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Eight Reasons Why Kia K8 Inspires You

The unveiled K8 has Kia's new brand direction and design philosophy. Let's take a look at the power of the K8 that fascinates the domestic premium sedan market.

The Kia K8 is a premium sedan that symbolizes the new Kia. This is because it is the first model that combines ‘Movement that inspirations’ which is Kia’s brand direction to become a mobility company, and ‘Opposites United’ a new design philosophy. In addition, the K8 reflects a variety of advanced convenience and safety specifications and high-quality materials to capture domestic premium sedan lovers who are sensitive to new technologies and trends. Here are the eight key charms of the K8.

1. Interior resembling a luxury hotel lounge or in-flight first class seats

Interior view of Kia K8

The interior of the K8 uses decorative materials such as leather, wood, and chrome

The K8 has a comfortable and luxurious interior space as if you were in a luxury hotel lounge and in-flight first class. The easy-to-use, ergonomic operation button is made of black high-gloss material to emphasize a simple atmosphere. In the first row, the wood grain decoration is connected as if it wraps around the door trim and the entire dashboard. Here, the sense of space was further emphasized with the visual effect of the left and right speakers and the chrome decoration that connects them. These wood grain and chrome decorations harmonize with the leather material, conveying the atmosphere of cozy luxury wood furniture. In addition, ‘Star Cloud Lighting’, which adds indirect lighting to the diamond pattern decoration, is used on the dashboard and door trim to create a comfortable and unique emotional atmosphere.

2. Panoramic curved display considering ergonomics

Kia K8 with driver seat highlighted

The panoramic curved display has a structure in which the 12.3-inch dashboard and the 12.3-inch display are smoothly connected in a curved line

The most important feature of the K8 driver's seat is the panoramic curved display that brings a slim and wide driving cockpit. The panoramic curved display creates a simple image as the 12.3-inch dashboard and 12.3-inch infotainment system smoothly create curves, and the openness looks without the top cover creates a futuristic interior atmosphere. In addition, the curvature for the user's convenience delivers optimal information comfortably and minimizes the driver's eye movement to help safe driving. The 12.3-inch instrument cluster offers a unique user experience and design according to three drive modes (Eco/Normal/Sport), allowing you to focus on driving. In addition, the 12.3-inch infotainment system supports various functions such as air conditioning, media, map, weather, schedule check, and KIA PAY - a simple in-vehicle payment system.

3. 12-inch large head-up display with increased visibility

Kia K8 head-up display showing driving speed

K8's 12-inch head-up display has increased visibility by 50% larger than the previous model in terms of projected area and graphic size

The K8 used a 12-inch large head-up display (HUD). The HUD displays driving information on the windshield in front of the driver's field of vision. In other words, this specification provides information on safety and convenience essential for driving while minimizing the driver's gaze movement while driving. The 12-inch HUD used in the K8 has increased the visibility by 50% compared to the previous one by increasing the projected area and graphic size. In addition, it boasts clear visibility even in the daytime by displaying the necessary information for the driver, such as advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), driving speed, traffic signs, navigation route guidance, and media, with optimized brightness (up to 12,000 candelas).

4. British Premium Meridian Sound System

Kia K8 Door Trim

The K8's Meridian sound system consists of 14 speakers using a wooden diaphragm

The UK's leading premium audio system, Meridian Sound, was installed in the K8 for the first time in a Korean car. K8's Meridian Sound reproduces sounds close to the original sound through a total of 14 speakers, in addition to NATec speakers using the world's first natural wooden diaphragm. Also, in the case of the tweeter, which is a speaker in charge of the high range, a titanium diaphragm is used to enhance the satisfaction of passengers with a clearer high-pitched sound. This is a rich tone and deep sense of space through sound effects such as the Intelli-Q function, which automatically corrects the volume and sound quality according to the driving speed, and the Horizon function, which delivers a sense of presence and three-dimensional feeling as if you are in a concert hall.

5. Ergo Motion Seat reducing driver fatigue

Kia K8 Driver Seat

Seven air pockets provide the driver with the ideal seating position and comfort

The K8's driver's seat is equipped with an ergo motion seat that reduces driver fatigue with optimal seating comfort. The ergo motion seat supports various functions by individually controlling the seven air pockets. Comfort stretching mode to relieve the driver's pelvic and back fatigue, smart support function to hold the driver's body tightly when changing the driving mode to sports or driving faster than 130 km/h (a cushion that supports the lower back) is an example. The automatic extension function that adjusts the length of the seat cushion according to the length of the driver's legs, and the Relaxation Comfort seat function that allows you to rest comfortably in a zero-gravity position, deliver a comfortable moving experience.

6. Headrest hanger for rear-seat comfort

Kia K8 headrest

Passengers can hang various things on the back of the headrest with a functional design

A multi-purpose hanger function was used on the back of the first row headrests of the K8. Convenience is improved in the form of a hanger that can hang bags or clothes. Various belongings such as jacket tops, shopping bags, and bags can be mounted on the back of the headrest to prevent the belongings from being dirty or wrinkled. The rear part of the headrest with a hanger function provides visual satisfaction with its elegantly curved design.

7. 3-zone air conditioning system that can set the rear seat temperature separately

Kia K8 Rear Seat Control Box

A three-zone air conditioning system that individually controls the temperature of the driver's seat, front passenger's seat, and rear seat, and an air cleaning system that filters fine dust to provide a comfortable moving experience

The K8 uses a three-zone climate control system that can individually set the temperature of the driver's seat, front passenger's seat, and rear seat. In a semi-large sedan with a large interior space like the K8, the temperature difference between the front and rear seats can be large. However, the K8 with the 3-zone air conditioning system can individually control the temperature and wind direction of the front and rear seats, improving the comfort of the passengers. The active air-cleaning system applied together with the 3-zone air conditioning system improves indoor air quality. The fine dust sensor (PM 2.5) installed in the vehicle monitors the indoor air quality in real-time and performs an air cleaning function when the air quality drops.

8. Even better Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Kia K8 crossing the intersection

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist is a safety feature that helps avoid colliding with vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles in front of you

The K8 is equipped with various advanced driver assistance system functions; Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2), and Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) were used. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist warns you when a forward collision risk is detected, such as when the vehicle in front suddenly slows down, or a stopped vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle appears in front of you. Even after warning, the system automatically assists braking even if there is a high risk of collision or if there is a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle from the left or right side of the intersection. Highway Driving Assist 2 maintains the distance from the vehicle in front when driving on the highway, and assists the driver to keep the center of the lane even on curved roads at the set speed. And if you get too close to the nearby vehicle while driving, the system will make the vehicle stick to one side in the lane to avoid danger. In addition, when driving faster than a certain speed, the driver can automatically change lanes by turning on the turn signal in the direction of the desired lane while holding the steering wheel.

Remote Smart Parking Assist assists in parking and exiting the vehicle remotely from outside the vehicle. The engine would start if you press and hold the Remote Start button on the smart key after pressing the door lock button near the vehicle, and you can operate it by pressing the forward/reverse button until the vehicle arrives at the desired location. In addition, Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), Safe Exit Assist (SEA), Blind Spot Monitor (BVM), Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA), and Rear Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA) help the vehicle to minimize the risk itself.