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The New IONIQ 5: Even More Perfect EV Life with Enhanced Product Value

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Hyundai Motor's IONIQ 5, heralding the era of electric vehicles, has made a new look. From its highly refined style, enhanced product value, to changes in specifications reflecting customer needs, the allure of the new IONIQ 5 has deepened even further.

As the first dedicated electric vehicle model of the IONIQ brand and a global showcase of Hyundai's electrification capabilities, the IONIQ 5 has been reintroduced as a product improvement model. Since its launch in 2021, the IONIQ 5 has gained recognition in the global automotive market with impressive awards and a warm reception, now enhancing its completeness with strengthened product value. The newly introduced new IONIQ 5 suggests an even more affluent electric vehicle life with attractive changes inside and out. Here, take a look at the captivating elements of the new IONIQ 5.

Design: A Strong Presence with a Futuristic Style

The exterior design of the new IONIQ 5 has embraced subtle changes. While inheriting the futuristic and innovative style of the existing IONIQ 5, it has elevated the design completeness through detailed changes. A closer look reveals significant alterations. The front features a new bumper design with changes to the V garnish and active air flap, and a wide skid plate has been added to the bottom of the bumper. Thanks to these updates, the new IONIQ 5 exudes a more robust SUV character.

The rear also showcases the tough image of the SUV concept with wide proportions and three-dimensional design elements. The rear bumper adds a diffuser-style skid plate and black graphic detail elements, highlighting a more stable stance. Additionally, the rear spoiler has been extended by 50mm to enhance aerodynamic performance. Meanwhile, the new aerodynamic wheel design on the side stands out. The new 19-inch and 20-inch wheels, incorporating fractal design elements, emphasize geometric beauty and improve aerodynamic efficiency.

A Pleasant Change in the Mobile Living Space

The interior space of the new IONIQ 5 has significantly evolved based on the comfortable Living Space theme. Notably, usability has been greatly enhanced by actively reflecting customer needs. The Universal Island (center console) design has undergone significant changes, with frequently used buttons such as seat heating and ventilation placed on the top of the console and a smartphone wireless charging pad installed for convenience during driving. Moreover, aesthetic changes, including a new 3-spoke steering wheel design, are also noteworthy.

IONIQ 5 N Line: Enjoy High-Performance Style with Advanced EV

The launch of the new IONIQ 5 brought exciting news: the introduction of the IONIQ 5 N Line. Positioned between the standard IONIQ 5 and the high-performance IONIQ 5 N, the IONIQ 5 N Line bridges the gap. It presents a high-performance image both inside and out with refined details and differentiated aerodynamic designs. The N Line exclusive front and rear bumpers, body-colored side garnishes, exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels, black outside mirror covers, and exclusive garnish hidden lighting are filled with sporty design elements.

The interior also transforms into a cockpit emanating a high-performance image. The interior color scheme combines black monotone (including black headlining) with red stitch points to create a high-performance electric vehicle atmosphere. The steering wheel, seats, and metal pedals feature N Line exclusive designs, maximizing the sporty feel. The presence of the IONIQ 5 N Line offers a new choice in the IONIQ 5 lineup, underscoring its value.

A More Affluent EV Life with Enhanced Product Value

The new IONIQ 5 offers a more convenient electric vehicle experience with improved battery and charging performance.

Undoubtedly, a key change in the new IONIQ 5 would be the battery. The new IONIQ 5, with its 84.0kWh 4th generation battery, extends the driving range on a single charge (combined, 2WD model, without built-in cam) from 458km to 485km. Another notable aspect is the charging performance. Despite the increased battery capacity, the new IONIQ 5 can charge from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes with a 350kW ultra-fast charger. Thus, the new IONIQ 5 is expected to provide a more convenient electric vehicle experience with IONIQ brand's electrification technology.

The new IONIQ 5 has expanded customer convenience with features like the next-generation infotainment system ccNC and a charging port lamp.

Inside, the next-generation infotainment system, ccNC (connected car Navigation Cockpit), offers a more convenient travel experience. The new system supports various convenience features, including wireless software updates (OTA) extending to the controller, natural language voice recognition, and BlueLink streaming services. Additionally, specifications have been continually improved in response to customer demand. For better rear visibility in rain, a rear wiper has been added, and a charging port lamp has been newly applied to facilitate charging in dark places.

The usability of advanced driving assistance systems has also been improved with Lane Following Assist 2 (LFA 2) and a Hands-On Detection.

The changes in the new IONIQ 5 are not limited to improved convenience features. It has significantly enhanced advanced safety specifications such as Lane Following Assist 2 (LFA 2), which helps maintain the vehicle in the center of the lane, Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2), which allows remote parking and exiting of the vehicle, and Forward/Side/Reverse Parking Distance Warning and Collision-Avoidance Assist, which help avoid collisions with obstacles around the vehicle while parking. Additionally, the Hands-On Detection (HOD) steering wheel has been applied to make the advanced driving assistance systems more convenient to use during long journeys.

The new IONIQ 5 has improved ride comfort and quietness with frequency-responsive shock absorbers and soundproofing glass.

The true value of the IONIQ 5 can also be seen on the road, considering the characteristics of electric vehicles, which have relatively less noise and vibration, to improve ride comfort and quietness. The secret to comfortable riding lies in the newly fitted shock absorbers. The frequency-responsive shock absorbers (Shock Absorber) applied to the new IONIQ 5 effectively control the shocks transmitted from the road by utilizing frequencies that vary with driving speed and road conditions. In addition, various improvements have been made to reduce noise, including applying soundproofing glass to the windshield and door glass and expanding the sound-absorbing area of the rear motor.

The new IONIQ 5 as a perfect future mobility solution

As seen above, the IONIQ 5 has significantly enhanced its competitiveness by greatly strengthening its product value. From improved battery performance to the electric vehicle experience evolving into SDV, these changes are indeed befitting a world-class electric vehicle. However, Hyundai has maintained the prices of all trims of the new IONIQ 5 at the same level as before, which is another reason why the IONIQ 5's competitiveness is so compelling. For reference, the new IONIQ 5 lineup has been unified into long-range models, with post-electric vehicle tax benefit prices for the 2WD models set at 52.4 million KRW for E-Lite, 54.1 million KRW for Exclusive, and 58.85 million KRW for Prestige.

Enhanced performance and product value, focusing on customer needs

Meanwhile, researchers involved in the development of the new IONIQ 5 said they focused on improving the basic performance of electric vehicles and areas where customers had expressed dissatisfaction. First, the application of the 4th generation high-voltage battery increased the driving range while maintaining the ultra-fast charging time from 10% to 80% battery capacity at 18 minutes. They also mentioned expanding customer convenience with the addition of a rear wiper, physical buttons on the center console, wireless smartphone charging, and a digital side mirror designed to reduce protrusion when folded. Additionally, they introduced the 'walk-away lock' feature, which automatically locks the doors when the smart key holder moves a certain distance away from the vehicle with the engine off, reflecting a wide range of convenience specifications that resonate from a customer's perspective.

Researchers also emphasized that the safety performance of the IONIQ 5 has been further strengthened. The new IONIQ 5 has reinforced the B-pillar and door structures to improve side collision safety and added side airbags for the rear seats. As a result, it achieved the highest 'Good rating' in the enhanced side collision test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In a brief interview, researchers said, "We have inherited the unique design, spacious interior, and fast charging performance that the original IONIQ 5 had. We focused on understanding customer needs and enhancing product value. We hope you fully enjoy the unique value of the new IONIQ 5 as Hyundai's representative electric family car," emphasizing the charm of the IONIQ 5 once again.

After undergoing a facelift, the new IONIQ 5's competitiveness has been further enhanced.

Following this latest update, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 has been reborn as an attractive electric vehicle. Adding to its proven competitiveness in the global automotive market and another round of product improvements, the new IONIQ 5 has finally embodied the perfect qualities to represent Hyundai as a dedicated electric vehicle model. Most importantly, the fact that it retains reasonable pricing without any change, despite the enhancements in product value, truly reflects the IONIQ 5's strong competitiveness. The era of electric vehicles has just taken a significant step closer. The new IONIQ 5 invites us to dream of a joyful electric vehicle life as we enter the era of electric cars.

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