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The Genesis GV80 and GV80 Coupe: A Designers’ Vision of Refined Value

After nearly four years, Genesis has reinvigorated its pioneering SUV lineup with the revamped GV80. The standout feature? A meticulous blend of dynamic elegance enhancing the depth and allure of the GV80.
The design teams behind the GV80 and GV80 Coupe’s exterior, interior, and CMF (Color, Material, Finishing): senior researchers Yujun Kim-Jin, Soorak Hwang, Minhee Yoo, and researcher Jaemin Park (from left)

The GV80’s makeover captivates with its signature athletic elegance, while the interior—inspired by the Korean concept of ‘Beauty of White Space’—exudes luxury with a high-tech ambiance, redefining the standards for luxury SUVs. These fresh exterior and interior designs embody Genesis’ vision and values. But the evolution doesn’t end here. Enter the GV80 Coupe, the first of its kind for Genesis, expanding the brand’s horizons. It’s a striking blend of luxury and dynamic coupe styling with high-performance flair.

The design teams behind the GV80 and GV80 Coupe’s exterior, interior, and CMF (Color, Material, Finishing) - senior researchers Yujun Kim-Jin, Soorak Hwang, Minhee Yoo, and researcher Jaemin Park - delve into the charm encapsulated in both models.

Enhancing Athletic Elegance with Meticulous Design

Q: What’s the philosophy behind the new GV80’s design?

Senior researcher Yujun Kim-Jin | The original GV80, Genesis’ first SUV, already had a high design completion, blending elegance, boldness, and a sporty image. Considering its well-received value, redesigning posed significant challenges.

The updated GV80 centers on ‘Athletic Elegance,’ focusing on a sports SUV vibe with robust and refined finishing. Key features include the mesh-pattern Crest Grille, front skid plates enhancing the SUV feel, and the rear diffuser inspired by the Genesis X Speedium concept. The new GV80 evolves into a more elegant and detailed design.

Q. The refreshed GV80 exudes Genesis’s design identity. What elements best represent this identity, and how do they align with other Genesis models?

Senior researcher Yujun Kim-Jin | At the heart of Genesis’s design identity is the harmony of proportions, volume, and smooth surfaces. We prioritize maintaining this identity and unity throughout our design process. The facelifted GV80 is a prime example. The essence of our design is perceptible in the ‘Two Lines’ motif, with the dual-line headlights being a hallmark. The application of MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology, first introduced in the G90, accentuates this unity, reducing the thickness of the headlamps using precision manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, in the GV80 Coupe, we’ve expressed Genesis’s unique identity through dual-line design elements in garnishes and wheels.

Yujun Kim-Jin, a senior researcher in charge of exterior design, explains the Genesis design features on the GV80
Senior Researcher Soorak Hwang on the rear design of the GV80 Coupe

Q: As Genesis’s first coupe-style SUV, what are the core design elements of the GV80 Coupe?

Senior researcher Soorak Hwang | The GV80 Coupe is an embodiment of sophistication added to the sporty SUV nature of the GV80, tailored for consumers who value style and luxury in a high-performance vehicle. The most striking difference is in the side design, with a coupe-like rear emphasizing sportiness. Yet, the luxury and comfort of the first and second rows of the GV80 are preserved. We’ve also incorporated various coupe-exclusive design elements to differentiate it from the GV80, highlighting the dynamism of a high-performance, coupe-style SUV.

The GV80 Coupe(below) sets itself apart with dual-line garnish on the C-pillar, unlike the facelifted GV80(above)
The double-layered G-Matrix pattern grille on the GV80 Coupe

Q: The GV80 Coupe seems to blend dynamism with elegance. Can you highlight the elements that emphasize these aspects?

Senior researcher Soorak Hwang | The coupe design inherently brings out dynamism, particularly in the side profile. We focused extensively on the C-pillar design, crucial for maintaining headroom in the second row, integral for a luxury SUV. The Double Layered G-Matrix pattern grille emphasizes a dynamic high-performance image unique to the GV80 Coupe. Conversely, shared proportions, volumes, and surfaces with the GV80 underscore Genesis’s trademark elegance.

Q: The GV80 Coupe stands out from the rear as well. Can you elaborate on the rear design features of the GV80 Coupe?

Senior researcher Soorak Hwang | The GV80 and GV80 Coupe showcase their unique design characteristics in various aspects. The rear design of the GV80 Coupe draws inspiration from the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept, particularly with its horse-hoe liftgate design, crafting a distinctive and bold image. This horse-hoe liftgate, mimicking the shape of a horseshoe fitting, features a concave trunk surface and is utilized in models including the Genesis X Speedium Coupe and G80. Additionally, the distinctive roofline combined with dynamic elements like the black panel and garnishes, rounds off its dynamic design.

Q: The wheel designs are quite eye-catching. Can you describe the differences in wheel design between the GV80 and GV80 Coupe and also comment on the various caliper colors?

Senior researcher Yujun Kim-Jin | Wheels are pivotal in accentuating a vehicle’s side styling. The GV80 and GV80 Coupe wheels reinterpret Genesis’ iconic dual-line design. The GV80 offers three sizes: 19-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch. The 22-inch GV80 wheel delivers Genesis’ elegance and solidity with its dual-line design. The GV80 Coupe features 20-inch and 22-inch wheels, both dynamically representing the dual-line design for a unique flair.

Genesis symbolizes with its copper calipers

The color of the calipers can be a marker of uniqueness. Silver, black, copper, red, and other colored calipers not only complement sporty wheel designs but also accentuate the characteristics of each model. For instance, the GV80 3.5T highlights luxury with copper-colored calipers, while the high-performing GV80 Coupe 3.5T e-S/C showcases a dynamic red caliper for a sporty aura.

Q: As the designer behind the GV80 and GV80 Coupe, you must have a special attachment to these models.

Senior researcher Soorak Hwang | Both models are dear to me as a designer. If I had to choose, my attachment leans slightly more towards the GV80 Coupe. It’s Genesis’s first coupe-style SUV. The design of the GV80 Coupe was previewed through a concept model, naturally conveying our Next Genesis vision to the public. We focused on inheriting the premium design language of the GV80 while actualizing the vision we had previously revealed. There were challenges during the design process, but collaboration with various departments made it achievable.

The Digital Era Enhances the Beauty of White Space

Q: The GV80 interior is future-oriented, emphasizing luxury based on Genesis’ interior concept, ‘Beauty of White Space.’ What was your primary focus in designing the interior?

Senior researcher Jung-won Kim | Implementing major changes in interior design is challenging. Balancing Genesis’ luxury and simplicity while adding high-tech elements was a significant task. We turned to the rapidly evolving digital era for solutions. This era emphasizes the luxurious ‘Beauty of White Space,’ which we considered a great opportunity.

Noteworthy in the interior design are the 27-inch OLED wide display and seamless center fascia. These elements formed the basis of a newly structured overall architecture, adding a high-tech image to the existing luxury of the GV80. They offer visual pleasure and high user convenience.

Q: Where did you draw inspiration for the interior design of the GV80 and GV80 Coupe?

Senior researcher Jung-won Kim | Inspiration is crucial in design, resonating with many people. Personally, I often draw inspiration from everyday items. For the GV80, digital trends from smartphones and digital media were a significant source. Various ways of enjoying luxury also inspired the interior design. The GV80’s interior allows users to experience a range of luxury lifestyles based on their daily experiences and trends.

Q: The GV80 Coupe opens a new era for Genesis’ high-performance SUVs. What are the key interior design elements?

Researcher Jaemin Park | The GV80 Coupe is a model where dynamism is emphasized. Design elements catered to the driver and sporty aesthetics were necessary. Focusing on the steering wheel design was crucial. The GV80 Coupe’s steering wheel incorporates sporty design, tactility, and functionality, differentiating from the GV80 and catering to user satisfaction. Changes in the horn cover design and the D-cut design are key features.

Q: The GV80 represents Genesis as a flagship SUV. What considerations for passengers are embedded in the interiors of both the GV80 and GV80 Coupe? Also, could you discuss the jewel-like electronic shift dial and the Genesis Integrated Controller?

Researcher Jaemin Park | We have invested considerable effort to ensure flagship-level comfort and luxury in the GV80 series. From the moment the driver enters, every feature is intuitively accessible, with no compromise on usability. The interior, wrapped in luxurious materials, provides a cozy and comfortable ambiance. The addition of garnishes to the crash pad elevates the luxury quotient of this large SUV. The new steering wheel design for the GV80 blends classic and modern aesthetics with excellent operability. Cupholder edge mood lighting is one example of our thoughtful design, offering visual appeal and making it easy for passengers to locate them in darker settings.

The revamped electronic shift dial and Genesis Integrated Controller for the GV80 and GV80 Coupe are finished in jewel-like materials. As these are areas frequently touched by users and play a crucial role in defining the cabin atmosphere, we aimed to create an ambiance akin to a premium lounge. Users will appreciate the visual satisfaction and luxurious feel upon direct interaction.

CMF Design: Completing an Elegant and Dynamic Image

Q: Both the GV80 and GV80 Coupe stand out for their elegant and dynamic imagery. What is the concept behind their CMF design?

Senior researcher Minhee Yoo | The GV80 proposes a refined Genesis atmosphere through a blend of classic luxury and contemporary elements. The colors, inspired by nature, aim to create a timeless, classic luxury. Woven items made of natural materials like basalt (volcanic rock) or linen, and sustainable materials like recycled newspaper real wood, in sophisticated patterns and modern colors, produce a refined image.

The GV80 Coupe features a CMF that emphasizes both classic luxury and dynamic imagery. Point colors like gray, red, and orange are applied to stitches, piping, and seat belts. Exclusive coupe interior materials like black spin-patterned aluminum, newspaper real wood, and jacquard-type real carbon accentuate the Coupe’s unique luxuriousness and sportiness.

Q: The new GV80 elevates Genesis’ signature luxury with new exterior colors. What was the inspiration behind these colors, and as a CMF designer, what exterior color would you recommend?

Senior researcher Minhee Yoo | The new color, Storr Green, uses pearl and metallic pigments for a profound and deep effect. Inspired by the Old Man of Storr in the Trotternish peninsula, northeast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye, it reflects the area’s fantastic scenery and popular spot among photographers and hikers.

Each exterior color of the GV80 has its own charm. If I were to recommend one, it would be the newly added Storr Green. Based on olive and khaki greens, the dark Storr Green best encapsulates the elegance and luxury of the GV80.

Q: What are the exclusive exterior colors for the dynamic and luxurious GV80 Coupe?

Senior researcher Minhee Yoo | Bering Blue is the exclusive exterior color for the GV80 Coupe, Genesis’ first coupe-style SUV. Inspired by the Bering Strait in the northern Pacific Ocean, Bering Blue differentiates the Coupe with its robust metallic shade. The combination of cool blue and grey tones, subtly mixed with metallic particles, offers an elevated luxurious feel.

Q: The seats in the GV80 and GV80 Coupe look quite different. Can you explain the characteristics of the quilting and punching patterns in the seat design?

Senior researcher Minhee Yoo | The seat design in both the GV80 and GV80 Coupe features a diamond shape, a variation of the G-Matrix pattern. However, we’ve differentiated each model by varying the shape and size of the diamonds and the size of the punching holes. For instance, the quilting graphics in the GV80 employ square diamonds of varying sizes to create a bold image, with some lines featuring embroidery types to accentuate precision. Conversely, the GV80 Coupe’s diamond quilting design uses a rhythmic gradient pattern to convey a sporty and dynamic image.

Q: As a CMF designer, what is your favorite interior color combination for the GV80? Also, what experiences do you hope customers will have with the GV80 and GV80 Coupe?

Senior researcher Minhee Yoo | The GV80’s interior is available in five colors. I’d recommend the Smoky Green and Earth Brown two-tone with Basalt garnish. The main interior color, Smoky Green, combines brown and green for a classic, vintage feel, while the beige-toned Basalt Hybrid Weaving garnish acts as a focal point. It’s the most effective combination for experiencing trendy, premium vibes.

As a CMF designer, I’ve focused on highlighting the design features of the GV80 and GV80 Coupe and expanding the range of interior colors and materials. I hope customers will feel and experience the premium image that the Genesis brand aspires to through the newly revamped GV80.

Photography by Dae-il Choi, Bumseok Kim

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