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2021.10.21 Hyundai AutoEver 분량9min

Hyundai AutoEver Nurtures IT Professional Hopefuls

We introduce the IT-related educational activities that Hyundai AutoEver is conducting for teenagers and college students.

The importance of IT education for youth is growing. With the commercialization of AI technology, the government is introducing artificial intelligence to the future education of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools, and is implementing coding education. From 2019, elementary school 5th and 6th graders are required to receive 17 hours of software education per year, and middle school students are also required to complete over 34 hours of SW information courses.

Companies also provide IT education programs to teenagers and college students as part of their social contribution effort. This is to nurture talent suitable for the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. For example, Hyundai AutoEver is conducting social contribution programs that fit its identity as an ICT company.

"Make a Better Future with New Digital Technologies"

Hyundai Auto Ever Vision

Hyundai AutoEver is engaged in social contribution activities with the goal of “making a better future with new digital technologies.”

Under the slogan of “making a better future with new digital technologies,” Hyundai AutoEver is conducting social contribution activities utilizing its expertise to realize and create social values. They are conducting social contribution projects that help create a better society by linking social issues and Hyundai AutoEver's specialized business areas: artificial intelligence, big data, and information and communication technology. In addition to programs that utilize corporate capabilities, they are focusing on nurturing the professional competencies of youth and college students, such as employees taking part in ICT-specialized training instructors.

‘White Hacker Training’ to Discover Future White Hackers

Hyundai auto ever white hacker training poster

Hyundai AutoEver provides white hacker education for specialized high school students

Hyundai AutoEver, together with Work Together Foundation and Community Chest of Korea, is implementing the ‘High School Student IT Hopefuls' Growth Support Project’ for specialized high school students. A representative program is ‘White Hacker Training.’ This is a project that has been running for six years, and specialized high school students who are interested in a white hacker's career are participating in this program. White hackers are experts who discover vulnerabilities in security systems and create security technologies against black hackers who attack them. As security expertise emerges as core competitiveness not only in the financial industry but also in the SI industry that is expanding the cloud business, the demand for white hackers who respond to cybercrime is increasing.

White hackers identify computer network vulnerabilities, monitor security systems, and address the vulnerabilities. These are the talented professionals that are absolutely needed for Hyundai AutoEver, which provides information security solutions. In order to foster future professionals and realize an information powerhouse, Hyundai AutoEver is actively investing in nurturing white hacker hopefuls.

Non-face-to-face class image

This year, classes were held non-face-to-face, and the target audience was expanded from specialized high school students in the Seoul Metropolitan Area to specialized high school students nationwide

The white hacker training program selects 40 specialized high school students from all over the country who wish to participate and conducts training for 4 months. Previously, only specialized high school students from the Seoul Metropolitan Area could participate, but since last year, education has been conducted non-face-to-face, enabling the participation of specialized high school students across the country. Students participating in the program acquire information protection knowledge through information security expert mentoring provided by Hyundai AutoEver’s employees, training on hacking techniques using Python, and mock hacking practice. Students who have completed all the education are able to apply what they have learned in the field through the White Hacker Contest in November. 10 teams with excellent results will be selected and awarded a prize of KRW 5 million.

‘Experiential Smart Mobility Engineering Education’ for Online Coding Education Support

Smart mobility engineering experience education poster

Experiential Smart Mobility Engineering Education for children marginalized in coding education (photo provided by the official blog of Kids & Future Foundation)

As the curriculum was reorganized to make it compulsory for young people to complete coding education, there has been a need for many teachers to teach coding education. Existing teachers are also preparing for mandatory coding education by joining job training, but the number remains insufficient. This situation is growing the market for private coding education. Underprivileged children who cannot pay for private education due to their difficult family circumstances do not receive proper coding education, which is a cause of educational inequality. Hyundai AutoEver thought of a way to help children who are marginalized in coding education, and as a result, planned the ‘Experiential Smart Mobility Engineering Education’ project.

Non-face-to-face coding class

A college student in science and engineering, who has been educated at Hyundai AutoEver, becomes a mentor and conducts a coding class for children

Hyundai AutoEver’s ‘Experiential Smart Mobility Engineering Education’ teaches coding by mentoring the children who participate in the program by college students in science and engineering fields in the Seoul Metropolitan Area who are familiar with coding. Science and engineering college students participate as mentors and receive scholarships, and participating children can learn coding in an easy and fun way. It is a program that can satisfy both college students and children. In addition to scholarships, college students selected as mentors receive mentor training provided by Hyundai AutoEver. The training is conducted over three rounds. In the first session, students learn sexual harassment prevention education and how to make a model car kit and coding education. In the second session, they learn how to design autonomous driving and truck driving programs using driving programming. In the third session, Hyundai AutoEver’s employees mentor college students and guide them on the projects of the contest to be held later.

Smart mobility image assembled with blocks

Upon completion of the education, science and engineering college students and children will form a team to participate in the Smart Mobility Contest (photo provided by Hyundai AutoEver Smart TV YouTube)

College students introduce programming terms and concepts to participating children and teach simple coding to them. While learning the basic principles of automotive engineering, children can create model cars and even experience autonomous driving of their own car through coding. After class with the children, college student mentors and children will form a team to conduct a smart mobility contest. In this competition, based on the coding lessons they learned earlier, they make a model car and drive it in a run-and-run mode. The program has established itself as Hyundai AutoEver's representative social contribution project thanks to the high level of satisfaction among participating children.

image of a person holding a cell phone

Hyundai AutoEver will continue to actively engage in social contribution activities using new digital technologies

In addition to the two projects mentioned above, Hyundai AutoEver is also conducting a ‘Barrier-Free App Development Contest’ together with Green Light. It is a competition to develop mobile apps useful for socially vulnerable groups such as the disabled and the elderly. This is a competition for college (graduate) students who are interested in app development to take the specialized training required for app production and receive mentoring from Hyundai AutoEver’s employees to develop mobile apps. Hyundai AutoEver held the competition from 2017 to this year and introduced apps that help the socially vulnerable.

Shared growth is the basic philosophy and value of every company. Continuously fulfilling corporate social responsibility through cooperation with local communities leads to corporate competitiveness. Hyundai AutoEver plans to continue social contribution activities by analyzing social contribution trends and reflecting the requests of policy institutions and related partners. Hyundai AutoEver looks forward to your attention as the company creates a better community with new digital technologies.