A man and a dog walking together in front of the Niro Plus A man and a dog walking together in front of the Niro Plus

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[All About PBV] Niro Plus: Life with Pets

Emission-free, eco-friendly mobility, and utility provided by various advanced functions and spacious cabin space: Kia’s purpose-built mobility Niro Plus supports a variety of outdoor activities as well as a happy daily life with your pet.

What is Purpose Built Vehicle? The term alone may seem complex and vague. However, if you experience the Kia Niro Plus, you will understand the meaning of PBV more easily. The Niro Plus is Kia’s first purpose-built mobility that quickly reflects the new mobility trend. It is a model that stands out for its eco-friendly electric powertrain and a more relaxed interior space. Most of all, it attracts our attention as it provides customers with an optimized mobility experience through new products that meet the needs of the mobility market.

Niro Plus driving

The advantage of the first-generation Niro EV, too, was outstanding utility; However, with the evolution of the Niro Plus, these advantages are even more maximized - by raising the overall height and adjusting the angle of the rear glass, the interior space is even more spacious. Thanks to this, the spacious rear seat and ample cargo space have become keywords representing the Niro Plus. It is highly likable for those who enjoy various leisure activities. Of course, the Niro Plus is also perfect for everyday life with pets.

Man and dog standing next to Niro Plus

The reason why the talk of pets suddenly appeared is that more and more people are enjoying outdoor activities with pets these days. As you are already feeling, this is a natural phenomenon in the age of 15 million pets. As such, various animals, including dogs and cats, are deeply embedded in our lives as members of the family.

Living with pets is trending because they can share warmth and love while living with pets and relying on each other to pursue a happy life. Of course, accepting a pet as a family member brings positive changes to your life. As you have pets, you naturally become interested in eco-friendliness. You get to seek nature where your pets can run freely.

Man and dog sitting together in the trunk

Nam Ji-yeon, who has a special relationship with her pet dog, is also enjoying small happiness with her pet dog. While volunteering at the ‘Beagle Rescue Network,’ she met her pet dog ‘Whisky.’ Her lifestyle has changed a lot as she lives with her dog; On the weekends, she goes to the mountains or the sea where she can freely walk her dog.

A person driving a Niro Plus

Today, Niro Plus came to her and her dog Whisky. She decided to head out to the suburbs in Niro Plus for trekking. Familiar with internal combustion engines, she is amazed at the driving feel of the Niro Plus. "I didn’t know EVs could be so quiet and smooth," she said. Whisky gets carsick easily, so it was always hard to travel long distances. But I guess it would be fine as long as Whisky is in an EV." As she said, the Niro Plus is an eco-friendly EV driven by an electric motor. This always provides a pleasant mobility experience.

Lots of equipment and a dog in the Niro Plus trunk

There are many things to prepare for a trip with your dog. The trunk will fill up quickly with only a wide range of pet supplies and camping and hiking gear. However, there is no problem at all with the Niro Plus. This is because the cargo space is ample enough for the kennel - a portable shelter for pets - for the safe ride of your dog, as well as various hiking equipment. As is well known, dog kennels are big. This is because kennels should allow any dog to stand up; it is necessary to secure enough space. The kennel for large dogs can easily fit into the Niro Plus, which has expanded its height. On this day, Niro Plus can comfortably house her kennel, a portable shower for dogs, and various equipment for trekking.

A person and a dog face each other in front of the Niro Plus trunk

Nam Ji-Yeon also liked the spacious loading space of the Niro Plus. "There is enough trunk, so even if you have a lot of luggage, there is no problem. The height of the trunk floor is also appropriate. It’s also very convenient for loading and unloading whisky." As she noted, the height of the trunk floor is one of the advantages of the Niro Plus. This is because it was designed with the lowest ground clearance for easy getting on and off in consideration of the characteristics of PBVs that aim for more comfortable and convenient movement. In addition, the overall height has been increased by 80mm compared to the standard Niro, and the height of the rear door has also been increased - hence the space in the second row and getting on and off is noticeably improved.

A human and dog walking together in front of the Niro Plus

Nam Ji-yeon and her dog Whisky arrived in the lush forest on the Niro Plus. The forest, which has become more peaceful because there are no people, is the best place to enjoy trekking with your dog. The Niro Plus is also the perfect companion for navigating through the serene forests - as it has zero emissions and always runs quietly with no engine noise. Thanks to the generous minimum ground clearance, the floor of the car is less likely to be scratched like regular cars. She and her dog got ready for the hike and started their own journey, which the Niro Plus made possible.

a person washing a dog's paws

After you enjoy trekking with your dog, there are a lot of things to organize. Especially after a long walk, you need to closely monitor the condition of your dog lying around in nature. In the springtime, like these days, you need to make sure there are no mites and pests. She took care of her dog by washing the dog’s dust off with a portable shower.

Using V2L to dry dog ​​hair with a hair dryer

Now, it’s time for the V2L (Vehicle to Load) outlet located on the wall of the cargo space of the Niro Plus to shine. Nam Ji-Yeon connected the hair dryer to the outlet to dry the dog’s fur. Surprised by the new experience of using electricity outdoors, she said, "I never imagined that I could use a hair dryer outdoors. Are all electric vehicles this convenient?"

The trunk of the Niro Plus

In this way, Niro Plus can use electricity anywhere through the V2L function. Not only that, it also features a ‘utility mode’ that allows you to use electric devices such as air conditioners, heaters, and audio devices for a long time. Utility mode can be useful for auto camping. In addition, it has features specialized for outdoor activities, such as a flattening board that makes the floor flat when the second-row seats are folded in the cabin, and a luggage storage trim that can install a simple table.

People and dogs enjoying a picnic next to Niro Plus

After trekking safely, Nam Ji-yeon spread out her camping chair and table and decided to rest for a while. Whiskey also relaxed in her dog hammock. Resting alone with her dog in a quiet forest is the moment she cherishes the most. She said she benefited from the Niro Plus on this trip, and she said that this opportunity gave her a real sense of the value of PBV. "The Niro Plus was easy to drive and was very practical. There are so many things to bring when traveling with your dog. Large SUVs can carry a lot of luggage, but they are difficult to drive. With the Niro Plus, even if you have a lot of luggage, there is no problem at all to enjoy car camping. Plus, no emissions - it makes me feel even better."

A person and a dog are facing each other

Nam Ji-yeon and her dog Whisky had such a special day. And the Niro Plus became a companion to support their journey. On this trip, the Niro Plus was enough to be a helper. The value of the PBV that Niro Plus stood out in the soft and comfortable driving characteristic of electric vehicles, and the interior space and delicate composition optimized for outdoor activities. What draws attention above all is the fact that the Niro Plus is an eco-friendly electric vehicle. You may fully enjoy a car trip with your dog without worrying about emissions. This is probably the ideal travel companion for many dog owners.

Interviewee. Nam Ji-yeon

Words. Kim Jang-won

Video. Nam Do-yeon, Lee Hyun-kyun, Lee Jae-won

Photograph. Kim Bum-suk