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2021.11.02 Hyundai Motor Company 분량5min

Let’s Learn Children’s Traffic Safety through Songs with Robocar POLI!

Hyundai Motors produced a new traffic safety campaign video with Robocar POLI.

A video capture of Traffic Safety Song Story with Polly

Hyundai Motors produced a children’s traffic safety education animation ‘Traffic Safety SongSong with POLI

Did you know Hyundai Motors has had interest in children’s traffic safety education and been carrying out campaigns? Since 2011, Hyundai Motors has been carrying out the ‘Robocar POLI Traffic Safety’ campaign to prevent children’s traffic accidents. They have been promoting proper traffic safety knowledge to children through various experience-type programs that make use of the children’s animation ‘Robocar POLI’ character such as ‘Robocar POLI Traffic Safety Class,’ ‘Traffic Safety Experience Center,’ ‘Traffic Safety Playground,’ ‘Traffic Safety Park,’ etc.

Aside from experience-type education programs, they also produce and air an educational animation ‘Traffic Safety with POLI’ in 82 countries including Korea, China, Russia, etc., for free. This year, to communicate with more children, they made changes and produced a musical in which they add songs in between the original animation. Here’s the all new animation ‘Traffic Safety SongSong with POLI.’

Promoting the Importance of Children’s Traffic Safety with Familiar Characters

Traffic Safety Story with Polly promotional video

Robocar POLI who is familiar to children delivers how to prevent and react to safety accidents

The reason why the ‘Traffic Safety with POLI,’ which is broadcast domestically and internationally, is popular among children around the world is that friendly characters notify them of the danger of traffic accidents easily and accurately. The animation plot is consisted of a 3-stage structure, based on actual accident cases, making it easy for children to understand. It shows how children get into traffic accidents in real life and how they can get out of the danger thanks to POLI and his friends’ help. It’s about how children who just faced a risk undergo safety training from POLI. It involves the types of safety accidents children can experience in everyday lives, how to prevent them, and how to react to them, all from the perspectives of children.

Traffic safety song story with Polly video

Songs with traffic safety regulations are included in the original animation structure to make it more fun for the children to learn about traffic safety

This particular ‘Traffic Safety SongSong with POLI’ is consisted of 3 videos in total. The original animation plot is used as it is to produce a fun and easily understandable piece. On top of major traffic safety related issues like wearing a seat belt and safety when getting on and off a car, additional traffic safety issues like sitting in a car seat were reflected.

Conveying Traffic Safety Knowledge through Fun Melody

Road Safety Song Story with Polly Part 1

Children learn about how to safely cross the road in the first episode

Songs that are inserted in middle of each episode were produced in easy and familiar melodies so that children can sing along easily. Traffic safety knowledge is included in the lyrics so that children can sing along, have fun, and learn about traffic safety rules. In the first episode “Stop for a moment!”, the moments where children can face cars in their everyday lives are shown. And it tells children about how to safely get by in places with many cars like crosswalks, corners, parking lots, and alleys. “Stop stop for a moment~ Stop right there. Stop for a moment in the parking lot. There goes a car, don’t rush. Slow, slow, don’t run.” The song goes. Repeated words and easy melody make it very easy for children to sing along after listening to it just once. When the song ends, Robocar ‘POLI’ comes out and once again explains children about the traffic safety regulations.

Road Safety Song Story with Polly Part 2

Children learn about what to look out for when getting on and off a car in the second episode

The second episode is titled “Look here and there.” It informs children about the safety regulations when getting on and off a car. Information is conveyed with the school bus as a main subject, as it is often used by children. When getting on the bus, they should not rush and wait for people in front of them to get on; when seated, they should wear their seat belts… such safety regulations are informed to the children naturally. “When the yellow bus stops, don’t rush. One step, two steps, you might fall and hurt yourself. Look here and there before you get on. Careful, careful, get on.” The lyrics are composed of easy vocabulary for children to understand, including ‘yellow bus,’ ‘hurt,’ etc.

Road Safety Song Story with Polly Part 3

Children learn about the importance of wearing seat belts and protection gear, and car seats

The third episode is titled “Safely, done and done!” This episode talks about wearing seat belts, sitting in a car seat, and proper ways to get in the car when riding a car. “Seat belt done! Car seat done! Both hands on the knees, done and done!” Such addictive lyrics make it easy for children to easily remember the safety regulations. Additionally, it also delivers the message of wearing protection gear like helmets and gloves when riding a bicycle or kick-boards. The 3 episodes of ‘Traffic Safety SongSong with POLI’ can be seen on the Kids Hyundai website and YouTube channel.

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Why Children Need Traffic Safety Education

Road safety sign learning tool

It is important to learn about safety culture awareness since young to prevent traffic accidents

Children are smaller than adults and are prone to getting in the blind spots for the drivers. They also have the greater risk of jaywalking or running onto the road; it is therefore necessary to repeatedly teach children about traffic safety. Teaching them and making them aware of safety culture since young is the most effective way to prevent traffic accidents. Hyundai Motors will continue to do more various work so that children can be aware of traffic safety and live safely. We hope that the recently released ‘Traffic Safety SongSong with POLI’ will allow children to learn about traffic safety in a fun way.