2023.12.12 Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Strengthens Sustainability Commitment with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA Partnership

Hyundai and Healthy Seas Partnership Continues Global Expansion to the United States Hyundai, Healthy Seas, and Ghost Diving USA to Host Ocean Conservation Activities Throughout Southern California Hyundai Kicks off Partnership with Beach Cleanup Event in Huntington Beach

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, DECEMBER 12, 2023 – Hyundai Motor America today announced a partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to ocean conservation efforts. Hyundai’s support will further Healthy Seas’ and Ghost Diving USA’s diving projects in southern California to clean the oceans and retrieve fishing nets contributing to marine pollution. Reclaimed fishing nets and other nylon waste collected become ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn that is used to make new textile products. The partnership will also enable the organizations to host beach cleanup events across California throughout 2024, with the partnership kicking off on December 9 with a cleanup event at Huntington Beach State Park.

The partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA supports Hyundai Motor Company’s commitment to sustainability and global vision of progress for humanity. This focus on the ocean emphasizes the company’s efforts to create more sustainable marine ecosystems and contribute to a circular economy.

“Sustainability is a core human value for Hyundai and protecting the world’s oceans are of utmost importance,” said Randy Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Hyundai Motor America. “This partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA bolsters our global commitment to creating a more sustainable future for all, advancing Hyundai’s global vision of progress for humanity. We particularly look forward to kicking off the expansion to the United States in California and what we can achieve together.”

Healthy Seas is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to remove waste from the seas, specifically fishing nets, for the purpose of creating healthier seas and recycling marine debris into new products with the help of partners. Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA, an international nonprofit specializing in recovering abandoned fishing gear, or “ghost nets,” from sensitive aquatic environments, work together to combat ocean pollution and recover ghost nets that would otherwise be a danger to marine life.

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Hyundai to the USA, Healthy Seas has been at Hyundai Motor Europe's side for three impactful years,” Veronika Mikos, director, Healthy Seas Foundation. “Collaborating on diving cleanups and education, we've recovered ghost nets, fostered sustainability, and now, with Hyundai Motor America, we're eager to expand our efforts to the US. Together, we shape a sustainable future for our oceans.”

“Today over 3 billion people around the world depend on seafood for essential nutrition. Because of this, commercial fisheries aren’t going anywhere, but the damage left on the environment is ever present and growing,” Jim Babor, president and CEO, Ghost Diving USA. “We can’t single-handedly clean up the oceans. Through the generosity of and partnership with Hyundai Motor America, our important work can continue, and we can keep moving forward with our missions, projects, and goals into the new year.” 

A pan-European partnership between Hyundai Motor Europe and Healthy Seas started in 2021 and broadened to South Korea in 2022. This partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Diving USA in the United States builds on Hyundai’s other eco-initiatives including a multi-year partnership across North America with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization that focuses on global reforestation, and Hyundai Motor’s ‘IONIQ Forest’ project, a global social and ecological effort that focuses on reforestation, afforestation, and biodiversity. 

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