Front view of Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha Front view of Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha

2021.01.22 Hyundai Motor Company 분량7min

It Has Been A Long Day. How About A Cup of Hyundai?

‘Charging For Cha (a portable tea cart)’ has opened in Hyundai Motor Studio. Refresh your body and soul with a cup of warm tea at 'Charging For Cha' both online and offline.

Hyundai Motor Company opened the 'Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha', a healing space to comfort the body and mind of customers exhausted from the COVID-19 pandemic. This portable tea cart is housing various kinds of content that can be enjoyed in online virtual spaces in consideration of social distancing caused by the pandemic, so anyone even at home has easy access to Charging For Cha, and people who visit the tea cart do not get to engage in any kinds of physical human contact (known as 'Untact').

4 tea boxes tea pod and 2 cups

Charging For Cha prepared a total of 4 types of tea for customers who will visit online and offline. 'A Cup of Relaxation' is tea containing black tea, pearl sugar, and white grape flavor to give you some caffeine and a pleasant sweetness. Tea blended with mild ingredients with rich vitamins such as pumpkin, rooibos, rosehip, and brown rice, called 'A Cup of Concentration', keeps you in your best condition. ‘A Cup of Energy’ is a modern reinterpretation of Korean traditional Ssanghwa tea, containing ingredients such as date, licorice, cinnamon, and ginger to bring strength and warmth to the body. 'A Cup of Comfort', which includes apple, cinnamon, beets, and carrots, is a tea that brings balance to the body and provides a sense of stability and comfort.

Online Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha screen

Customers who visit the online Charging For Cha can get recommendations for the right tea that suits you through events such as the 'How Charged Are You test' or 'Charging For Cha AR filter'. After participating in the How Charged Are You test first to get recommendations for Hyundai tea and share them on social media, you can win a Charging For Cha home kit, containing 4 types of Hyundai tea on a first-come-first-served basis. The second event, Charging For Cha AR Filter, is available on the official Hyundai Motor studio Instagram. The winning prizes for this event are Charging For Cha teapot sets, upcycling tea pouches, and Charging For Cha home kits, for those who share the Charging For Cha AR Filter event results on their Instagram or other Social Media Feeds.

Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha live concert

In order to sympathize with the pains of customers who are overcoming difficult times and deliver a message of hope, Hyundai also held 'Charging For Cha Live Concert' featuring music, stories, and Hyundai tea. On the 16th of this month, the live concert was available on the Hyundai official YouTube channel with TV stars such as Yoo Inna, Donghyun from AB6IX, Seonu Jeonga, Jukjae, Paul Kim, Seo Ji Eum, and Ha Sangwook.

Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha live concert Yoo In Na

Charging For Cha Live started with the panels having a cup of Hyundai tea together and reading the one-line stories previously sent by the audiences of the Charging For Cha Live, such as ‘The words I need right now,’ ‘The words that made me a hard time,’ and ‘The happiest moment.’ The panels read the story, sympathized with it, expressed comfort - as if a group of friends sharing their lives with each other.

Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha live concert Paul Kim

Our neighbors including working moms, college students, and students looking for a job shared their stories as well. And the panels tried to come up with a solution based on their experiences. Donghyun from AB6IX, Seonu Jeonga, Jukjae, and Paul Kim sang for those neighbors at the live concert, and poet Ha Sangwook and lyricist Seo Ji Eum gave comfort with their warm words.

Side view of Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha

The Hyundai Motor Studio Charging For Cha run by Hyundai Motor Company is available not only online but also offline. The mobile tea cark will be in Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang, Seoul, Hannam, etc., until the 24th (Sun) of this month, and you can taste a cup of Hyundai tea that suits you. If you visit the tea booth in Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang and post it on your social media, you will receive 4 kinds of Hyundai tea along with other gifts. Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul and Hannam have vending machines at the mobile tea cart, so you can experience unmanned tea service.

Hyundai Motor Company prepare a small gift to deliver a warm message of hope to those who are tired of the long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic. How about soothing your tired body and soul with a cup of warm Hyundai tea in an on/offline portable tea cart?