challenging. What was the focus during its development?

Researcher Seung-Gon Ryu | Representing Genesis, the GV80 couldn’t just stop at adding new specs or technology. We focused on understanding customer needs in detail. This led to enhanced convenience features in the new GV80. The expansion of the OTA (Over-the-Air) updates means customers can keep their vehicles updated without visiting a service center.

Revving up with technological prowess, Genesis has fine-tuned its electronic shift dial and the Genesis Integrated Controller with a blend of premium materials and sophisticated design, further bolstered by a newly introduced fingerprint authentication system
In the backseat, the individual airflow controls ensure a bespoke climate for each occupant

Diving deeper under the hood of user experience improvements, Genesis has taken an ergonomic approach to enhance the layout of the 27-inch integrated wide display and the wireless charging pad, elevating the convenience quotient significantly. But that’s not all. The electronic shift dial (SBW, Shift by Wire) and the Genesis Integrated Controller have been elevated with more luxurious materials and design. The focus on enhancing user experience doesn’t stop there; advanced convenience features have been liberally applied. The 1st-row console armrest now boasts expanded heating functionality, and the 2nd-row air conditioning system has been upgraded for individual airflow control. Nestled beside the Genesis Integrated Controller lies the fingerprint authentication system, allowing the driver to start the engine, drive, and use the Genesis CarPay payment system, all with a simple touch.

Sound absorbing and insulating material was reinforced inside the C-pillar, which is one of the noise transmission paths in the rear seat

Q. What about the ride quality and handling?

Researcher Seung-Gon Ryu | Ride and handling are pivotal when appraising luxury vehicles. In the auto industry, we refer to this as ‘Ride & Handling.’ The GV80’s ride and handling have seen continuous improvements with each model year. For the 2023 GV80, we’ve implemented hydro bushings in the rear suspension for superior vibration reduction and enhanced the stabilizer bar’s link to curb unnecessary lateral movements of the chassis.

The new GV80 shifts gears with its braking prowess, replacing the 19-inch 2-piston floating-type brake calipers with 19-inch 4-piston monoblock calipers, boosting braking performance. The focus on NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) performance related to quietness and vibration is palpable. Genesis first developed different steering mechanisms for each powertrain to reduce acceleration-induced vibrations. To further elevate rear-seat tranquility – a key customer request – sound-absorbing materials have been fortified inside the C-pillars, and the weatherstrip design between the tailgate and the body has been refined to enhance sealing. Additionally, the introduction of 22-inch tires with internal noise reduction materials minimizes road noise, rounding off the GV80’s commitment to a serene driving experience.

The GV80 Coupe has strengthened its presence with differentiated design, performance, and specifications

Q: What inspired the development of the GV80 Coupe?

Joon Kang, Manager | The GV80’s success both domestically and internationally is thrilling. But with its growing popularity came a sort of ubiquity, and we sensed a desire for something more distinctive. That’s where the idea of the GV80 Coupe came in, blending a high-performance feel with a coupe-style design to inject fresh energy into the Genesis brand. The GV80 Coupe’s mission? Sparking interest in Genesis and appealing to younger and female customers with its fresh, new look.

Exclusive interior/exterior design and interior trim support the dynamic driving sensibility of the GV80 Coupe

The very concept of a coupe-style SUV can seem paradoxical. It’s a departure from the traditional utility-focused SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) design, sacrificing some space for style. Despite this, the target audience for the coupe-style SUV, as exemplified by the GV80 Coupe, values design, emotion, and detail. We’ve thus elevated the quality of materials where the driver’s hands frequently engage and expanded the choices in interior trims to both differentiate and enhance customer satisfaction.

The GV80 Coupe boasts excellent second-row convenience as its strength

Q. What sets the GV80 Coupe apart from its competitors?

Researcher Seung-Gon Ryu | The GV80 Coupe leads its class with exceptional second-row convenience. Despite the coupe design’s typical compromise on headroom, we’ve minimized this and added features like electrically adjustable second-row seat reclining to ensure comfort. Such focus on second-row comfort gives the GV80 Coupe an edge over other coupes that have sacrificed this aspect. Additionally, we’ve optimized the cargo space design and tailgate aperture to maximize the SUV’s utility.

Exclusively, the GV80 Coupe is equipped with 20-inch brake discs, 4-piston monoblock brakes, and ASD as standard
Cluster high-performance gauge, one of the exclusive features of the GV80 Coupe 3.5 Turbo and 3.5 Turbo 48V Electric Supercharger

Q. How does the GV80 Coupe embody the sporty image associated with being a ‘coupe’?

Researcher Seung-Gon Ryu | The high-performance feel of the GV80 Coupe is amplified by its exclusive 415 horsepower 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger powertrain. This setup enhances the output and responsiveness of the traditional 3.5 turbo, offering a sporty driving experience. The GV80 Coupe’s powertrain features include a Sports Plus driving mode for a pronounced shift feel, a launch control function for easy access to its acceleration potential, and high-performance gauges displaying oil temperature, torque, and turbo pressure.

Furthermore, the GV80 Coupe boasts a 20-inch brake disc and a 4-piston monoblock brake system as standard, ensuring superior braking performance. Owners of GV80 Coupe can choose between sporty and stable braking feels. Meanwhile, the Sport Active Sound Design (ASD) of the GV80 Coupe, developed specifically for this model, adds to the dynamic driving experience.

Joon Kang expected that the first-row console armrest heating function and the direct grip detection system on the steering wheel would increase customer satisfaction

Q. What features in the GV80 and GV80 Coupe are expected to be most popular with customers?

Joon Kang, Manager | I believe features like the first-row console armrest’s heating function and the direct grip detection system (HoD, Hands on Detection) of the steering wheel will drive high customer satisfaction. You might wonder how significant a heated console armrest can be, but once you experience the comfort it provides on a cold day, you’ll appreciate it.

The direct grip detection system, especially useful for long highway drives with the Highway Driving Assist (HDA), is convenient as it recognizes the driver’s input merely by touching the steering wheel, eliminating the need for unnecessary steering adjustments. Additionally, the active sound design of the GV80 Coupe will enhance the overall driving experience.

Q. Could you share a message for the GV80 and GV80 Coupe customers?

Joon Kang, Manager | Both the GV80 and GV80 Coupe embody the dedication and hard work of developers who strive to present Genesis customers with superior vehicles. We will continue our efforts to provide a distinctive Genesis customer experience and satisfy our clients with attention to detail. We hope many will experience the refined changes, both visible and subtle, that make the GV80 and GV80 Coupe what they are.

Photography by Dae-il Chou, Beom-seok Kim

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