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The Heals on Wheels Campaign: A Message of Hope and Technological Empathy

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Hyundai Motor Group’s Heals on Wheels technology campaign video has resonated globally, illustrating how warm and socially beneficial mobility technology can be. This campaign, embodying Hyundai’s commitment to being a part of every movement in the world, has left a significant mark on our society.

The video “Heals on Wheels: Hope on Wheels,” highlighting Hyundai’s compassion for child abuse victims, continues to resonate deeply. The campaign underlines that only when the benefits of innovative mobility technology are equitably accessible can we progress towards a better life, a message that has resonated worldwide.

From its YouTube launch, “Heals on Wheels” garnered significant social attention, surpassing 20 million views in just two weeks for its Korean and English versions. As of December 2023, the cumulative social media views have reached approximately 48.62 million, and this number continues to grow.

The video has attracted thousands of comments, likes, and shares across various social media platforms. Viewers have expressed support and empathy for the technology campaign’s focus on solving issues faced by abused children and the thoughtful process of resolving these problems.

The positive influence of mobility technology, proven by 11 awards from domestic/international advertising awards

The Heals on Wheels campaign has garnered significant recognition, starting with three awards at the 32nd QUESTAR Awards 2023 in May, including Gold in the Advertising/Commercial Video Campaign, Corporate Automotive, and Silver in Corporate Video Campaign categories. In July, the campaign earned accolades at the Golden World Awards 2023 by IPRA, winning in Corporate Communication and Technology.

Notably, Heals on Wheels was a finalist in the Social/Environmental Good (Brand) category at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards in July. Since its inception in 1957, this prestigious event has been a competitive platform for innovative works in advertising, media, and communications, drawing thousands of entries from over 80 countries annually.

The accolades continued through September with a win at the SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2023, organized by PRovoke, in the Automotive category. In October, the campaign was recognized at AdAsia 2023 Seoul, hosted by AFAA, winning in the newly established Changemakers for Good Awards’ Innovation category. And in October, news of the award was announced at ‘AdAsia 2023 Seoul’, Asia’s largest advertising, marketing, communication, and media-related event, hosted by the Asian Advertising Federation (AFAA) and attended by 2,600 people from 27 countries. At the ‘Changemakers for Good Awards’ newly established by AdAsia starting this year, the Heals on Wheels video won the award in the innovation category, meaning the best innovative idea of the year.

Domestically, Heals on Wheels has been equally acclaimed. It won the Best Digital PR at the 31st Korea PR Awards, the Ministry of Economy and Finance Award for Mutual Cooperation at the 2023 CSR Film Festival Awards, and Bronze in the Innovation category at the 2023 Korea Advertising Awards. The Korea Advertising Awards has been hosted by the Korea Advertising Federation since 1994 and is the largest comprehensive advertising award in Korea, encompassing all advertising media such as TV, digital, and outdoor. Additionally, it claimed the Global Campaign category at the Korea Digital Advertising Awards.

The numerous awards reflect high regard for the campaign’s effective communication and societal application of mobility technology. Hyundai Motor Group’s initiative has proven how creatively implemented technology can positively transform society and everyday life.

Empathy and Resonance Stemming from Socially Applied Mobility Technology

The global recognition of Heals on Wheels stems from its heartfelt communication approach, addressing the serious issue of child abuse, a universal challenge transcending regions and cultures. According to UNICEF’s 2021 year-end report, an estimated 1 billion children worldwide suffered from abuse in 2021, a number likely exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s movement restrictions and communication breakdowns.

In South Korea, child abuse remains a pressing issue, with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s 2022 annual report indicating 27,971 out of 46,103 reported cases deemed actual abuse. Notably, 82.7% of abusers were parents, with 81.3% of abuses occurring at home, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and care.

Hyundai Motor Group is at the forefront of efforts to mitigate child abuse. Since 2014, their iCare Car project has provided vehicles to improve mobility for child psychologists, supporting 142 vehicles to 66 child protection agencies nationwide by 2022. The new iCare Car featured in Heals on Wheels incorporates advanced mobility technology to create a safe space for abused children, facilitating psychological counseling and rehabilitation.

The iCare Car is equipped with four innovative technologies: immersive displays providing psychological comfort and entertainment, brainwave-sensing technology for real-time stress measurement, AI-based voice recognition for smoother counseling, and multi-speaker separation AI voice recognition.

More than its cutting-edge technology, the new iCare Car transcends being just a mode of transport by becoming a healing space for abused children, a point underscored in the Heals on Wheels video. The video warmly narrates Hyundai researchers’ efforts to innovate and transform the iCare Car, demonstrating how it eases the anxiety and stress of children undergoing counseling.

Heals on Wheels by Hyundai is a heartwarming narrative that beautifully blends the company’s advanced technology with relatable, emotional storytelling. The video showcases Hyundai researchers coming together, brainstorming, and striving to bring about change for children. It vividly portrays how the iCare Car, equipped with four large displays, transforms from a mere vehicle into a healing space for abused children. Characters resembling the children appear on these displays, initiating conversations and consultations that alleviate their anxiety and stress.

As of December 2023, “Heals on Wheels” has garnered a staggering 48.62 million views online, indicating the vast number of people who empathize with the challenges faced by abused children and Hyundai’s efforts to address these issues. Analysis of viewership on the YouTube channel reveals a global audience, cutting across nationalities and genders, with particular interest from parents aged 25-44 who have children similar to those featured in the video.

Hyundai Group holds a social responsibility motto: The Right Move for the Right Future, focusing on sustainable advancements. Through this technology campaign, Hyundai pledges to be part of every movement in the world, grounded in a sense of mission. The company is committed to ensuring that everyone enjoys the benefits and advancements of mobility technology equally, continuing its efforts until that vision is realized.

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