Each brand of Hyundai Motor Group showcased at the Seoul Mobility Show Each brand of Hyundai Motor Group showcased at the Seoul Mobility Show

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Hyundai Motor Group at the Seoul Mobility Show

After two years, the Seoul Mobility Show is now back. Hyundai Motor Group’s exhibition was explained in detail below.

Sonata the Edge during a briefing at the Hyundai Motor Showroom

On March 31, Seoul Mobility Show, Korea’s largest auto festival, opened at KINTEX in Ilsan, Goyang, South Korea. Seoul Mobility Show presented eco-friendly cars, vehicle-related software and mobility services under the theme of ‘Sustainable Connected Mobility’. Hyundai Motor Group is welcoming visitors with various contents, including new models unveiled for the first time at this Seoul Mobility Show. Here, the essence of the Hyundai Motor Group exhibition hall, which were notable at the Seoul Mobility Show held until April 9, is introduced.

Hyundai Motor Company – Experience of current and future mobility

Sonata the Edge at the Hyundai Motor Showroom

At the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show, Hyundai Motor Company filled a space of 2,600㎡, the largest area for a single brand, with various contents. The Hyundai Motor Showroom, which is divided into a total of 8 themed pavilions, welcomes visitors with vehicles and mobility technologies that fit its concept, ‘Living this moment, Experience the future Mobility’.

Sonata the Edge at the Hyundai Motor Showroom

At the fun-filled Hyundai Motor Company booth, the Sonata The Edge was the most popular. Sonata The Edge, a partially modified model of the 8th generation Sonata, made its debut to the public through the Seoul Mobility Show with a big change to suit its new name. The biggest feature of the Sonata The Edge is the new exterior, which was refined based on Hyundai Motor Company’s design concept, Sensuous Sportiness. The Seamless Horizon Lamp on the front is a design element that can also be found in The All New Grandeur and The All New Kona, and adds a futuristic sense along with the now H-shaped tail lamp. The indoor panoramic curved display connects the cluster and infotainment system to build a more sophisticated image.

Sonata The Edge N Line Appearance

The Sonata The Edge has new design elements and various new functions. The most notable part is the built-in over-the-air software update (OTA). In addition, this model not only houses advanced driving assistance functions such as Highway Driving Assist (HDA), Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC), and Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), but also the convenience features, such as Hyundai CarPay, Active Air Cleaning System, Remote Smart Parking Assist. (RSPA), and Surround View Monitor (SVM). There are five types in the lineup - gasoline 2.5 turbo, gasoline 1.6 turbo, gasoline 2.0, gasoline 2.0 hybrid, and LPG 2.0.

Collaboration products of the new Avante and Musinsa

The New Avante, released on March 13, is also waiting to be unveiled at the Seoul Mobility Show. The New Avante, a facelifed model, features a low and wide sense of proportion by adding horizontal graphic elements to a new design that emphasizes the theme of Parametric Dynamics. In addition, The New Avante has completed the best-in-class competitiveness by housing advanced driving assistance functions and various convenient specifications.

MobED, electric vehicle charging robot and delivery robot

At the center of the Hyundai booth is the Mobility House, where visitors can check out various mobility-related technologies. Here, you can experience Hyundai Motor Group’s innovative robot technologies - such as electric vehicle charging robots, delivery robots, personal mobility, MobED, and SPOT. In particular, the electric car charging robot showcased for the first time at the Seoul Mobility Show presents a new solution for EV charging. The robot arm, which moves the heavy ultra-high-speed charging cable instead of a person, and connects to and removes it from the charging port, is expected to greatly improve convenience.

N Zone, the Hyundai Motor Showroom

In the N zone of the Hyundai Motor Company booth, there were the RN22e and N Vision 74, the future of high-performance electric vehicles. The two rolling prototypes, called ‘Rolling Lab’, imply that the core value of Hyundai’s high-performance N – fun driving – will continue into the future.

Casper Art Car on display at Casper Zone, Hyundai Motor Exhibition Hall

In Casper Zone, three Casper art cars are on display - the first prize winner of the Casper drawing contest with the CASPER in ART concept, a collaboration work with illustrator Buwon, and a collaboration work with Gen.G Esports, a global e-sports company. Casper Art Car goes beyond a car and provides a different kind of pleasure to the audience as a work of art.

The new Niro Electric on display at the Hyundai Motor Showroom Niro Zone

The actual car of ‘The All New Kona Electric’, which was unveiled on March 7, will also be displayed at Hyundai’s booth. For reference, in the Kona Zone, various contents have been prepared to experience the features of the new Kona Electric. A lot is available at the booth - a digital studio offering advanced driver assistance systems, virtual driving experiences and virtual showroom experiences, as well as a Blue Link streaming service scheduled to launch in the first half of this year.

Pavis in the Pavis Zone of the Hyundai Motor Showroom

Among various vehicle models and robotics technology, Hyundai Motor Company’s semi-large truck, The New Pavise, shows off its presence with its extraordinary size. This exhibition, which has a concept called “Be Anything, PAVISE,” visually communicates various possibilities to the audience. A large screen installed in the cargo space shows various devices that can be connected to the Pavise, and the interior creates various spaces so that visitors can imagine the life of a ‘trucker’ who spends a lot of time in a truck.

Kids Zone and Goods Shop in the Hyundai Motor Showroom

The Kids Zone is a space for children visiting the Hyundai Motor Showroom. Contents collaborated with ‘Tobot’, a popular animation featuring IONIQ 5, Avante, and Staria, welcome child visitors. Here, children can take pictures with Hyundai’s robots from Tobot or experience toys to make special memories. In addition, at the souvenir shop next to the kids zone, you can purchase modern collections and N brand goods.

Kia – Transitioning to become a mobility solution provider

Kia unveiled the EV9 to reporters

Kia showed more fighter spirit than any other participants in the Seoul Mobility Show. In accordance with its own concept of ‘Kia’s another movement towards sustainable mobility solutions provider’, its exhibition hall was filled with electric vehicles only. These challenges represent Kia’s commitment to a sustainable future automobile world.

At the Seoul Mobility Show Press Day, Kia’s exhibition hall was constantly visited by reporters. This is because Kia’s second dedicated electric car, the EV9, was unveiled. The EV9, which appeared amid high interest from reporters, presented a beautiful design with contrasting formative beauty of Kia’s design philosophy, Opposites United (creative fusion of opposite concepts). In particular, the perfected exterior with a future-oriented design such as digital tiger face, digital pattern lighting grill, small cube projection LED headlamp, and star map LED DRL stood out. In addition, the magnificent proportions and soft volume suitable for a large SUV conveyed a luxurious and solid image. In addition, the swivel seat in the spacious interior realized with E-GMP, a dedicated electric vehicle platform, can be used in various ways.

Kia Showroom EV9 Island

The EV9 is expected to be equipped with a large-capacity battery of 99.8 kWh and have a driving distance of more than 500 km on a single charge (19-inch wheel 2WD model based on their laboratory measurements). The maximum output reaches 283kW for the 4WD model, and the rear motor is equipped with a 2-stage motor system that adjusts the operation of the inverter according to each situation. In addition, there are various cutting-edge technologies such as ‘Highway Driving Pilot (HDP)’.

At EV9 Island, anyone can see how much Kia put into organizing the Seoul Mobility Show exhibition. In a space decorated with various elements such as brand walls, mirrors, LED walls, and waterfalls, the EV9 gives the impression that it is not just a car but a work of art. Kia also runs raffle events for visitors who share these experiences on their social media outlets.

Kia Exhibition Hall EV9 Lifestyle Zone

In the EV9 Lifestyle Zone, ‘10 must-have items’ used in EV9’s interior materials are displayed. One of the characteristics of the EV9 is that it considers sustainability by replacing interior materials with eco-friendly and recycled materials. Essential materials used here include bio-polyurethane, recycled pet fabric, recycled fishing net structure carpet, bio-polyurethane foam, and bio-paint. Kia displays all of these materials on the same wall to convey the eco-friendly message of the EV9. In this space, an introduction and lighting pattern for the upcoming Kia Connect Store will also be displayed.

Niro PBV and EV6 in Kia showroom

Along with the EV9, Kia’s EV6 and Niro EV, which lead Kia’s electrification from the front, are also displayed at the Kia booth. As is well known, the two cars have won major automobile awards around the world since their launch, proving Kia’s outstanding electrification technology. In addition, the Niro Plus, which reflects Kia’s Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) strategy, was also displayed. The Niro Plus, each decorated with taxi and camping goods, shows Kia’s PBV strategy.

A collaboration space between Kia and Kakao Friends

Behind the EV6 zone is the Family Communication Zone, a space where Kia and Kakao Friends collaborated. In the Family Communication Zone, there are various things with the theme of ‘Driving in Kia EV City’. There was a photo wall where visitors could watch videos or take pictures of Kakao Friends characters riding Kia’s high-performance EV6 GT. Visitors who are not satisfied with these photos and videos can purchase collaboration goods on the second floor of the Family Communication Zone.

Genesis – the future of electrification pursued by a premium brand

Genesis Showroom at Seoul Mobility Show

As a premium brand, Genesis has a clear message to convey - its identity as a premium brand and its aspirations for the future of electrification. At the front of the hall, the brand displayed electrified models currently available on the market, and inside the exhibition hall was filled with electrified concept cars that will represent Genesis’ future and special experiences.

Genesis X convertible concept car at the Genesis showroom

What stood out the most at the Genesis booth was the X TRILOGY concept series, which contains a vision for the future of electrification. The model located in the center of the exhibition hall was the Genesis X Convertible concept car unveiled at the 2022 LA Auto Show. The X Convertible features a futuristic interpretation of Genesis’ design language, ‘Athletic Elegance’, giving a glimpse of how Genesis’ design can change in the future.

Concept car X and X Speedium coupe in the Genesis showroom

On the right side of the X Convertible Concept, the first and second models of the X Trilogy series, the X and X Speedium Coupe, are displayed. The X Concept symbolizes Genesis’ “hidden hero” and not only announces the start of the dedicated EV concept, but also contains the essence of Genesis design (two-line lamp design, crest grill, etc.). The X Speedium Coupe concept reflects Genesis’ will to pursue the fun of driving even in the era of electrification. It conveys refined luxury with the beauty of maximized blank space without excessive decoration.

The G90, the only internal combustion engine model in the Genesis showroom

The vehicles lined up in front of the exhibition hall inform the present of the Genesis brand’s electrification. The G80∙GV70 electrification models and the dedicated electric vehicle GV60 deliver the value of the premium brand Genesis in the vehicle electrification market.

Hyundai Mobis Showroom and M.Vision TO

In addition to electrified concept cars and electrified models, Genesis also exhibited its flagship sedan, the G90 long wheelbase model. The G90 is a model that best embodies the premium identity of Genesis. In the space next to the G90, visitors can experience the Bang & Olufsen Beosonic sound mounted on the G90. Beosonic technology is a graphical sound control user interface that allows custom sound settings with a single touch.

Hyundai Mobis – All about future mobility technology

Experiencing M.Vision HI in the Hyundai Mobis showroom

The Hyundai Mobis exhibition hall was full of new technologies related to mobility. Under the theme of ‘Hi, For better Tomorrow’, Hyundai Mobis placed a total of 11 exhibits containing future mobility technologies in three zones. Among them, the most eye-catching were the purpose-based mobility (PBV) M.Vision TO and M.Vision HI, which were introduced for the first time in Korea. Mvision TO is an electrification-based self-driving concept car that contains various new technologies such as an e-corner system, self-driving sensor module, and communication lighting.

M.Brain, an EEG-based healthcare technology

The M.Vision HI is an autonomous driving concept car like the M.Vision TO, but with a slightly different purpose. Whereas M.Vision TO focuses on mobility, M.Vision HI is developed for leisure and relaxation. For example, the seats of the M.Vision HI can be moved and rotated during travel, and passengers can watch movies or use the Internet through a display on the side. In addition, the display is equipped with gaze technology so that the eye gaze can be used as an input tool; This conveys the message that more diverse content will be needed in the autonomous driving world.

M.Brain, an EEG-based healthcare technology

In the M.Tech Gallery Hall inside the exhibition hall, future mobility technologies developed by Hyundai Mobis welcomed visitors. Here, docents explain various mobility technologies and offer experiences - M.Brain, an brain wave-based healthcare technology that won an innovation award at the 2023 CES, a next-generation rear-wheel steering system, a direct drive in-wheel system, a fuel cell system, a mode conversion cockpit module, and more. In addition, the Hyundai Mobis booth has a PR zone introducing the brand identity, typographic artist James Cook’s work, and a junior engineering class where elementary school students can participate.

Motor Show, The Best Auto Experience

Hyundai Motor Showroom at Seoul Mobility Show

While everyday life destroyed by Covid-19 is gradually recovering, the Seoul Mobility Show has given some vitality to Korea’s standstill auto culture. Although not as good as the previous motor shows, everyone will agree that it is the best event for car fans. Hyundai Motor Group filled the exhibition hall with unique contents for car-craving people.