A person looking at the IONIQ 6 A person looking at the IONIQ 6

2023.05.02 Hyundai Motor Company 분량6min

The Story of Hyundai Motor Company Housed in Its IONIQ 6

Hyundai Motor Company has launched the Experience IONIQ 6 website for its global customers. It is not just a list of product information; it allows the viewers to experience the IONIQ 6 throughout a few interesting episodes.

The person making the video storyboard

People all over the world speak different languages, but they usually feel the same way. And, the power of attractive stories easily goes beyond the boundaries of nationality; Now, even if the background of the story is not only Korea, but also full of Korean sentiment, there are many works that are trending worldwide. A well-crafted story resonates with everyone and stimulates interest. Now, there are so many Korean stories that are trending worldwide, even if the background is Korea and full of Korean sentiment. A well-made story can activate empathy among anyone and stimulate interest.

Hence, the storytelling marketing is trending; This strategy attracts customers by creating a story that goes well with the characteristics of a product or brand. For example, advertisements for energy drinks create empathy by showing the daily lives of real people who actually use the product.

Characters of IONIQ 6 Customer Experience Web Service

Cars can also make for a good story. The essence of a car is a means of transportation, but it is also a precious space for lovers, and at the same time, a car can project the image the owner wants. So Hyundai Motor Company is reaching out to its global customers through storytelling. Recently, they released the ‘Experience IONIQ 6 website (https://experienceioniq6.hyundai.com)’, which delivered the main features of IONIQ 6 through the story of a young couple.

The background of the IONIQ 6 marketing video

The Experience IONIQ 6 website was intended to go beyond simply introducing its features. In fact, not many owners read the entire manual after buying a car; The manual tells you exactly what each part of the car does, but those pictures and text full of explanations aren’t fun. Hyundai Motor Company decided to create a platform where customers can directly experience the exciting features of IONIQ 6. Through the story, owners can learn the features of IONIQ 6 that they will actually need everyday.

An IONIQ 6 about to be charged

For this, companies need compelling stories that their customers can relate to. And companies need to figure out their customers’ tastes in order to build empathy. Hyundai Motor Company paid attention to these people: those in their 20s and 30s who like to experience smart technology and pursue their own way of life and happiness. So the Experience IONIQ 6 website is based on a story that could actually happen to them, such as:

A couple in the IONIQ 6 marketing video

John is a programmer currently working in Silicon Valley, a nerd. He keeps in touch with ‘Vivi’ whom he met at the 〈Make international friends〉 app. The two have never met, though. Then, one day, something put fire in his heart; Vivi, who works for a global company in Europe, sent a message saying that she would come to the United States on December 31st for winter break.

A couple in the IONIQ 6 marketing video

John is excited and worried at the same time, because he has been bragging about being a ‘sporty guy’ to impress Vivi. And when he saw the Hyundai IONIQ 6 ads, he imagines himself as a true sporty guy, and Vivi, in love with him. On December 31, the day they have decided to meet, he becomes the owner of his IONIQ 6 and goes to pick her up.

The IONIQ 6 mobile app

The story of the two getting closer with each episode also naturally introduces the characteristics of IONIQ 6. The sixth episode, ‘Date’, for example, introduces the cabin space of IONIQ 6 to hide the presents for her, and V2L, where cute camping items are available. And the seventh episode, ‘Surprise’, guides you on how to use the ‘Relaxation Comfort Seat’, where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside in a comfortable position.

The cabin space of the IONIQ 6

No one would have cared if these features were shown in a thick manual book. However, talking about the use of features in a situation that could actually happen on a date can naturally build empathy. Anyone who ever washed his or her car before going on a date, or tried to get a nice BGM list, cleaned the cabin, or prepared things like coffee and blankets, would easily get what they say.

IONIQ 6 speeding up

Particularly interesting is that the viewers sometimes have to choose between different choices. When John and Vivi first meet and he starts driving, for example, you have to choose between ‘comfortable drive’ or ‘sporty drive’ to see the next part. This naturally leads to a description of the two drive modes. Each choice showcases a different characteristic of the car in a fun way.

Utilizing the V2L feature of IONIQ 6

As such, the Experience IONIQ 6 website isn’t just about telling a story. The structure in which viewers can try out the necessary features for each episode helps them understand them more quickly. In the episode where the couple uses V2L while camping, viewers have to power up the V2L port with a mouse pointer, and also click on a switch to turn on the relaxation comfort seats. While the user manual helps intuitive understanding through pictures, the Experience IONIQ 6 website is different in that it allows viewers to experience the car through virtual experiences.

EV charging points in Europe

There are more ways to experience IONIQ 6 on the web: Key functions such as V2L, regenerative braking, and ambient light introduced in the episode can be easily checked through separate menus. The website also provides a lot of information for future owners. Links for the customers in Europe - such as Shell’s electric vehicle charging points or digital Owner’s manual - give more information about the IONIQ 6 at any time.

Retro mood racing game featuring Hyundai cars

The story that Hyundai Motor conveyed to global consumers through IONIQ 6 brings back small memories with cars - like the 1980s-style ‘Game: Racing’ menu. John and Vivi in an IONIQ 6 have to dodge the cars coming towards them. By the way, the obstacles in the game are unusual; There are old sports coupes that boasted elegant designs, such as Hyundai Tiburon and Tuscani, as well as the currently available trucks, such as Porter.

A scene from the animated IONIQ 6 marketing video

Hyundai is trying to reach its global customers through the Experience IONIQ 6 website; Instead of boring manuals, they let you enjoy the story and experience the key features of IONIQ 6 at the same time. This is also for those interested in IONIQ 6. Experiencing a car through a virtual ‘experience’ like this is much more intuitive than listing product information.

The most notable thing about the Experience IONIQ 6 website is that it proposes various functions by carefully considering how IONIQ 6 will be used from the customer’s point of view. The automaker doesn’t just introduce the car’s features; it wants to enrich their customers’ lives through them. This is how the Experience IONIQ 6 website was created.