Kia’s Green Light Project to Deliver Life-Enhancing Skills to Communities in Zimbabwe and Mozambique

Kia’s Green Light Project to Deliver Life-Enhancing Skills to Communities in Zimbabwe and Mozambique-main

  • Kia announces the Republic of Zimbabwe and Mozambique as the latest locations for its global Green Light Project (GLP)
  • GLP to boost agricultural productivity and mining safety in Zimbabwe, while supporting musical education in Mozambique
  • This year, GLP launched three new initiatives and celebrated ten years of support for a total of 15 sites in 11 different countries

(Seoul) August 23, 2023 – Kia Corporation has reached the latest milestones in its Green Light Project (GLP), with the 14th location in Zimbabwe to enhance agricultural productivity and mining safety, and the 15th location in Mozambique to support musical education.

The company celebrated the new additions with ceremonies to mark the completion of the first agricultural and mining hub in Zimbabwe on August 16th, in the presence of Zimbabwe’s First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, and the inauguration of the first GLP music education center in Mozambique on August 22nd. 

“We are delighted to introduce our newest GLP initiatives in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, aiming to invigorate local communities across various areas for an improved quality of life,” said Duk Hyun Lee, Head of Sustainability Management Group at Kia. “Through our resolute dedication to GLP, Kia will persist in tackling a spectrum of global challenges while empowering future generations with self-reliance.”

Agriculture and mining are crucial sectors in Zimbabwe, playing a significant role in the nation’s GDP and employing the majority of the workforce. Kia’s two-year infrastructure development initiative will run until the end of 2025 to equip locals with mining and agricultural abilities that can improve their economic prospects in a safer working environment.

Kia is focusing on establishing critical economic infrastructure in 18 vulnerable regions in collaboration with World Vision and Korea Food for the Hungry International. This includes the installation of solar-powered wells and greenhouses, as well as the supply of commercial vehicles and mining equipment to improve these communities’ agricultural and mining structures.

In parallel, Kia is also extending its GLP operation to boost musical education in Mozambique’s Maputo region. This collaboration with World Vision, scheduled for four years starting in 2023, seeks to enrich local music culture and bridge cultural divides.

The initiative includes establishing music education centers, facilitating school transportation, and offering vocational training to expand employment opportunities. Collaborating with the local art organization, they plan to establish a strong local network and regularly organize music performances to boost the vitality of the regional music and arts scene.

Since 2012, Kia has achieved significant GLP milestones in 15 locations across 11 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. This year celebrates Kia's ten-year dedication and the successful transfer of GLP healthcare center management in Ghana to local authorities. Furthermore, Kia has initiated new GLP initiatives in Albania, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, underscoring the company’s commitment to impactful endeavors.

Guided by the core pillars of social contribution – environment, mobility, and challenge – Kia’s unwavering commitment spans various domains. The GLP underscores commitment to the ‘challenge’ area, while the company is also deeply involved in marine protection through collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup. Lastly, the ‘Green Trip’ project emphasizes Kia’s steadfast commitment to enhancing mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities in Korea.

Kia drives forward with bold innovation, embracing the vision of becoming a ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider’ by demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.