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Hyundai Engineering & Construction Apartment Design, Recognized by the World

Introduce the international design award winning Hyundai Engineering & Construction apartment architecture.

Hillstate River City View

Let’s look into Hyundai E&C buildings and landscaping that were recognized at the international design awards this year.

Compared to the past, when the role of houses solely focused on residence, apartments are evolving as they are taking on various roles such as work and leisure, etc., as time passes. The quality of life for the apartment residents is being enhanced as IoT technology is implemented onto the house or various community facilities are installed. Exterior design is also being diversified. In the past, you only got to see the brand logo on the side of the apartment buildings whereas nowadays the main entrance design and the complex landscaping facilities are highlighted, as they determine the first impression of the apartments. Hyundai E&C has been winning international design awards since many years ago and is leading Korea’s apartment building designs. In this year, they have also been getting great results in renowned award shows around the world for their landscaping and designs. Let’s look into Hyundai E&C’s architecture and landscaping works that received much attention from the international design awards.

‘The Gate, Tangent,’ a Doorpost with Media Art Implemented

The Gate Tangent

‘The Gate, Tangent’ at the The H Xi Gaepo won the IDEA 2021 main prize.

In September, Hyundai E&C won the IDEA 2021 main prize for their ‘The Gate, Tangent’ at The H Xi Gaepo. IDEA Design Award is an international design award hosted by the IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) since year 1980. It is known as one of the three major design awards around the world along with iF Design Award and Red Dot Award. The IDEA Design Award selects their winners with the criteria of company’s design innovation, user benefits, social responsibility, and also values that are embedded within the submitted works as well as the exterior.

‘The Gate, Tangent’ is a doorpost with media art created through a collaboration with Korea’s leading media artist, Professor Park Je-seong of Seoul National University. It is the first thing you see when you enter The H Xi Gaepo. The tiles of ‘The Gate, Tangent’ are an elegant stone material which contains subtle light, expressing the transformation into a new world. LED light sources installed within the stone tiles change as seasons do with different themes and create a surreal design with their mysterious reflective light.

Cloud Walk, a Space Where Everyday Lives Are Transformed into Art

Cloud Walk

‘Cloud Walk’ in The H Banpo Laclass won the Finalist award at the 2021 Architizer A+ Product Award.

‘Cloud Walk’ in The H Banpo Laclass was chosen as a finalist at the 2021 A+ product Award, hosted by the world’s largest architecture web magazine Architizer. A+ product Award is a much renowned competition with over 100 countries sending in 5,000 works of art each year. The ‘Cloud Walk’ was created through a collaboration of the Dutch pattern designer Karel Martens and the architect Choi Jang-won.

Cloud Walk Detail

Under the ceiling is the ‘Dutch Cloud,’ created with Karel Martens’s icon pattern.

‘Cloud Walk’ is an architecture work in the shape of a cloud, created with architect Choi Jang-won’s pavilion design and Karel Martens’s icon pattern. It is light and open like the cloud and yet was created with the structure for leisure space; under the ceiling that opens up to outside is the ‘Dutch Cloud,’ created with Karel Martens’ icon pattern, which allows you to encounter the sky under the ceiling.

3D Atypical Bench, a Chair Created with 3D Printing

Ragged Bench

3D Atypical Bench at the The H Xi Gaepo won the Finalist award at the 2021 Architizer A+ Product Award.

3D Atypical Bench at the The H Xi Gaepo, along with The H Laclass’ Cloud Walk, won the Finalist award at the 2021 Architizer A+ Product Award. The 3D Atypical Bench’s winning of the award was even more meaningful as it is the first case of introducing 3D printing output into a common housing complex in Korea. It acquired the Industrial Product Quality Certification Mark (Q Mark) to prove its durability and superior quality against changes caused by external environment and passing of time, and was also recognized as its excellent design that took mobility convenience and exterior landscaping into consideration.

Clean Zone, a The H Micro-dust Alleviation Product

Clean Zone

A The H micro-dust alleviation product ‘Clean Zone’ won the main prize at the 2021 iF Design Award.

In May, a The H micro-dust alleviation product ‘Clean Zone’ won the main prize at the 2021 iF Design Award. Clean Zone has won the 2020 Architizer A+ Product Award’s main prize and Korea’s Good Desgin Award (GD) and Korea Color Awards as well. What about it made it so desirable in various design awards?

Clean Zone

The micro-dust allevation and UV sterilization function with the 3D shape of sophisticated curve form led to great evaluation.

First of all, it received great evaluation for its functions and looks. The curvey form was distinguishable while the anti-virus effect, consisted of micro-dust allevation and UV sterilization function, was recognized by the judges. It was also impressive how it was installed in children’s playgrounds frequented by little ones to protect the hygiene of chidren who are vulnerable to micro-dust and virus. Air Washer and Mist Cooling Fog system are implemented onto the ‘Clean Zone.’ You can use the Clean Zone after outdoor activities, which will thoroughly remove all contaminants on your body before you enter indoors. The Air Washer will remove micro-dust remaining on your shoes, clothes, and body while the Mist Cooling Fog system will refresh the surrounding environment. Clean Zones are installed in The H Honor Hills, The H Laclass, The H Xi Gaepo, etc.

Hillstate River City, Apartment’s Landscaping Drawing Attention from the International Landscaping Experts

Hillstate River City Road of the Wind

Hillstate River City won the Distinction award at the 2021 IFLA Award.

Hillstate River City won the Distinction award at the ‘2021 IFLA Award’ which is an international landscaping expert association award comprised of the most renowned landscaping professionals around the world. IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) is a leading institution for international landscaping experts created in 1948. Each year, they select and award public or private enrivonment projects among member state’s architectures, which contribute to environment protection. The Hillstate River City was evaluated to have realized Korea’s best landscaping piece of work by utilizing its huge green space, which amounts to about 11 soccer fields.

Hillstate River City Rose Garden

Community footpath ‘Windy Road’ and ‘Rose Garden’ which has around 40 types of roses and winders were evaluated to be Hyundai E&C’s differentiated design works.

Especially their ‘Windy Road,’ the community footpath with 60m in width and 400m in length, allows you to feel the nature within the apartment complex as it is consisted of 3D grass and artificial hill waterfall. ‘Rose Garden,’ a garden with around 40 types of roses and winders, was also evaluated as Hyundai E&C’s unique design work. You can admire the flowers that bloom from spring to autumn season and also the plants even during winter because evergreens like Blue Angel and Namdina are planted. LED light comes on at night for you to appreciate the cozy garden.

As seen above, Hyundai E&C designs are being recognized not just in Korea but internationally as well. It’s been recognzied in domestic and international design competitions including 2 of the 3 big design awards in the world (iF Design Award and IDEA), IFAL’s distinction award and 7 feats at the GD. Hyundai E&C doesn’t stop here; to continue to lead the apartment building design market, they are trying out numerous endeavors which include a collaboration with artists from Korea and abroad for their The H specialized products. What kind of art works will such efforts by Hyundai E&C to create the best living space lead to? There’s so much anticipation for their next line of works.