A white G80 standing in front of the exhibition hall A white G80 standing in front of the exhibition hall

2024.02.06 GENESIS 분량8min

THE GENESIS STAGE. G80: Its Finest Hour

Genesis rolled out the red carpet in Cheongdam-dong to celebrate the launch of its facelifted G80 model, introducing THE GENESIS STAGE. G80 - a spectacle not just of the new G80 but an embodiment of the Genesis lifestyle brand's hospitality.

Since its initial release in 2008 under the moniker 'Genesis', the G80 has stood as South Korea's epitome of luxury sedans. It's the flagship model that signified the Genesis brand's debut in 2015 and, after its rechristening to G80 in 2016, has soared in global markets with over 400,000 units sold, propelling the Genesis brand past the million cumulative sales mark (inclusive of the third-generation G80 and the G80 Electrified model).

Last December 26, the Genesis G80 unveiled its latest iteration - a facelift model that presents a more refined exterior and a tech-savvy interior in perfect harmony, elevating every aspect to a new level. Genesis orchestrated a launch event that matched the G80's evolution, dubbed 'THE GENESIS STAGE. G80'. This special exhibition was a kaleidoscope of experiences, allowing attendees to delve into the revamped G80's essence and forge unforgettable memories.

Panoramic view of L'Espace Etna

Hosted at 'L'Espace Etna', nestled among the upscale residences and luxury fashion hubs near Cheongdam Station, the event was set apart from the typical bustling launch locales. Genesis chose this venue to deliver an unparalleled hospitality experience, making each visitor feel like royalty and immersing them in the G80's luminous journey from inception to present in an intimate setting.

ATHLETIC ELEGANCE: Exploring the G80's Facets

A white G80 standing in front of the exhibition hall

The special exhibition showcased the G80 across three distinct areas: the main exhibition hall, the terrace, and an annex. Stepping into the venue, reminiscent of a posh residence, guests were first greeted by the G80 in Verbier White on the terrace, its elegant design and harmonious color palette shining under the natural light. Inside, the main exhibition area offered a thorough exploration of the G80's transformative journey.

Visitors looking at various parts of the G80 in the exhibition hall

Within the heart of the exhibition, two G80 models stood side by side - a standard model in Vic Black and a sport package model in Makalu Gray, each captivating the audience with their unique appeal and encapsulating Genesis's design philosophy of 'Athletic Elegance'. This latest G80 iteration focused on bolstering dynamic elegance, enhancing the luxury sedan's image with features like the dual-mesh crest grille, MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology headlights, and 20-inch 5-double-spoke wheels that echo the dynamism of spinning airplane propellers, crowned with a V-shaped chrome trim on the rear. The G80 sport package model added a sporty flair with its double-layered G-Matrix pattern radiator grille, expanded air intakes, and a new rear bumper and diffuser design, distinguishing it from the standard model.

Contrasting with the exterior's meticulous details, the interior underwent a complete high-tech transformation. The integration of a 27-inch wide display merging the cluster and infotainment system, a seamlessly designed luxurious center fascia, and the crystal design of the electronic shift dial and integrated controller elevated the cabin's usability and visual appeal, crafting a more polished interior experience. The steering wheel's transition to a 3-spoke design, with a special D-cut steering wheel for the sport package model, delivered an added touch of sportiness.

Changes in the color chips, wheels, and Genesis emblem of the G80 displayed at the exhibition hall

Beyond the vehicles, one side of the main exhibition hall was dedicated to showcasing the G80's interior and exterior colors and wheel designs. Visitors had the opportunity to mix and match ten exterior colors with various leather and garnish options, and to inspect four wheel designs, igniting the joy of personalizing their own G80. The 'ORIGIN OF G80' section at the exhibition's entrance offered a retrospective glance at the evolution of the Genesis brand and the G80, from the first-generation model under the Hyundai Genesis badge to the current iteration and its emblem evolution.

G80 on display in the annex

Venturing outside to the annex, visitors could witness the depth of colors the G80 offers, each born from relentless research and revealed in different environments. Under diverse lighting conditions such as natural daylight, overcast skies, tunnels, and sunsets, the G80 displayed its unique color charm. The standard model in Mt.Hallasan Green and the sport package model in Tasman Blue showcased within the annex presented the luxury sedan's essence with their deep, sometimes dazzling, hues.

 Prior to the public day on the 13th, a media day was held on the 12th with attendance from numerous domestic outlets. Journalists said the G80's enhanced exterior elegance and its merger with a luxurious, tech-forward interior, achieving significant improvements in overall product quality. The exhibition's setup also received accolades for intuitively presenting the G80's multifaceted charm in varied environments.

Exhibition planning manager explaining the changes in the partially modified model in front of the G80

In a conversation with Lee Seong-jae, the senior manager of the domestic marketing team who masterminded the G80 special exhibition, he shared insights into the inspiration behind showcasing the G80 in a spectrum of environmental settings.

 "This special exhibition, themed 'G80 on the Brightest Stage', was meticulously curated to allow customers to journey through the G80's evolution from its birth to the present. We aimed to transcend a mere vehicle display by integrating diverse spatial environments and content. Drawing inspiration from the G80's distinctive two-line headlights, the 'Two-Lines Stage' main exhibition hall featured a wide LED wall reminiscent of the 27-inch integrated wide display applied to this G80 iteration, offering a more immersive and vivid viewing experience. We also prepared a selection of interior and exterior colors and materials, enabling visitors to explore and combine different G80 colors. In the annex, attendees could observe the radiant G80 colors showcasing their allure across various settings. The annex was designed to offer private viewings, allowing individual teams to immerse themselves in the G80's color and product quality exclusively for 10 minutes."

BALANCED LIFESTYLE: Its Vision for Harmony

A work of art with attractive yellow colors

What sets the G80 launch exhibition apart from other car launch events is Genesis' unique approach to welcoming visitors. Moving beyond the conventional car viewing-centric events, Genesis has crafted an experience that treats visitors like VIPs, offering gracious hospitality and unique experiences that leave a lasting impression as they depart the showroom. Ascending to the second floor beyond the first-floor exhibition, visitors can indulge in barista and styling classes, and admire artworks by top-tier artists, all curated by Genesis.

People making coffee and choosing clothes in the barista class and styling class at the exhibition hall

The private experience classes, available through Naver, cater to a select group of attendees (up to 10 for each docent tour, 6 for barista class, and 4 for styling class). Participants can first enjoy a professional docent's explanation of seven displayed artworks, including pieces by Rob Pruitt, Kwak In-Sik, and Kim Chang-Yeol, offering a 10-minute dive into the meaning and value behind each work.

The barista class, led by a barista from the high-end Yeonnam-dong café 'Fell +', mirrors the balance of taste and aroma in coffee brewing to the harmonious performance and ride of the G80. The Winter Sweet Blend used in the class (a blend of Ethiopian, Brazilian, and Colombian beans) draws inspiration from Genesis' design philosophy of 'dynamic elegance', specially crafted for this exhibition.

Moreover, a styling class is set up to translate the dynamic elegance inherent in the G80 into everyday life for customers. Led by professional stylists, the class involves discovering personal colors and customized styling tips.

Artworks, barista packages, and fabrics of various colors are placed on the second floor of the exhibition hall.

Why has Genesis integrated such diverse experiences into the G80 launch event? "Genesis aims to convey more than just a car brand; we're a lifestyle brand," explains Senior Manager Lee Seong-jae. "We aligned classes with Genesis' design philosophy and the balanced nature of the G80 to enrich our customers' experience. We hope every visitor enjoys the hospitality and leaves with fond memories."

MEET THE CREATORS: Reflecting on Our Brightest Moments

G80 토크콘서트에 앞서 연주회를 진행하는 바이올리니스트의 모습

During the exhibition period (January 13th to 21st), special guest talks are scheduled for the weekends of the 14th, 20th, and 21st. Genesis, engaged in partnership marketing across various lifestyle sectors like golf, classical music, cinema (Busan International Film Festival), gastronomy (Michelin Guide), and travel (National Geographic), has invited speakers from the realms of classical music (violinist Kim Dami on January 14th), cinema (director Jang Hang-jun on January 20th), and gastronomy (chefs Yoon Dae-hyun and Kim Hee-eun from Soigne, a Michelin-starred restaurant, on January 21st) to share their stories.

Four speakers hosting the G80 Talk Concert

These narratives, from individuals who have shone in their fields through passion and dedication, resonate with the history of the G80, a result of countless researchers' passionate efforts. The talk series opened with Kim Dami, a celebrated classical musician, who discussed the shared values of harmony and elegance between classical music and Genesis, alongside a mini-concert for the visitors. Director Jang Hang-jun will share his journey as a creator, and the chefs from Soigne will culminate the special exhibition with a dazzling finger food performance, echoing the G80's launch.

Its Approach to Hospitality

A Genesis representative who planned the G80 exhibition looks at the color chips

This special exhibition by Genesis not only showcases the refined features of the new G80 but also immerses visitors in lifestyle activities, allowing them to experience the brand's values firsthand.

A Genesis representative who planned the G80 exhibition looks at the emblem

"We wanted to convey the beauty and value of the revamped G80 and provide a space where customers could experience the enhanced product quality of the G80," says Senior Manager Lee Seong-jae. "Beyond experiencing the car, we prepared extensively to share Genesis' lifestyle brand vision and unique hospitality with our customers. We hope everyone who joins us with Genesis creates special and radiant everyday moments."

A Genesis representative who planned the G80 exhibition looks at the emblem

Further discussing Genesis' 'hospitality' experienced throughout the exhibition, Senior Manager Lee Seong-jae adds, "Genesis designs unique experiences at every customer touchpoint, not just with our cars. This exhibition aimed to let potential G80 buyers feel Genesis' distinct hospitality through both the display and the programs. Our ultimate goal is to propose new lifestyles and experiences that enhance our customers' lives, going beyond mere kindness or professionalism. This is why we prepared lifestyle programs like the barista class, where customers can engage in coffee brewing, and the styling class, which aligns with the dynamic elegance of the G80."

G80 on the main stage of the G80 exhibition hall

Even as SUV popularity continues to surge, the G80 remains a symbol of the Genesis brand. The enduring value of the G80, which has elevated the Genesis brand to its current stature despite shifting trends, remains undiminished. Visitors are welcomed to experience the past and shining present of the G80 at the special launch exhibition, open from January 13th to 21st.

Photography by Jo Hyuk-soo