Kona Electric 2nd row guitar Kona Electric 2nd row guitar

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The All‒New Kona Electric: A Space Unconstrained by the Norms!

It’s well‒known that electric vehicles (EVs) with Vehicle to Load (V2L) and utility modes are incredibly versatile. However, their utility extends beyond just outdoor activities. For instance, a car parked in a lot can become a personal haven for hobbies.

Remember the last time you listened to your favorite music at a heart‒thumping volume? After a busy day, exhaustion often takes over before you can indulge in hobbies, especially in an apartment setting where loud noises are a concern. And with living rooms and TVs usually occupied by children, cars can offer a unique alternative. Especially in underground parking lots, where there’s less foot traffic and noise, the sound‒proofing of an electric car can allow for an uninhibited audio experience.

Kona Electric parked in the underground parking lot

But why specifically an electric car? While internal combustion engine vehicles can also serve various purposes, using air conditioning or power requires the engine to be running, leading to exhaust emissions. In contrast, EVs equipped with V2L technology can utilize ‘utility mode’ to use electricity anytime, anywhere, transforming the car’s interior into a personal space just for hobbies.

Kona Electric using V2L function

Hyundai Motor Group is a frontrunner in V2L technology. The introduction of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 marked a significant step towards popularizing V2L, a feature now widely available in Hyundai’s electric vehicles built on the E‒GMP platform. Recently, even derivative EVs like the All‒New Kona Electric, which shares a platform with internal combustion engine vehicles, have been equipped with V2L and utility mode, enhancing their functionality.

Dashboard showing battery charge status

Returning to your All‒New Kona Electric in the parking lot after a long day, you might find your heart racing with excitement. Parking the car, you plug a multi‒tap into the interior V2L socket and turn on utility mode, and you’re all set.

250v outlet in kona electric

The All‒New Kona Electric comes with a generous battery capacity of standard 48.6kWh and long‒range 64.8kWh. There’s no need to worry about running out of battery, as you can set a target value for battery remaining. Once this minimum level is reached, the car will automatically stop supplying electricity, preventing any situation where the car can’t move due to power shortage.

Kona Electric Bose Speaker

First up, you crank up the volume of your specially prepared playlist. The BOSE premium sound system of the All‒New Kona Electric, with its eight speakers and an amplifier, delivers robust bass and crisp treble. The melodies of long‒forgotten rock songs fill your heart.

A person singing on a Kona Electric

Perhaps for the first time in years, you find yourself headbanging and singing along to the music. A thought crosses your mind ‒ your kids would love this too. Even though you’re relishing a moment of freedom, family responsibilities await at home. It’s moments like these that remind you of your role as an adult, as a parent.

Guitar placed in the second row of Kona Electric

Spurred by the moment, you grab your guitar and amp from the trunk and set them up in the back seat. Concerns about space prove unfounded, as the All‒New Kona has grown in size compared to its predecessor, offering ample legroom and trunk space.

Person playing guitar inside Kona Electric

With the amp volume turned up, you play your guitar, something you haven’t done in a while due to worries about disturbing neighbors during the week and spending time with your kids on weekends. Playing guitar without any constraints feels liberating and stress‒relieving.

Game console set up on Kona Electric

Next, you unfold the rear seats and set up a portable gaming console. Normally, you’d play on a small screen, but not today. With the All‒New Kona Electric, you connect a monitor to the V2L and enjoy your game comfortably. Adding a coffee pot and snacks, the interior transforms into your personal gaming room.

Kona Electric’s use of V2L

You reminisce about old times, playing games with friends in front of a small TV. Back then, playing games outside was unimaginable due to the lack of power sources. But now, with V2L, electricity is accessible anywhere. It seems a waste to use these benefits only for camping when your electric car can become such an excellent leisure space even in a parking lot.

A person playing in Kona Electric

Finally, you wrap up the day by watching Netflix on your laptop in the back seat. Since the laptop is needed for tomorrow’s work, you charge it using V2L while watching a movie. A unique feature of the All‒New Kona Electric is its utility mode that minimizes interior lighting.

Operating the infotainment system

Everyone has experienced the discomfort of bright lights while trying to relax. The All‒New Kona Electric’s utility mode dims the infotainment screen, buttons, and steering wheel lighting, reducing glare and creating a cinema‒like atmosphere for immersive movie watching.

As you head home, you check the battery gauge, only to find that it has barely decreased despite using V2L for a significant time. No need for a charging station this time. Even if the battery were low, you could still use utility mode while charging.

infotainment monitor

Kona Electric parked in the underground parking lot

As you reflect on the evening spent with the All‒New Kona Electric, you ponder the evolving role of cars. Nowadays, a car is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a daily companion and a mobile space. An electric car with V2L adds new possibilities, transforming into a versatile hobby area wherever you are.

People playing in various ways

You plan to spend enjoyable times with your family next time, now that you have an extra room that doesn’t require minding others. Whether it’s a karaoke room for the kids, a cinema for your spouse, or a music room for yourself, the All‒New Kona Electric is aptly nicknamed “The Room Unconstrained.”

Video by Doyeon Nam and Woojin Lim

Photography by Jinho Choi