Front view of the new Niro Front view of the new Niro

2022.02.23 Kia 분량5min

All New Niro: Kia's Sustainable Signature Green SUV

Kia‘s eco-friendly SUV Niro, a facelift second-generation model, now boasts striking fuel efficiency, more spacious cabin, and excellent aerodynamic performance.

The all-new Kia Niro, which showcases Kia’s vision for sustainability, has been unveiled with a completely new look. The new Niro is Kia’s signature eco-friendly SUV, boasting excellent performance based on a powertrain with maximized efficiency. The new Niro has evolved anew since the introduction of the first generation five years ago, and the improved performance of this facelift model is very noticeable. Here is the detailed charm of the new Niro - from the eco-friendly powertrain and excellent aerodynamic performance, best-in-class fuel economy provided by the 3rd generation platform to excellent driving performance.

Eco-friendly powertrain boasting the best fuel efficiency in its class

Information of the new Niro's hybrid powertrain

As Kia’s eco-friendly SUV model, the new Niro houses a high-efficiency powertrain. The new Niro combines the smartstream G1.6 hybrid engine with improved performance and efficiency and 6-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) to provide an agile driving experience that current hybrid vehicles could not. In particular, the powertrain with new technology focuses on best-in-class fuel economy. As a result, the fuel efficiency of the new Niro Hybrid is 20.8 km/ℓ, which is superior to that of the predecessor (19.5 km/ℓ).

The new Niro is driving

The new Niro houses the Smartstream G1.6 hybrid engine with improved efficiency

The secret to this high efficiency lies in the new technology used in the engine. The improved SmartStream G1.6 hybrid engine uses an exhaust-integrated cylinder head to improve cooling efficiency and also improves engine friction using variable displacement oil pumps. In addition, the fuel injection pressure was increased from 200 bar to 350 bar, and the compression ratio was increased from 13:1 to 14:1 to increase thermal efficiency. As a result, it has secured competitiveness by improving all areas such as cooling, friction, and combustion for engine efficiency.

Front view of the new Niro

The new Niro houses a 6-speed DCT with improved friction performance and power transmission efficiency.

The performance of the 6-speed DCT connected to the engine was also improved. By changing the tapered roller bearings used in the transmission to ball bearings, friction performance was improved, and fuel economy was also improved by using gears with optimized power transmission efficiency.

New Niro's driving performance improvements

The new Niro features high efficiency through Hyundai Motor Group’s unique TMED (Transmission Mounted Electric Device) type hybrid system. Since the electric motor and clutch located between the engine and transmission organically transmit power and can also directly bring engine power, fuel efficiency is excellent even at high speeds. Not only efficiency but also the acceleration performance of the new Niro has been further improved. The 0-100km/h acceleration time of the new Niro is 10.4 seconds, which is 1.1 seconds shorter than the predecessor, and the top speed is also higher than the predecessor (162km/h) at 165km/h.

Hybrid systems with more powerful features

New Niro has Greenzone Drive Mode

The green zone drive mode (2nd generation) maximizes the EV driving ratio in a specific area to increase efficiency and minimize exhaust gas emissions.

The smart hybrid logic of the new Niro is also one of the keys to high fuel efficiency. When accelerating or climbing an uphill road, the engine and motor transmit power at the same time, and during low speed or cruising, the motor and engine are selectively operated to intelligently control the two power sources according to the driving situation. In addition, the second-generation green zone drive mode, a new feature of the new Niro, maximizes the use of EV driving based on navigation. In other words, the combination of a high-efficiency powertrain and optimal hybrid logic demonstrates stronger driving performance, and has won the titles of ‘Best fuel economy in its class’ and ‘Best fuel economy among domestic SUVs’.

Aerodynamic performance refined to increase efficiency

Air hole in the new Niro's C pillar

Air hole in the new Niro's C pillar

Air resistance is minimized through the air hole in the C-pillar

Excellent aerodynamic performance is also an essential attraction of the new Niro. The new Niro uses various aerodynamic technologies for efficiency befitting an eco-friendly SUV model. First, looking at the vehicle design, which has the greatest impact on aerodynamics, reveals the key to good aerodynamic performance. The new Niro used an integrated C-pillar with boomerang-shaped LED tail lamps while trying to change the exterior design emphasizing the SUV style. Niro’s C-pillar can choose a unique color depending on the exterior color, and the air hole inside the C-pillar minimizes air resistance while driving.

In addition to the design, in the new Niro, you can find various technologies for aerodynamic performance. The new Niro uses a built-in active air flap that effectively reduces air resistance while securing the cooling efficiency of the engine room. Active air flaps on the inside of the radiator grille and front bumper open and close automatically as needed, and at high speeds close the flaps to minimize drag.

Active air flap is applied to the new Niro.

Active air flaps inside the radiator grille increase aerodynamic performance at high speeds

Drag coefficient of the new Niro

In addition, the aero wheel used in the new Niro improves aerodynamic performance by adjusting the vortex that occurs around the tire. Thanks to this aerodynamic technology used inside and outside the vehicle, the drag coefficient of the new Niro is 0.29 Cd (16-inch wheels). As a result, the new Niro has a better coefficient of air resistance than the first-generation Niro, and through this, it provides unrivaled efficiency and driving stability.

Larger body thanks to the new platform

Dimensions of the new Niro

The new Niro has the best fuel economy in its class, but the body size is even bigger. This is the result of studying the needs of consumers who pursue various lifestyles, and the new Niro provides an interior space that goes beyond the limits of its own segment.

The body of the new Niro is 4,420mm long and 1,825mm wide, 65mm and 20mm longer than the current first-generation Niro, respectively. The wheelbase has also been increased by 20mm compared to the current Niro, providing more space in the second row. Thanks to the SUV styling with excellent utility, the cargo space has also been expanded by 15 liters. Utilizing the folding function of the second-row seats, you can expect more than a small SUV.

Rear quarter view of the new Niro

The new Niro, which has evolved into a facelift second-generation model, now has been reborn as a dedicated eco-friendly SUV of Kia.

The new Niro shows a more sophisticated SUV style than before. The spacious cabin space resulting from the larger body and the aerodynamic design focused on high efficiency is definitely a catch. Above all, the biggest attraction of the new Niro is its excellent fuel economy. Because eco-friendliness is more important than ever, the automaker has achieved high efficiency worthy of its eco-friendly SUV model through comprehensive technological improvements. It is highly likely that the new Niro will play an active role in the eco-friendly trend that is rapidly approaching the global automobile market.