Front view of the Electrified GV70 driving in the city center Front view of the Electrified GV70 driving in the city center

2022.03.24 GENESIS 분량8min

The Five Charms of The Luxury SUV: Genesis Electrified GV70

The Genesis Electrified GV70 isn’t just an electric version of the GV70; Here are the five charms of the Electrified GV70, a mid-size luxury SUV.

The Electrified GV70, the third electric vehicle of the Genesis brand, is a mid-size luxury SUV offering best-in-class performance and efficiency. The Electrified GV70 based on the GV70 is visually unique with its dedicated grill, wheel, and new bumper design. Specialized convenience equipment was brought without omission. In addition, ANC-R, which improves quietness, and ECS Preview, which improves riding comfort, provide a luxurious driving experience. Here are the 5 charms of the Electrified GV70 equipped with various technologies.

1. Different looks, creating special value

Electrified GV70 parked next to the driver and a dog

The design of the Electrified GV70 houses a special element unique to electric vehicles added to the dynamic design of current internal combustion engines

The Electrified GV70 is based on the current internal combustion engine model. In addition to inheriting the elegant and dynamic design language of the GV70, the sleek silhouette of the coupe-style and sharp lines crossing the sides were preserved. The Electrified GV70 adds a special design element unique to electric vehicles. First of all, the front view was differentiated with a grill dedicated to electric vehicles. The reverse G-Matrix pattern grille, which has already been housed in the Electrified GV80, emphasized that it is an electric vehicle model. The charging port located at the top right of the grill naturally overlaps the grill when the cover is closed.

20-inch wheels of the Electrified GV70

The 20-inch wheels are one of the elements that make the design of the Electrified GV70 stand out

The newly installed 20-inch dark sputtering wheels are one of the first things that make the Electrified GV70 look more dynamic. The special technology of the Electrified GV70 is also hidden inside the wheel - the brake disc cleaning function. Since electric vehicles mainly use a regenerative braking system, the brake discs are prone to rust. The brake disc cleaning function not only removes rust sitting on the disc but also reduces brake noise caused by rust. The unique design of the electric car continues to the rear. The wide and concise bumper with the muffler removed emphasizes the modern and futuristic image.

The driver's seat of the Electrified GV70 seen from the window on the driver’s side

The interior of the Electrified GV70 houses eco-friendly materials- like an electrified model

Unique changes are also found in the interior. The overall interior design is the same as the existing GV70, but eco-friendly materials added uniqueness. A fabric made from recycled PET was used for the ceiling (headlining), and the natural and luxurious atmosphere was emphasized through the genuine leather seat containing wool fabric. Utilizing these various eco-friendly materials is a part of Genesis’ philosophy that considers the environment.

A new function has been added to the climate control display - DRIVER ONLY and HEAT. DRIVER ONLY function activates air conditioning just on the driver’s seat side, reducing unnecessary power consumption. HEAT function works the same with the air conditioning button on internal combustion engines, activating the vehicle’s heater separately.

2. Innovative technologies for maximized convenience

Electrified GV70 charging battery in a city center

The Electrified GV70 houses a 400V/800V multi-rapid charging system to greatly enhance the convenience of charging

Charging is the most demanding work for EV owners. In this regard, the Electrified GV70 has used innovative technology that minimizes the hassle - the 400V/800V multi-rapid charging system, for example. The Electrified GV70 is equipped with a multi-rapid charging system that can work as a voltage booster 400V-charger to 800V - by using the vehicle’s motor and inverter. In other words, it can not only respond to various charging infrastructures but also reduce the charging time greatly. When using the 350kW super-rapid charger, for instance, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.

The convenience of the outdoor V2L function that supplies power to the outside of the vehicle is also a catch. The Electrified GV70 houses an indoor V2L function that supplies power inside the cabin. The outdoor V2L, on the other hand, has a wider range of availability. An outdoor V2L connector can be plugged into a charging port located on the grill to use electronics or to charge other electric vehicles.

The Electrified GV70 is equipped with a 77.4 kWh lithium-ion battery that can travel up to 400 km on a single charge. The motor with a maximum output of 160kW and a maximum torque of 350Nm is housed in the front and rear wheels to produce a combined output of 320kW (360kW in Boost mode) and a maximum speed of 235km/h. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h is 4.8 seconds, and it gets reduced to 4.2 seconds in Boost mode.

Electrified GV70 charging laptop with V2L in the trunk

The V2L function housed in the Electrified GV70 enhances usability

3. For a luxurious passenger ride experience

"Graphic showing the implementation of Active Noise Cancellation Technology (ANC-R) used in the Electrified GV70 "

The Electrified GV70 houses an active noise canceling technology called ANC-R to significantly improve noise while driving

Generally, electric vehicles are known to be quieter than internal combustion engines because the motor is located instead of the engine, hence no engine noise. However, the Electrified GV70 adds a variety of technologies to further enhance the quietness - Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R), to be specific, an active noise cancellation technology. In the ANC-R, an acceleration sensor mounted on the front of the vehicle measures vibrations coming in through the road surface, and a microphone installed at the rear part measures and analyzes interior noise, and then emits sound waves that cancel the noise through the speaker right next to the passenger’s ear. This maximizes quietness, allowing passengers to enjoy a quieter and more comfortable ride; Of course, it also reduces driving fatigue on the road.

Rear seat of the Electrified GV70

There also has been an improvement in eliminating the source of the noise. To reduce the noise coming from the rear passenger seats, the designers improved the performance of sound-absorbing and insulating materials, and an undercover was added between the rear wheels to reduce the noise coming from the floor and wind outside. An element that reduces low-frequency vibration is housed inside the door. In addition, an undercover is additionally attached to the driver’s seat to minimize noise and vibration.

Luxurious ride quality comes from a quiet and comfortable cabin. The Electrified GV70 utilizes ECS Preview (Electronically Controlled Suspension) for smooth ride quality. This technology improves riding comfort by changing the damping force of the suspension using the road surface information collected from the front camera and the map information from the navigation system. If there is a pothole or speed bump in the front, for instance, the camera and sensor would recognize this in advance and adjust the damping force of the suspension so that it can pass smoothly; hence it helps passengers to maintain stability while sitting in the cabin.

The Electrified GV70 has ample second-row legroom compared to its competitors. In particular, the reclining angle of the second-row seats reaches 14 degrees, making the rear seats more comfortable. Most of the competing models in the same class lack the reclining function of the second-row seat, or the adjustable angle is often smaller than that of the Electrified GV70. In addition, the driver’s seat is lower than that of its competitors, ensuring a comfortable ride. The vehicle is also equipped with Smart Posture Control 2.0, which automatically corrects posture while driving.

Graphic showing the implementation of ECS Preview used in Electrified GV70

ECS Preview, which has been already introduced in the past several Genesis models, plays a major role in the improved ride quality of the Electrified GV70

4. The secret to excellent driving sensibility

Indoor virtual sound e-ASD speaker housed by Electrified GV70

Electrified GV70 raises driving sensibility thanks to ASD which emits virtual driving sound in the cabin

The quietness of electric vehicles is a big advantage, but sometimes this could take away all the fun of driving. In addition, wind or road noise could sound even louder because of the quiet cabin. The Electrified GV70 houses ASD (Active Sound Design) for virtual driving sound to enhance driving sensibility.

There are three main ASD sounds of the Electrified GV70. ‘Futuristic’, as the name suggests, makes a sound of futuristic mobility. ‘G-Engine’ sounds similar to an ordinary engine sound to enhance driving fun. ‘E-Motor’ has refined the sound of electric motors. The volume of each sound can be adjusted in three stages - strong, normal, and weak. Of course, it is also possible to turn off the sound, and the volume may change depending on the drive mode. In eco mode, the sound is slightly reduced, and in boost mode, when you press the accelerator pedal hard, the sound becomes louder as well.

The SUV’s true power is revealed on rough mountain roads and snowy roads. And the same goes with the electric model. This is why the Electrified GV70 is the first to feature the e-terrain mode. The e-terrain mode distributes the driving force appropriately according to the road surface conditions, and it controls the ESC to help it navigate through the snow as well as sandy and muddy roads. The driver may freely use all three modes - sand, mud, and snow - through the switch on the center tunnel.

The Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) is responsible for the distribution of driving force in the e-terrain mode. By blocking or transmitting the driving force to the front or rear wheels depending on the driving situation, the front and rear driving force can be distributed from 100:0 to 0:100. Thanks to this, stable driving is possible in various situations, even on off-roads.

e-Terrain Mode Selector of the Electrified GV70

The e-terrain mode will enhance the driving performance of the Electrified GV70 regardless of the weather condition

5. Infotainment technology for your convenient EV life

The app for owners of Electrified GV70

You can easily set up a schedule for battery charging through the mobile app and enjoy a smarter EV life

The owners of the Electrified gv70 can enjoy a convenient EV life simply through an app. You can set the specific date and time to schedule for slow charging, and you can easily check the estimated charging time left until the target amount of the battery using the energy information menu. In addition, you can check the information on the date, distance, and fuel efficiency from the driving history menu. In Settings, you can set the target battery capacity, charging current, winter mode, and utility mode, all for your smarter EV life.

The Charging Started Voice Alert is also useful. When charging starts, the vehicle’s external speaker, VESS, says "Charging begins", so you can easily know whether charging has started or not from outside. VESS also warns pedestrians by generating a sound to the outside when driving at low speed.

The back image of an Electrified GV70 parked in the city center

The Electrified GV70, a mid-size luxury electrified SUV, is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and convenience equipment along with sophisticated design, luxurious cabin interior, and the highest level of performance and efficiency. Clearly, the Electrified GV70 is a consummate all-rounder SUV.