The Kia EV9 How–To | Full Version

Here’s all How-to videos for EV9 in one clip. Please enjoy! 00:00 Intro00:10 Exterior00:55 Interior01:18 Exterior (GT-Line)02:33 Interior (GT-Line)02:48 Exclusive Seats03:00 Illuminated Steering Wheel Emblem03:09 Start Button and Electric Column Type Wire03:17 Panoramic Wide Display03:33 Hidden Button03:54 Digital Side Mirrors / Digital Center Mirror04:05 Ambient Lighting04:24 Interior Lighting System04:38 Auto-Flush Door Handle05:17 Digital Side Mirrors05:47 Digital Center Mirror06:00 Infotainment System07:11 Relaxation Seats for First and Second Row07:21 AVN Seat Adjustment07:38 Dynamic Body Care07:53 Electric Tilting Walk-in for Second Row Seat08:27 Passenger Utility for Third Row Seat08:45 Second Row Swiveling Seat09:14 Lane Following Assist (LFA)09:56 Highway Driving Assist (HDA)10:09 Turning HAD on/off10:17 Adjusting the set speed10:27 Setting the vehicle distance10:33 Temporarily canceling the function10:38 Resuming the function10:44 Restarting with the current speed10:54 Restarting after stopping11:04 Restarting after stopping for a certain time11:11 Driving to one side within the lane11:27 Malfunction warnings11:35 Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2)11:46 Remote Operation12:11 Remote Parking12:26 Remote Parking (Searching for Parking Space)12:36 Remote Parking (Parking Space Detected)12:44 Remote Parking (Select Parking Type)12:45 Remote Parking (Select Parking Operation Mode)13:04 Remote Parking (Parking Completed)13:16 Smart Parking13:24 Smart Parking (Searching for Parking Space)13:27 Smart Parking (Parking Space Detected)13:31 Smart Parking (Select Parking Type)13:33 Smart Parking (Select Parking Operation Mode)13:45 Smart Parking (Parking Completed)13:56 Electric Hood Latch14:13 Large-capacity Front Trunk14:24 Expandable Center Console14:32 Second Row Console Box Storage Compartment14:40 Tailgate Switch14:51 Charging Door15:00 Charging Methods15:39 External V2L Port (Electricity Usage Setting)16:27 Kia Connect Store17:40 Upgrades introduction at Kia Connect Store (RSPA 2)18:07 Upgrades introduction at Kia Connect Store (Lighting Pattern)18:41 Upgrades introduction at Kia Connect Store (Boost)19:00 Upgrades introduction at Kia Connect Store (Streaming)