G90 driving on the bridge G90 driving on the bridge

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Genesis G90 Rear–seat Experience: A New Standard for Flagship Sedans

Two columnists found out how the Genesis G90 satisfies the back seat passengers.

G90 stopped in front of a building with the rear door open

The flagship sedan was created by pouring out all the capabilities of the Genesis brand. Its flagship sedan, the G90, also houses the best technology, materials, and design, considering both the owner-driver and chauffeur in the front seat and passengers in the back seat. So, how is the ride quality in the back seat? Also, how will the rear seat comfort specifications, materials, and various functions satisfy customers? To find out, columnists Dong-Hee Lee and Woo-Sung Jung sat in the back seat of the G90 from the customer’s point of view. Then, the two shared opinions about the G90’s rear seat comfort, interior, and various convenience specifications.

Cabin optimized for the most comfortable position

G90 driving on the bridge

“I had a test drive near Bundang, Gyeonggi-do, and I wanted to drive all the way to Busan. Of course, I sat in the back seat. I thought Busan or Gangwon-do would be good. It was such a comfortable seat.” Columnist Woo-Sung Jung was the first to tell us how he felt about the rear seat experience of the G90. “It is often mistaken for a feeling of softness when talking about comfort, but the seat of the G90 was not vaguely soft. For the most comfortable posture, it was a seat that was installed after thoroughly calculating which part of the body should be supported at what angle and hardness.”

For reference, the test drive was equipped with a variety of options. The car was equipped with the Prestige Collection - Signature Design Selection, Easy-Close System, Powered Dual Monitor, Rear Seat Comfort Package Ⅱ added to the Premium Collection (Hi-Tech Package, Convenience Package, Driving Assistance Package, Rear Seat Comfort Package Ⅰ). In addition, individual options include multi-chamber air suspension, active rear-wheel steering, panoramic sunroof, and dual electric monitors for the rear seats. The Bang & Olufsen sound package and built-in cam package have been added as package options.

G90's First Class VIP seat in action

“I think the model with the four-seater first-class VIP seat option has a particularly decent chauffeur-driven structure. First of all, the reclining angle is 42°, which is wider than the previous-generation G90. Also, when the footrests and leg rests are unfolded, they are connected as one, providing pleasant support for the entire body.” Dong-Hee Lee first pointed out the VIP seat in the back that spreads out like the first class of an aircraft. And he added: “I would like the seat back and cushion to be a little softer, but considering the big movement of the massager of the smart air support system in it, I think the current level of firmness would be the best. The seat leather may stretch over time.”

Columnists Woo-Sung-Jung sitting on the First Class VIP seat

The two columnists agreed on the essence of the seat and cabin - a space that is optimized for VIPs, with both comfort and high-tech features. The most impressive feature was the VIP seat, summarized by columnist Woo-Sung Jung.

“Actually, when I sit in a regular posture, the cabin felt similar to that of an ordinary flagship vehicles. However, the moment I adjusted the reclining angle, the drama began to unfold. With my head in the headrest, new perspectives appear the entire time the seat is reclined. You see the sky from the monitor to the top of the front seat and across the panoramic sunroof. Each time, the G90’s sense of space begins to unfold dynamically. The idea of ’I’m sitting in the back seat right now’ expands to ‘I’m in a comfortable space right now.”

State-of-the-art features to support a complete chauffeur-driven vehicle

Operating the rear seat center armrest

“The new G90 has a lot of new features compared to its predecessor. The center armrest of the rear seat also has a touchscreen display, which is convenient because most functions can be controlled.” Columnist Dong-Hee Lee explained, while columnist Woo-Sung Jung operated the rear seat touch screen and said, “I also like that I can control each of the rear seats individually.”

In the new G90, not only the air conditioning system but also the seat position, massage function, curtain open/close, and lighting brightness can be controlled from the rear seat touch screen located on the rear seat armrest. It is, of course, possible to change the indoor fragrance cartridge. The Rear Seat Comfort Package 1 also includes a smartphone wireless charging system, so you can charge your smartphone easily and conveniently.

Rear-seat touch screen in action

“Among the various menus on the rear seat touch screen, the one that stood out was the menu that provided information about nearby golf courses and real estate. In particular, the real estate information shows real-time real estate prices near where the car is located.” Dong-Hee Lee added to Woo-Sung Jung’s opinion. “I think golf course and real estate information is a menu that takes into account the tastes and interests of the passengers in the back seat. In the case of golf course information, currently, only the characteristics of the golf course are provided. Still, it would be a great advantage if you could make a reservation for the golf course directly here.”

Using the rear seat touch screen

“The mood curator was also impressive. Usually, you don’t use this feature very often because it’s rarely actually effective. But the G90 is a little different.” In Woo-Sung Jung’s words, Dong-Hee Lee manipulated the mood curator. The mood curator is a function that allows passengers to control the mood lamp and sound system applied to the G90, interior fragrance, seat massage, and electric curtains with a single operation. Genesis provides four mood modes (Vitality, Delight, Care, and Comfort) that help customers change their mood from their current emotional state.

“I actually changed the back seat to a relaxed position and activated the mood curator, and I felt calmer, especially in the comfort and care modes. It was definitely different from just falling asleep in a quiet car. These high-tech specs also make the G90 the perfect chauffeur-driven car.” Dong-Hee Lee, who experienced the effect of a mood curator, explained.

The ride comfort of a flagship sedan completed with technological innovation

Dong-Hee Lee sitting in the First Class VIP seat

As the test drive began, Dong-Hee Lee stated, “As I sat in the back seat and rode it, I realized that there was less head shake. There are many reasons, but the stability that comes from the long-wheelbase seems to have a big effect. Of course, the impact of the electronically controlled suspension with road preview and the multi-chamber air suspension also stand out. The big advantage of Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview is that it controls the suspension using navigation information developed for geographic information in Korea. Thanks to this, you can go over speed bumps smoothly. The location information stored in the navigation and the camera behind the rearview mirror detects the speed bump together. When the wheels go up, the dampers and air springs are softly changed, and when the wheels come down, they get firm to reduce vibration. The new model has a softer spring and better shock absorption.”

G90 driving on the bridge

Various technologies have been put into the new G90 for a smooth ride and handling performance. An electronically controlled suspension with road preview that optimally controls the suspension after recognizing road surface information through the front camera and navigation information is installed as standard. In addition, the multi-chamber air suspension - which adjusts the stiffness of the air spring in three stages to ensure optimum ride quality and driving stability - is available as an option.

The synergy between the two is maximized when driving over speed bumps or rough roads. For example, when the front and rear wheels go up from a speed bump, the damper and air spring are changed softly, and after coming down, they are made hard to reduce sloshing. When the distance from the speed bump is 100m, the front-wheel garage is raised by 10mm to absorb the impact better.

Dong-Hee Lee explained the secret of G90 rear-seat comfort mechanically. “The air spring with three air pockets (chambers) controls ride quality and handling by blowing in and out depending on the mode. This reduces the feeling of shaking in the back seat. Active rear-wheel steering also seems to help improve rear-seat ride comfort. The active rear-wheel steering of the G90 turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels by up to 2° in the mid-high speed range, which reduces the vibration transmitted to the rear seats.”

Bang & Olufsen sound system in the rear door trim

The G90 is equipped with Active Road Noise Control, the most advanced noise reduction technology, as  a basic feature. It is a technology that reduces noise by transmitting a phase frequency opposite to the noise generated from the road surface to the speaker. In addition, careful attention was paid to noise management by using a large number of sound-absorbing materials in essential parts of the car body. Woo-Sung Jung paid attention to this part.

“It’s not just the ride quality that makes you feel comfortable. Before going to sleep, think about the moment you sit on your bed at an angle to organize your day. Outside the window, you will hear a noise comparable to white noise. Rather, it makes me feel more at ease. Those scenes come to mind when you think of the level of noise or vibration felt by the G90. Of course, it’s not as quiet as a bedroom because we’re on the road in broad daylight. Still, you can feel amazingly quiet and comfortable with that in mind.”

G90's Chauffeur mode in action

“There is another secret weapon that contributes to the G90’s rear-seat ride comfort - the chauffeur mode. It reduces vibration by smoothly controlling parts related to rear-seat comfort, such as acceleration, braking, and suspension.” Dong-Hee Lee explained about the chauffeur mode that the back seat occupants might not even notice. He also mentioned the brake mode. “The new G90 also has a brake mode, but it was quite unusual to change the brakes smoothly, so it was amazing.” The brake mode is a function that allows you to adjust the braking feeling according to the customer’s driving tendency. This mode includes chauffeur, comfort, and sport. And in chauffeur mode, the brakes are adjusted to deliver a comfortable feel to the rear passengers.

Screen of Bang & Olufsen audio system reminiscent of the sound field of Boston Symphony Hall

“We also have to talk about audio. Some might say, ‘why do we have to talk about audio during the rear seat experience? However, I think that den audio plays a big role in making people feel comfortable, comfortable, and enjoyable.” Woo-Sung Jung said this while manipulating the audio menu. “Bang & Olufsen is a brand known for its sharpness and cleanliness. The Bang & Olufsen sound system provides several modes. Be sure to listen to the mode that preserves the sound field of the Boston Symphony Hall. It’s so vivid that you can tell where the wind instruments, the second violin, and the piano are being played and with how much power.”

Genesis presents ‘Virtual Venue’ for the first time in the world through its G90 Bang & Olufsen audio system. It is a virtual 3D surround sound function that reproduces the sound field characteristics of a space optimized for listening to music - such as Boston Symphony Hall or Bang & Olufsen Home. When Virtual Venue is launched, it plays back audio through 23 speakers after minimizing interior noise in connection with the current vehicle speed.

Easy Close System button on the rear center armrest

“Personally, the easy-close system is one of my favorite features. I recently injured my shoulder, and it was difficult to stretch my arm away. Still, the door closes automatically with the push of a button, which couldn’t be more comfortable. There is an easy close system in the front as well as in the rear.” Woo-Sung Jung piled on Dong-Hee Lee’s comment. “It is a smart idea to have a variety of ways to open and close a door. I think dignity increases by minimizing the body’s range of movement, and the G90 seemed to understand the word ‘dignity’ very deeply in that context.”

Columnist Dong-Hee Lee and Jung Woo-Sung Jung having a conversation next to G90

Dong-Hee Lee got out of the car and said, “I did a test drive today focusing on the rear seats, but in fact, the G90 is a car with a good balance between the front and rear seats. In particular, the back seat has evolved into a perfect space for hosting VIPs.” Woo-Sung Jung’s opinion was similar. “After experiencing the driver’s seat and the rear seat, you will be able to enjoy the complex nature of the G90, excellent consideration, and smartness.”

The new G90, reborn as the 4th generation, showed off the features of a flagship sedan without a doubt; and the two got a strong impression, especially in the back seat. They looked closely at the back seat and sometimes looked surprised. And they both said, “The rear seats of the G90 look good enough to win the hearts of our customers. It has evolved amazingly.”

Dong-Hee Lee (Automobile Columnist)

His career as an automobile journalist began in 〈Car Life〉. He became famous for his articles that drew a lot of attention, such as “Tiburon’s Diary” and “69 Land Rover Restoration Report.” Since then, he has been in charge of sales education, product planning, and sales planning for Chrysler Korea, Jaguar and Land Rover Korea, etc. He now works as a columnist and consultant, where he has mastered both experience and theory.

Woo-Seong Jung (Lifestyle columnist / CEO of The Park)

He is a writer and lifestyle columnist. He worked as an auto journalist for 〈GQ〉 and 〈Esquire〉 for over ten years, and in 2018 he founded The Park, an automobile-related lifestyle magazine.

Edited by In-Soo Seo

Photography by Jin-Ho Choi