i20 rally car speeding up in the mountains i20 rally car speeding up in the mountains

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[2022 WRC 4R] Sordo Secures Podium at Rally de Portugal After Last Minute Takeover

Hyundai Motorsport’s Dani Sordo succeeded in securing the podium in the 2022 WRC Round 4 Rally Portugal. Sordo showed a takeover in the extreme Rally Portugal and finally finished third.

The i20 rally car is driving down the mountain road

‘Whoever dominates the Gravel wins the Championship.’ Depending on the road surface, there are various types of rallies in WRC, but the most important is still the gravel rally. The reason is simple: Gravel courses make up more than half. WRC so far went through asphalt mixed with ice in Monte Carlo, the full snow rally in Sweden, the first tarmac of the season in Croatia, and finally, in 2022, encountered the gravel in Portugal. 7 out of 13 rounds scheduled to take place this year - including Portugal, Italy, Kenya, Estonia, Finland, Greece, and New Zealand - are gravel. Portugal, the starting point, is a crucial round to test the true power of new models.

Panoramic view of the Portuguese mountain range with wind turbines

Portugal has a long tradition of rallying. Photo: WRC (https://www.wrc.com)

Rally Portugal, which started in 1967, has a long history and tradition even among WRCs, having been in the WRC for 29 years since 1973. It left WRC for a while in the early 2000s, but returned in 2007 and is still popular. This year too, the headquarters is located in Matosinhos, north of the beautiful port city of Porto, and the stages have not changed much.

The course is fast and technical. Even a huge amount of dust that blocks the view is an obstacle that cannot be overlooked. If drivers run the same course repeatedly, the soil is dug out, and sharp rocks or stones are exposed, which quickly wears out the tires, making tire maintenance difficult.

Dani Sordo is interviewing

After performing well in Portugal, Dani Sordo took the team’s third rally car for the first time this season

Hyundai Motorsport included Ott Tanak, Dani Sordo, and Thierry Neuville, who recorded a double podium in Croatia. Unlike Neuville and Tanak, who have been participating continuously since the opening, this is Sordo’s first race in his Rally 1 car with Oliver Solberg. Still, he has shown good performances in Portugal, recording 5 podiums so far, including 2nd place last year. Solberg participated in WRC2 with Teemu Suninen.

Rally drivers participating in 2022 WRC Round 4

With living legends participating, the fourth rally of the season has begun

Meanwhile, the Toyota team reintroduced Kalle Rovanpera, Elfyn Evans, Takamoto Katsuta, and defending champion Sébastien Ogier. The Ford team has prepared five Rally 1 cars Craig Breen, Adrien Fourmaux, Gus Greensmith, Pierre-Louis Loubet, and veteran Sébastien Loeb. However, only the points earned by 3 drivers per team out of 12 Rally 1 participants are added to the Manufacturer’s Championship points (for the top 2 players). This includes Neuville, Tanak, Sordo in Hyundai, Rovanpera, Ogier, Evans in Toyota, and Breen, Loeb, Fourmaux in Ford.

On Thursday evening, after the opening ceremony in Portugal’s fourth city, Coimbra, the race began at the 2.82km SSS (Super Special Stage) just outside the city center. Neuville stole the lead on a special course on the road near the University of Coimbra playground. Tanak came in second, Breen in third, followed by Greensmith, Ogier, and Rovanpera. But the real Rally Portugal hasn’t started yet.

The i20 rally car on the corner of the on-road course

The Lousada stage, where Rallycross was held, was full of excitement because of its unique rules.

On Friday, the contestants moved east, followed by two iterations of three stages around Arganil, followed by SS8 Mortágua, ending the day at SS9 Lousada. The Lousada stage, a rallycross stadium, is relatively short as it is 2.82km-long, but it is fun to watch because two cars start side by side.

On this day, the eight stages on this day were 121.67km-long, which is not very long. However, these stages are marathon sections with unavailable service in the middle, so even small trouble found in the morning can greatly impact the race. Drivers and their co-drivers have to repair the car with only the tools in the car until they finish the seven stages and return to the service park.

The i20 rally car speeding up while splashing the sand

Friday was full of stages that made even veterans struggle

Evans took the lead on the dusty gravel stage. He won the Friday opening - SS2 and SS3 - and Tanak followed closely. The first Gravel Rally of the season was still harsh. It was just as tricky for the nine-time champion Loeb. He, who quickly entered the left corner in SS5, hit the wall on the right and broke the rear wheel, making it impossible to drive anymore. Tires were also an issue. According to Pirelli, the durability and strength of the Scorpion tires were improved for the new hybrid car, but winners such as Ogier, Tanak, and Breen suffered from punctures or tires coming off the rim.

Thierry Neuville having a tire problem during the race

Many players, including Loeb, have suffered from tire problems. Photo: WRC (https://www.wrc.com)

Neuville, who bega in 8th place, sped up and became 2nd place after SS6. However, a driveshaft breakage cost him a lot of time at the SS8 and drifted far away from the trophy. In addition, Tanak, who struggled with gearbox problems, was more than three minutes away from the lead after two punctures. Sordo became the only hope for Hyundai. Katsuta, Greensmith, Loubet, Neuville, Breen, Fourmaux, and Tanak finished Friday’s race in that order.

On Saturday, the drivers finished SSS16 in Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, after going through six stages in the Cabrera Mountains northeast of beautiful Matosinhos. Their journey on this day was 164.98 km long. The Amarante stage for the SS12 and SS15 is 37.24km-long, the longest of the round.

In the morning, Evans and Rovanpera competed for the lead. In addition, Katsuta, who was chasing Sordo, rose to third in SS12, making Toyota take the top three. The competition peaked in the afternoon. In particular, Rovanpera, who narrowed the gap with Evans by 6.6 seconds in SS14, took the lead in SS15. Evans, who started four minutes later than Rovanpera in the rain, had to fight a muddy road surface. Neuville set an overwhelming record at SS15 but finished fifth with a one-minute gap with Sordo.

The i20 rally car is running on a mountain course

As the race for the lead heats up, Saturday kicked off in the Cabrera Mountains

Sebastien Ogier had an accident while driving

Eight-time world champion Ogier also struggled badly in Rally Portugal. Photo: WRC (https://www.wrc.com)

It was a very difficult day for the Ford team. Loubet, who had chosen hard tires, could not boost the pace. Greensmith retired after crashing into a bank and breaking the steering. Thanks to this, Tanak moved up to 8th place. Rovanpera finished Saturday in the lead, and Evans finished second by 5.7 seconds. Then, it was followed by Katsuta, Sordo, Neuville, Breen, Loubet, Tanak, and Fourmaux. Sordo recorded a 5.7 second-gap with Katsuta in third, and the chance for the podium remained.

Ford's Greensmith suffered a puncture and stopped the race

Ford's Greensmith struggled as well. Photo: WRC (https://www.wrc.com)

i20 rally car driving on a mountain road in a beautiful scenery

The winner of the trophy is decided on the Fafe course, where the wind turbines are lined up under the sky

The drivers went through the five stages, which were 48.87km-long in total. In particular, Fafe, where SS19 and the final SS21 (power stage) are held, is a legendary stage that has existed since the first WRC Portugal Rally. Although the length is only 11.18 km, the surroundings are spectacular and provide a wonderful scene. Especially at the end of the stage, the course from the hill to the Pedra Sentada jump is the highlight of Rally Portugal, and the audience gathered to see its beauty.

Dani Sordo speeding up on the Fafe course

Sordo boasted his prowess in Portugal until the last day. Photo: WRC (https://www.wrc.com)

Rovanpera got a little closer to the championship title with a gap of 8.4 seconds with Evans after conquering the opening SS17. Like Rovanpera and Evans competing for the championship, the tension between Katsuta and Sordo for the third spot on the podium was fierce - only 5.7 seconds. Sordo, who started Sunday in fourth place, reduced the gap to 1.2 seconds in SS17. And it became 0.9 seconds in SS18 and 0.8 seconds in the next SS19, but then it widened to 2.2 seconds in SS20.

Thierry Neuville and Martijn Wydaeghe posing

With Rovanpera taking his third win of the season, Sordo perfectly adapted to his first race of the season

With Rovanpera taking his third win of the season, Sordo perfectly adapted to his first race of the season

Now all that's left is the final stage. Rovanpera finished with the lead, and Sordo finished second on the stage, beating Katsuta and moving up to third. In Portugal, an extreme survival game, Rovanpera snatched his third win of the season. Evans finished second by 15.2 seconds. Finally, despite the new Rally 1 car, Hyundai's Sordo took the podium with a successful last-minute takeover. The time difference with Katsuta was only 2.1 seconds. Neuville and Tanak reached 5th and 6th, followed by Loubet, Breen and Fourmaux. On Sunday morning, Tanak, who started in 8th place, managed to take over two drivers with a top score in both stages. On the other hand, Neuville could not speed up at the power stage due to the damage to aerodynamic parts.

Adding points, Rovanpera took the lead in the Drivers' Championship with 106 points, while Neuville maintained second with 60 points. Katsuta took 3rd, Tanak 4th, and Evans 5th. Speaking of the team championship table, Toyota leads with 175 points, and Hyundai follows with 116 points. 

By Sujin Lee, automobile critic 

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