The gift focus in front of the Christmas tree. Close-up of the gift in front of the Christmas tree.

2021.12.14 Haevichi Hotel & Resort 분량6min

A Romantic Holiday at Haevichi

Haevichi Hotel & Resort presents romance for all of you who did your best during the year of 2021.

The gift focus in front of the Christmas tree.

Here’s Haevichi Hotel & Resort’s end-of-year promotion

Doesn’t the word ‘hotel’ make your heart skip a beat? Great services, pleasant facilities, cozy atmosphere… from the moment you step into it, you feel valued; it’s a magical place. These days, due to the pandemic, many people are going on ‘staycation’ at hotels. Novelist Kim Young-ha mentioned the following about hotels in a TV program once.

“There are no everyday life worries in hotels. The well-organized, clean environment allows you to focus solely on yourself. It’s a great idea to spend a night at a hotel in the city if your sole purpose is to escape the scars and memories of your everyday life.”

Thanks to the trend, hotels are actively executing marketing plans to allure potential guests. The heat is especially hot as we are facing the end-of-year season with Christmas ahead. Haevichi Hotel & Resort is also part of the bunch and shows off many events. Here are some of Haevichi Hotel & Resort’s romantic moments prepared for you all.

Sweet Winter Days in Jeju, ‘Winter Stay in Jeju Package’

Inside the Haevichi Hotel & Resort room

Haevichi Jeju introduces a package that allows you to enjoy Jeju winter.

It’s a season that’s ‘too dangerous to go outside.’ Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju prepared the very seasonal ‘Winter Stay in Jeju’ package. It’s filled with specialties that will allow you to enjoy sweet dessert inside the warm hotel and to appreciate the Jeju winter.

The view of Haevichi Hotel & Resort Winter Garden Swimming Pool

‘Winter Stay in Jeju’ provides more benefits the longer you stay.

A night at a room that comes with a view of the blue ocean, Fondant au Chocolat (French chocolate cake) & salted caramel latte set, 2 person breakfast buffet coupon with which you can taste fresh, seasonal produce, free pass for indoor/outdoor swimming pools that are operated all year long with warm water, etc. The longer you stay, the more benefits you can get. If you stay for 2 nights, you will also get to enjoy the sauna once (for 2 people), and if for 3 nights, the mini bar once. This package goes on until February 28th, 2022, starting from 330,000 KRW. From January 3rd 2022 to 28th, the indoor/outdoor pools will be unavailable due to repair works, so please keep that in mind when you are making your reservations.

Making Beautiful Memories, ‘Make Your Wish Package’

Make Your Wish Package

‘Make Your Wish’ package comes with a DIY cake set, with which you can decorate a cream cake with art pens.

If you wish to wrap up 2021 in a more meaningful way, pay attention to this package. Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju provides the ‘Make Your Wish’ package from December 8th to 31st. It comes with a night at the hotel, 2 person breakfast buffet coupon, indoor/outdoor swimming pool pass and a DIY cake set. You can spend a very special day while creating a one and only cake on which you can write loving messages with colorful art pens.

The tree inside Haevichi Hotel & Resort

During Christmas time, guests can make use of the Christmas present delivery service.

The ‘Make Your Wish package’ shines brightest on Christmas days. On 24th and 25th, guests can make use of the special Christmas present delivery service. If you give the presents you prepared to the concierge, Santa Clause will deliver them to your room on your designated hour. The ‘Make Your Wish’ package that will make an unforgettable Christmas sells at a price from 450,000 KRW.

A Special Stage That Makes Everyone Happy, ‘Balcony Concert’

Haevichi Hotel & Resort Balcony Concert Poster

Christmas and end-of-year guests get to enjoy the show from the balcony of each floor and at the 1st floor lobby.

Music must come with happy occasions. Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju has prepared a special concert for guests who are staying on December 24th, 25th, 30th, and 31st. A fun performance is to be held at each floor’s balcony and at the 1st floor Atrium lobby. Actors will mingle with the audiences or walk around before suddenly getting into the show ? it’s a flash mob performance, which makes it more interesting. Audiences can also participate by following simple moves and songs during the show. You will get to enjoy familiar and fun music like Christmas carols and musical numbers and have fun with everyone.

A Fairytale-like Christmas, ‘Hello Santa Package’

Inside the Haevichi Hotel & Resort room

Rolling Hills hotel’s ‘Hello Santa’ package provides Christmas cake and drinks to those staying during the Christmas week.

This package is recommended to those who wish to spend a fairytale-like Christmas with family, lovers, or friends. The Rolling Hills hotel in Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-do, operated by Haevichi Hotel & Resort, presents the ‘Hello Santa’ package from December 20th to 26th. The package users will be provided with French Christmas season cake ‘Buche de Noel,’ and ‘Che-moile,’ made with chamomile tea and cherries, as well as the sweet and refreshing ‘Yuja mint tea,’ to fully enjoy the Christmas vibes. It comes with a night at the hotel, 2 person breakfast buffet coupon, and indoor swimming pool pass.

On December 24th, there’s a special ‘Christmas present delivery service,’ too. You can deliver the pre-prepared gifts to the concierge, and a staff dressed as Santa Clause will visit your room to make the delivery at the desired time. The package price begins from 225,000 KRW ? go for the ‘Hello Santa’ package if you want to touch someone’s heart in a special way.

Winter Vacation That Fulfills All Five Senses, ‘Winter Escape Package’

Inside the Haevichi Hotel & Resort room

‘Winter Escape’ package suggests a leisurely time to admire the view with sweet dessert and warm Vin Chaud.

Rolling Hills hotel is perfect to enjoy peaceful winter scenery as it has a garden and a path for a stroll, which are decorated with 50 kinds of trees and plants. Sweet desserts on top of that would make the experience even happier, right? That’s why the Rolling Hills hotel is operating the ‘Winter Escape’ package until February 28th, 2022.

This package comes with a strawberry Pavlova (Australian dessert) and 2 walnut lattes, which you can enjoy leisurely at the lounge or in your room. It also provides a Vin Chaud kit, with which you can make your own warm wine drink, Vin Chaud. This kit is consisted of a bottle of red wine, lemon, orange, pineapple, cinnamon stick, anise, etc., so that anyone can easily make Vin Chaud with it. This package, which includes a night at the hotel, 2 person breakfast buffet coupon, and indoor swimming pool pass, starts at the price of 222,000 KRW.

Tell Me Your Wish, ‘Holiday Wish Event’

Rolling Hills, my Christmas tree

Rolling Hills hotel carries out the Holiday Wish event for the Christmas and end-of-year guests, which comes with hotel voucher or meal ticket, etc.

How about making a wish this Christmas? Rolling Hills hotel carries out the ‘Holiday Wish’ event for their guests from December 24th until the 31st. You can hang your wish card with your wish on it at the Wish tree in the hotel lobby. If you upload the certification photo with your wish card on your SNS, you might win gifts like Rolling Hills hotel voucher or meal ticket, etc. Don’t forget the hashtags: #PlayinRolling and #RollingHillsHotel! Make sure to participate if you not only wish to make special memories but also to win great gifts.

Even during the pandemic, we still all wish to spend a warm end-of-year with our loved ones. Just by looking at the photos of Christmas trees and decorations on the streets uploaded real time on social media shows how much people are feeling the end-of-year tingling. If you want to give a special end-of-year present to your family, friends, lovers, and yourself, who have worked hard during the year, stay at the Haevichi or Rolling Hills hotel. You’ll have a great time.