The Kia EV9 How–To | Remote Smart Parking Assist 2(RSPA 2)

The Kia EV9's Remote Smart Parking Assist helps you to remotely park and exit parking spaces from outside the vehicle.Let’s find out more! 00:00 Intro00:14 Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2)00:25 Remote Operation00:50 Remote Parking01:05 Remote Parking (Searching for Parking Space)01:15 Remote Parking (Parking Space Detected)01:22 Remote Parking (Select Parking Type)01:24 Remote Parking (Select Parking Operation Mode)01:44 Remote Parking (Parking Completed)01:54 Smart Parking02:03 Smart Parking (Searching for Parking Space)02:06 Smart Parking (Parking Space Detected)02:10 Smart Parking (Select Parking Type)02:12 Smart Parking (Select Parking Operation Mode)02:24 Smart Parking (Parking Completed)