Gerrard posing against the backdrop of IONIQ 5 Gerrard posing against the backdrop of IONIQ 5

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Goal of the Century: Created by Hyundai Motor Company and Team Century

To commemorate the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, Hyundai Motor Company established Team Century and launched the Goal of the Century campaign for creating a sustainable earth.

Team Century girls shoulder to shoulder

The FIFA World Cup™, a festival the world is excited about, is held once every four years. Hyundai Motor Company, which has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™ since 1999, is also an official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, and is carrying out various activities for this purpose. What makes the automaker’s official sponsorship special is that it is not simply for promoting corporate image or products, but is conducting a campaign to create a sustainable future. These activities are also related to Hyundai’s goal of realizing carbon neutrality by building a circular economy ecosystem. This year’s World Cup brings the whole world together ‒ and with them, Hyundai launched a campaign to make the planet a better place.

Goal of the Century

Hyundai Motor has announced a vision to create a sustainable planet by reducing carbon emissions from all production and operation processes with the goal of being carbon neutral by 2045, and is working towards this goal. But, they cannot accomplish this all by themselves; This is why Hyundai Motor Company collaborates with the FIFA World Cup™ to carry out the Goal of the Century campaign. This campaign aims to share the vision of Hyundai Motor for future generations with everyone and encourage participation. Just as soccer players work as a team to score the best goal, everyone should join in achieving the ‘goal’ of creating a sustainable earth. The campaign video released by Hyundai Motor Company delivers a special message ‒ that we should aim for a bigger goal, not just those in soccer ‒ to create a sustainable world, which can redesign the future of mankind.

BTS' Goal of the Century campaign

Hyundai Motors held an event to share the Goal of the Century campaign with soccer fans

In addition to the Goal of the Century campaign, Hyundai Motor Company will also hold the ‘Hyundai Motor Company Goal of the Century Manifesto’ event. This is to encourage soccer fans to do eco‒friendly activities to create a sustainable future. Those who wish to participate in the event can present an eco‒friendly activity that they can promise to take action when their favorite country scores among the 32 countries in the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ finals. By the end of September, Hyundai Motor plans to select 11 applicants through drawing and provide a ticket package that allows the winning 11 people to watch the national team match at the stadium with one accompanying person.

Go to: FIFA Plus website (Goal of the Century Manifesto event page)

Team Century working together for the Goal of the Century

A Team Century T-shirt hanging on a locker, Gerard posing in front of IONIQ 5, and Park Ji-Sung holding a Team Century T-shirt

Members of Team Century are powerful messengers who will promote participation in the Goal of the Century campaign. 2. Team Century captain Steven Gerrard 3. Team Century member Ji‒Sung Park

Hyundai Motor launched ‘Team Century’ for the Goal of the Century campaign. The members of Team Century are people who deliver positive messages not only in football, but in various fields: former England national football player Steven Gerrard, Hyundai Motor’s global brand ambassador BTS, Afghan refugee football player and Denmark UNESCO ambassador Nadia Nadim, American fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, documentary photographer Nicky Woo, Boston Dynamics robot Spot.

“As a father of four, protecting the world for future generations is one of my goals in life,” said team captain Steven Gerrard. He also expressed anticipation for the Goal of the Century campaign, saying, “Soccer has the power to move people to achieve our goal of a sustainable earth.”

Former Korean national soccer team captain Ji‒Sung Park also wears no.13 and participates as a member of Team Century to help achieve the goal of the century. “As a member of Team Century and through the Goal of the Century campaign, we can help many people understand the importance of environment and sustainability, and come up with solutions together for a better future.” He also hopes that “this campaign will make Hyundai’s vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’ a reality, and that all children can live in a happy environment.”

Hyundai Motor Company with Common Goal

Goal for the Century Hyundai x Common Goal Partnership

Taking one step further from the campaign, Hyundai Motor will partner with the ‘Common Goal,’ an organization that leads social contribution activities in the global soccer field, and continue its activities to create a sustainable earth. Common Goal is an organization founded by Manchester United player Juan Mata in August 2017 with the motto of “one team, one percent, one common goal.” Players belonging to Common Goal donate at least 1% of their annual salary to support various Common Goal social contribution activities for humanity and the planet. Current Common Goal sponsors are football players and managers ‒ Jürgen Klopp, Serge Gnabry, Giorgio Chiellini, Pernille Harder and Vivianer Midema. Viv Miedema), Paulo Dybala ‒ and brands like Adidas and DAZN.

Ioniq 5 standing next to a soccer field

Hyundai provides eco‒friendly vehicles to support Common Goal activities

Hyundai Motor has pledged 1% of its FIFA World Cup 2022TM sponsorship fee to Common Goal; and their partnership aims to create a better future for people and the planet through soccer. “Hyundai is a brand that is placing sustainability at their core and building a long‒term strategy towards zero emissions,” said Jürgen Griesbeck, CEO and Co‒Founder of Common Goal. “We are excited to kick‒off this partnership and look forward growing it in the years to come. And we invite everyone in football to join us in support of a more sustainable future for all.”

Team Century’s Nadia Nadim meets Common Goal

Goal for the Century Interview with Nadia Nadim

As the first activity of the partnership between Hyundai Motor and Common Goal, Nadia Nadim of Team Century organized an event to visit the Fútbol Más Foundation in Seville, Spain. Fútbol Más is an organization belonging to the Common Goal community, where their ‘goals’ are realized. In the past, she became a refugee at the young age of 14 and faced the harsh reality of having to leave her hometown of Afghanistan. But she overcame it, and became a Danish national footballer, reconstructive surgeon, and UNESCO ambassador. She shared her own experiences with children belonging to Fútbol Más Foundation, and played football with them.

As a member of Team Century, Nadia Nadim taught teamwork to the children of the Fútbol Más Foundation, and through football gave them the power to grow into responsible people and unite for the planet. After spending time on the pitch with the kids, she told Nadia Nadim, “I have learned so much through football that I implement into each and every part of my life. Football can move and unite people worldwide,” she said.

Our Efforts for a Sustainable World

Nadia Nadim and the children of the Football Mars Foundation

Soccer is a global sport enjoyed by many people and has the power to bring people from all over the world together. As a long‒time partner of various football clubs and major tournaments, Hyundai is well aware of the power of football. That’s why the automaker aims to change the world for future generations through football.

Like all great goals in football, the Goal of the Century can only be achieved when everyone comes together. As the campaign says, anyone can join the effort to make the world a better place. Of course, the Goal of the Century campaign isn’t the end of the story; Hyundai Motor Company will continue its countless activities in the future to encourage our efforts to create a sustainable world.