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<Inside the G90: Exterior> Designing the Definition of Flagship Sedan

The G90 shows elegance as the flagship model of the Genesis brand. Here lies the design philosophy of the Genesis brand in its unique, sophisticated styling and delicate design.

The Genesis G90 has finally been unveiled. The full-change fourth-generation model, the G90, presents a new direction for a luxury flagship sedan through a unique mobility experience that is worthy of a luxury brand. From cutting-edge technology for owner-driven customers to luxury convenience features for chauffeur-driven customers, the appeal of the G90 is immeasurable, but what stands out the most is its design. The beautiful exterior design of the G90, unveiled before the showcase, attracted many people’s attention and is welcomed not only in Korea but also in the global automobile market.

The exterior designer stangding next to G90

Senior Researcher jin Kim in charge of the exterior design of the Genesis G90

As the flagship model representing the brand, the G90 shows the essence of Genesis design. The secret of dynamic yet elegant styling is explained by jin Kim, senior researcher at the Genesis Design Team in charge of the design of the G90 - What is the difference between the G90 and other flagship sedans?

G90 rear quarter view

The G90 has evolved into a design that maximizes elegance based on the design philosophy of Genesis.

Q. What does the exterior design of the G90 mean as a flagship sedan representing Genesis?

All Genesis models are completed based on the Genesis design philosophy, ‘Athletic Elegance’. However, the ratio of the two elements of ‘dynamics’ and ‘elegance’ is slightly different depending on the model. At the same time, what I want to emphasize in the styling of the G90 is the youthful sense and delicate design elements. The new G90 emphasized the harmony of refined facets and elegant lines to highlight the unique luxury value of the flagship sedan. In addition, it expresses the ‘dynamic elegance’ pursued by Genesis with a dynamic atmosphere resulting from the delicate design elements reflected throughout the body and perfect proportions.

Q. The G90 is a symbolic model of Genesis. In the design process, what was specifically considered as a flagship of Genesis?

The Genesis G90 is the flagship model representing Genesis, combining both excellent driving performance and the latest cutting-edge technology - and the same goes for design. The G90 contains the common design elements of all Genesis models, and houses owner-driven dynamism and chauffeur-driven grandeur and luxury. Among the various design elements, the most unique part is the elaborate lines reflected throughout the body and the neatly composed surface without clutter. The G90 houses a timeless design that never goes out of fashion with only the harmony of lines and planes, and delivers a strong yet elegant image unique to the flagship through ideal proportions.

G90 side view

The Genesis G90 stands out with its magnificent body and delicate details unique to the flagship sedan.

The exterior designer who is explaining about G90's radiator grille

G90 two lines headlamp

The sleek Two-Line headlamps are newly expressed through MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology.

Q. The Two-Line headlamps and large Crest Grille are very impressive. What are the characteristics of the front design?

The combination of the sharp Two-Line headlamps and the magnificent Crest Grille is enough to leave a strong first impression. The front appearance that embodies the Genesis wing emblem further emphasizes the brand identity, and the new front design identity can be clearly found in the visual contrast resulting from the magnificent grille and slim headlamp. The low Crest Grille and horizontally extended chrome line create a stable and elegant look unique to the flagship sedan. In addition, the sharply engraved hood character line and bumper design express a youthful and dynamic atmosphere with structured composition.

G90 Clamshell hood

The clamshell hood gives a simple and neat image

Q. What are the unique design elements of the G90?

For a design that will remain attractive for a long time, the automaker paid attention to simple and elegant aspects - for example, the clamshell hood, a unique point of the G90's technology and design. The G90 consists of a hood and a fender as a single panel. By minimizing the seams (parting lines) between panels, a simple yet clean image was perfected. The clamshell hood of the G90 is the largest among global mass-produced cars, and this is the result of Genesis' excellent mold and hood molding technology.

The radiator grille with layered architecture

Double layered Crest Grille with signature G-matrix pattern

The unique design elements of the G90 are also reflected in the Crest Grille. G90’s Crest Grille is composed of Genesis’ unique G-matrix signature pattern, and the double-layered architecture maximizes the sophisticated and luxurious image.

G90 is driving

The sophisticated parabolic line from the front to the back expresses the elegance of the flagship that Genesis pursues.

Q. What features were included in the side part to realize the elegant yet dynamic image of the G90?

Based on the ideal structure of the flagship sedan, the long, sleek stance and ideal sense of proportion stand out. In addition, while maintaining the traditional three-box ratio, the Parabolic Line, which emphasizes the optimal proportions of the hood and cabin, and the dynamic atmosphere, emphasized the uniqueness of this model. The parabolic line commonly housed by Genesis models emphasizes the smooth appearance of one line from the hood to the trunk. In addition, the 'Athletic Power Line' applied to the front and rear fenders creates a dynamic atmosphere by emphasizing the volume of the body.

The exterior designer who is explaining about G90's C pillar

G90 rear door quarter glass

The rear door quarter glass is a traditional design element of the chauffeur-driven model, and it is a design that allows for subtle lighting in the interior.

Q. How about the design for the rear seat space?

The G90 also serves as a chauffeur-driven sedan for VIP customers, so the convenience of the rear seat space is of paramount importance. In fact, if you sit in the back seat of the G90, you can enjoy the luxurious interior spread out from the spacious cabin unique to the VIP seat. The rear seat space was also taken into consideration when designing the exterior. For example, the quarter glass in contact with the C-pillar is a unique feature of the G90. This is a fixed glass window derived from a carriage, and it is exclusive to chauffeur-driven sedans. The thick C-pillar and quarter glass configuration protects the privacy of VIP customers in the rear seat. In addition, the soft lighting emphasized the open feeling of the interior.

G90 long wheelbase side view

G90 Long Wheel Base model with a focus on rear-seat comfort - with long doors and slim stance

Q. The G90 was released in two versions: a sedan and a Long Wheel Base. Are there any design changes only for the Long Wheel Base model?

The G90 Long Wheel Base is a model that has increased the wheelbase by 190mm to expand the rear seat space. As the wheelbase increases, the lateral proportions also differ slightly, but basically, the designs of the two models show similarities. The rear door of the Long Wheel Base model has been redesigned, and the rear quarter panel has also been redesigned for perfect proportions. In addition, the parabolic line from the hood to the trunk has also been carefully adjusted to realize the perfect exterior quality.

G90 long wheelbase front quarter view

20-inch dish-type wheels designed exclusively for Long Wheel Base models and chrome detailing on the front part emphasized the sense of luxury.

The detail that elevates the sense of luxury is also a design element found in the Long Wheel Base model. The chrome finish was applied to the front and rear bumpers and B-pillars to emphasize the luxurious atmosphere unique to the chauffeur-driven sedan, and the exclusive 20-inch dish-type wheels were used to create a profound yet elegant atmosphere. In particular, the majestic body of the Long Wheel Base model stands out for its charisma that catches the eye on the road with an overwhelming and symbolic presence.

G90 rear quarter view and two lines lamp

Slim and concise rear design with Two-Line lamp signature - A simple volume emphasizes the elegance of a flagship sedan

The exterior designer who is explaining about G90's tail lamps

Q. Various horizontal lines - like Two-Line tail lamps - stand out on the rear of the G90. What are the rear design features?

The rear design of the G90 shows an elegant volume centering on a simple image. Like other Genesis models, it houses Two-Line tail lamps that symbolize the brand identity, but it is configured to be as slim as possible to add sophistication. In addition, by connecting the tail lamps on both sides, the wide and low body of the G90 stands out. Meanwhile, parts except for the lamp were placed under the bumper to create a clean and tidy image. In addition, the crest-shaped muffler tip is one of the design elements that reflects the philosophy of Genesis.

G90 front quarter view and a woman

Brand new Genesis wing logo emblem

The new Genesis Wing logo is simple and sophisticated.

Q. As a designer, what would you like to emphasize in the G90 exterior design?

The Genesis G90 is an automaker’s signature model that must survive the brutal global market competition. And because design clearly shows the brand's unique philosophy, it has an important meaning in building a brand image. The new G90 is designed for consumers who seek true luxury, and achieves perfect quality inside and out, adding the grandeur and sophistication of a flagship sedan. The G90 is the essence of Genesis design. Above all, it has a great meaning in that it reinterprets current luxury sedans.

G90's rim design

Wheel design with G-matrix pattern

Delicate design elements throughout the body - auto-flush door handles that activate when a passenger approaches, wheel design inspired by the unique G-matrix pattern, Crest Grille with double-layered architecture, or a simplified Guilloche pattern emblem - is a high-quality design that only high-end brands can show. Through the special design sensibility of the G90, Genesis provides exceptional elegance and luxury mobility.

Photography by Minseok Choi