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Encountering Hyundai Motor Company’s Future Mobility in the Virtual Space

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Connecting with future generations necessitates reaching out first and offering diverse experiences. Therefore, Hyundai Motor Company is actively engaging with gamers worldwide in the virtual realm.

To future generations, video games are seen as one of the ‘venues for communication.’ Although there may be disparities between reality and the virtual world, the fundamental aspect of gathering with friends to play remains unchanged. This originates from the characteristic of video games as an interactive medium, unlike passive media such as movies or animations. It involves becoming a part of a virtual world to experience content firsthand.

Focusing our attention on experiences within virtual spaces opens pathways to better connect with future generations. In the same vein of sharing in what children love and imagine, communicating while showcasing future technology follows a similar pattern. It is about naturally conveying future mobility and robotics, tailored to the language of ‘imagination’ and ‘gaming’ that the Alpha generation desires.

Exploring the virtual World with Hyundai Motor Company

In 2021, Hyundai Motor Company became the first global automotive brand to unveil a virtual space named ‘Hyundai Mobility Adventure’ on ‘Roblox’, forging a pathway through the medium of video games to communicate with future generations. Roblox is a game-centric metaverse platform that allows users to craft their own games utilizing in-game tools or participate in ones crafted by fellow users. Analyzing Roblox’s user base in 2023, it receives enthusiastic support from elementary and middle school students worldwide, with over 66 million users every day.

Hyundai Motor launched a new ‘Adventure’ series this year on Roblox, named ‘Hyundai Future Adventure.’ These efforts aim to interact with the future protagonists of the world; the Alpha generation, through gaming, offering them opportunities to delve into robotics and future mobility. The Hyundai Motor Digital Communications Team described it as follows: “We aim to communicate about the future world that lies ahead through the enjoyable factor of games, which future generations can enjoy.”

Hyundai Future Adventure is composed of maps featuring six different themes, offering players the opportunity to engage in interactive missions or compete with other players while playing the game. Each map features future mobility and robotics currently in development, including robots, IONIQ, hydrogen, and future air mobility (AAM), delivering Hyundai Motor’s future vision.

Diverse Maps Inspiring Imagination

The experience within a branded game extends to digital brand experiences, and even the most well-intentioned game can be easily forgotten if it lacks enjoyment. Therefore, Hyundai Future Adventure incorporates missions involving the operation of robotics and future mobility, ensuring they blend seamlessly into the gameplay without compromising the game’s fun factor. Additionally, every map is meticulously designed, prioritizing the element of enjoyment in the game. According to the Digital Communications Team: 

 ”Our goal was to naturally incorporate various mobilities and robotics into the maps, demonstrating their versatility. Collaborating with the Robotics Lab, we aimed to accurately represent the features of robotics and mobility, such as MobED maintaining horizontal stability on uneven terrain, or DAL-e displaying various expressions. Furthermore, we received valuable assistance from the Brand Experience Design Team in creating a natural digital experience.”

The ‘H-tech campus’ map portrays a futuristic campus filled with cutting-edge technology. Drones fly through the sky, while visitors can explore interactive future mobile robots like MobED and PBV. Moreover, the campus features diverse spaces including mobility workshops, coding labs, and smart farms, which envision the future of schools that will evolve with technological advancements.

The ‘HTWO waterpark’ map is a stage where players maneuver through water obstacles, featuring an attractive storyline of a young ambitious scientist inventing a hydrogen waterpark airship. Whitin this map, players experience new ways of enjoying hydrogen energy through gameplay. The conclusion of the map showcases the ‘N Vision 74’ concept car as a prominent highlight, symbolizing the future of hydrogen energy.

The ‘Robotics Lab’ map embodies the concept of a laboratory creating innovative future mobility. This stage illustrates Hyundai Motor’s journey towards a better world through the realm of advanced robot technology. Players can undertake a thrilling adventure to escape the facility while completing a variety of missions with the assistance of the friendly AI guide robot DAL-e and the versatile mobile robot MobED, capable of traversing any challenging terrains effortlessly.

The ‘Spacecraft Horizon’ map features an adventure set in the mysterious world of outer space. Players engage in various missions within the space station, such as traversing obstacles by stepping or jumping on objects and receiving assistance from Atlas and SPOT to repair the station. The narrative structure of venturing to other planets feels like reading a science fiction novel.

 The ‘Botanic Garden’ map portrays a sustainable future powered by eco-friendly energy sources, featuring the electric cars IONIQ5 and IONIQ6. Players can test their driving skills amidst challenging obstacle courses or leisurely navigate the world of the game while participating in eco-friendly activities like ‘plogging’-picking up trash while jogging- and fully immerse themselves in the surroundings.

‘Antarctica’ is a map where players can enjoy extreme adventures in the coldest place on Earth. It involves rescuing animals with the aid of the mobile robot MobED, set in the icy terrain of Antarctica. Players are hindered by various natural obstacles such as precarious ice floes and massive glaciers. This stage offers a challenging yet satisfying gameplay experience. 

Encountering the Future Through Gaming

Hyundai Future Adventure tries to capture the bright future we strive for. Within this enchanting space where imagination intertwines with reality, we can immerse ourselves in exhilarating experiences. While it may seem like just a simple game, imparting hope for a brighter future to the next generation is a crucial task. It is all about keeping the dream alive.

Moreover, Hyundai Future adventure is outstanding content for both parents and children to enjoy together. The Hyundai Motor Digital Communications Team described it as follows: “Hyundai Future Adventure is designed for everyone, with a particular focus on family engagement, delivering the contributions of technology to the world in an enjoyable and wholesome manner. For example, you can utilize MobED to rescue a penguin in crisis or embark on space missions alongside SPOT. We intended to convey the message of living in a better future world with Hyundai Motor Group’s mobility and robotics through such digital experiences.

 Hyundai Motor Group is dedicated to advancing mobility solutions for a sustainable future and to equip itself with the necessary capabilities for tomorrow. Nonetheless, a sustainable future cannot be achieved alone, and it requires the attention of not only us but also the next generation who will be the future protagonists. Hyundai Motor Group is actively engaging with future generations through endeavors such as the ‘Hyundai Kids Motorshow,’ an imaginative drawing competition based on motor show concepts, and the ‘Future Mobility School’, which offers creative experiential activities related to mobility. This is all about fostering children’s curiosity about future mobility and science, inspiring them to dream of a brighter future.

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