The view of the American Contemporary Photo Exhibition held by Hyundai Card The view of the American Contemporary Photo Exhibition held by Hyundai Card

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Hyundai Card Cultural Event: A Delightful Spring Welcome

As the punctuation mark to the long winter, what emerges is not solely the warm sunshine, fragrant spring breeze, and vibrant flowers. Hyundai Card has curated distinct cultural events ideal for light clothing and outings for everyone.

Hyundai Card Photo Exhibited at the U.S. Contemporary Photo Exhibition

April’s warmth melts away March’s chill as moist flower buds begin to bloom, signaling it is time to venture out once again. Hyundai Card has prepared special experiences for those contemplating their next move during this perfect moment to resume outings, previously restrained during winter. From a street photography exhibition acknowledged as a genre of contemporary art, to heartwarming cuisine that melts away the body and mind’s winter chill, along with mellifluous musical performances, we present Hyundai Card’s cultural events for the first half of the year.

Opening the New Era: Contemporary Photography Group Exhibition

Hyundai Card Storage, the venue known for continuously delivering astonishing art experiences, showcases the works of seven prominent American photographers. Opening from March 29th to July 28th, the ‘Urban Chronicles: American Color Photography’ (hereinafter referred to as the American Contemporary Photography Group Exhibition) features over 70 pieces of artwork by 7 renowned American contemporary photographers. These photographers presented the trend of color photography and challenged the notion that only journalism and black-and-white photography were considered art in the 1970s, all while capturing everyday life through their lenses. Daniel Arnold, William Eggleston, Saul Leiter, Vivian Maier, Joel Meyerowitz, Anastasia Samoylova, and Stephen Shore offer their distinct perspectives on the landscapes of streets and cities, as well as the individuals living within them.

Hyundai Card Photos at the American Contemporary Photo Exhibition

The Exhibition is divided into two sections. The first section, featuring artworks that highlight individuals in urban settings, starts with the presence of Vivian Maier, one of the most famous street photographers of the 20th century. She demonstrates a profound understanding of human nature through her self-portrait series, which features marginalized urbanites and herself as the protagonist. In the Following works by Saul Leiter, urban landscapes and figures captured through his unique metaphorical perspective emerge. The works of Joel Meyerowitz, celebrated for establishing new benchmarks in the genre through his innovative color photography, come next. Lastly, Daniel Arnold redefined contemporary street photography by candidly capturing the moments and diverse emotions of New York streets and its inhabitants. The unfiltered rawness of everyday life captured through his vintage Leica is the outcome of the artist’s acute powers of observation.

Hyundai Card Photos at the American Contemporary Photo Exhibition

The subsequent section discusses the essence of modern society through urban landscapes and street scenes. William Eggleston, an artist who pioneered color photography in the 1970s, transforms ordinary scenes into remarkable pieces with vibrant colors. Audiences can experience everyday life in early 1970s American society through Eggleston’s lens. Stephen Shore, considered as a contributor to the resurgence of color photography alongside William Eggleston and Joel Meyerowitz, presents his unique perspective on American landscapes and daily life observed during his road trips. Lastly, Anastasia Samoylova is a female photographer who explores the intersection of nature, humanity, and technology, creating powerful narratives. Through capturing individuals amidst urban billboards and banners, her work explores the intricate relationships between vibrant cities and people, prompting self-reflection.

photographers' photobooks

The Art Library offers photobooks by leading photographers shaping the trends of contemporary American photography

For those still seeking something more after viewing the American Contemporary Photography Group Exhibition, a visit to the Art Library housed in the same building is highly recommended. At the Hyundai Card Art Library, you can explore photobooks by influential photographers how have shaped the history of photography. From the 1930s through the 1960s, the hallmark of photography was documentary images focused on the format of record-keeping. This trend underwent a major shift whit the emergence of photographers like Walker Evans and Robert Frank, who approached everyday events from a subjective perspective. Their photobooks are now considered the bible of modern photography. Moreover, visitors can also explore the signature photobooks of photographers who participated in the American Contemporary Photography Group Exhibition. Exploring photographic works that have transcended the role as a means of documentation to become a major genre in contemporary art can provide a meaningful opportunity to gain fresh inspiration.

<Urban Chronicles: American Color Photography>

Location: Hyundai Card Storage

Period: March 29th, 2024 – July 28th, 2024

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00PM – 9:00PM; Sunday and Public Holidays, 12:00PM – 6:00PM

Admission Fee: Adults KRW5,000 / Students KRW4,000

Soothing the Soul’s Appetite with Heartwarming Cuisine

a cookbook with red lentil chicken soup and recipes

Hyundai Card Cooking Library has selected Jenn Louis’s Red Lentil Chicken Soup as the recipe for its first Self-Cooking Class in 2024

The flagship program of the Hyundai Card Cooking Library, the Self-Cooking Class, has recently become a crowd favorite. It involves cooking dishes directly from menus found in over 12,000 carefully selected cookbooks by Hyundai Card. The first Self-Cooking Class of 2024 will feature the celebrated chef Jenn Louis’s ‘Red Lentil Chicken Soup.’ This signature dish, featured in her seminal book , offers solace to those feeling empty in both body and soul with its comforting warmth and flavor.

Chicken soup and various ingredients

Jenn Louis’s chicken soup, infused with a variety of spices, presents a unique taste unlike typical ones

Jenn Louis has attained global fame and culinary expertise, evidenced by her nomination as a contender for ‘Best Chef’ at the James Beard Awards, often likened to the Oscars of the culinary industry. She has researched various chicken soups from around the world and created her distinctive recipe. Her Red Lentil Chicken Soup features lentils, tomatoes, and chicken as its base, infused with the aromatic Berbere Spice, evoking flavors of Africa. As a references, Berbere Spice is a traditional Ethiopian spice blend consisting of unfamiliar spices to Koreans such as cardamom, cloves, chili, and coriander seeds. May we wish for the warmth of the chicken soup made with loved ones to erase even the slightest hint of winter chill remaining.

Various aspects of the newly opened Hyundai Card Cooking Library

The Self-Cooking Class, which will warm both your body and soul, takes place at the newly renovated Cooking Library. The new Cooking Library has transformed into a multifunctional cultural space, offering a blend of delightful cuisine, enjoyable cooking experiences, and culinary inspiration. Its exterior features light-reflecting corrugated metal panels that respond to the environment, creating a sturdy mesh-like texture. The entrance is accentuated with a vibrant red color, adding a unique touch to stimulated appetite. 

An open structure naturally connects the interior from the 1st floor to the 4th. A casual dining space on the 1st floor offers a selection of beverages and dishes inspired by the library’s cookbook collection. The 2nd floor is a space where visitors can freely explore a collection of over 12,000 cookbooks from around the world, along with 190 varieties of spices and herbs. Cooking classes take place on the 3rd floor, while private dining areas are located on the 4th.

<Hyundai Card Cooking Library Self-Cooking: Red Lentil Chicken Soup>

Period: February 17th, 2024 – April 28th, 2024

Time: Saturdays at 12:30PM and 6:00PM, Sundays at 12:30PM

Location: Hyundai Card Cooking Library

Note: Advanced reservation via the DIVE app is required / Payment (KRW 30,000) is only accepted with Hyundai Card / Refunds are available up to 3 days before the event, no refunds will be issued thereafter / Entry allowed for cardholder and one accompanying person

UNDERSTAGE Performance Reflecting the Sentiment of Spring

How the guitarist Dominic Miller looks

World-renowned guitarist Dominic Miller will hold concerts in Seoul in April, invited by Hyundai Card

As the vibrant cherry blossoms fade away at the end of April, Hyundai card has organized a heartfelt performance to alleviate any lingering regrets. Hyundai Card UNDERSTAGE, a place where diverse cultural genres blend, will host performances by guitarist Dominic Miller and pianist Sohn Jeung-beum on April 25th and 26th, respectively. Dominic Miller is a guitarist known for co-composing with Sting, acclaimed as one of the most beautiful guitar riffs in pop music history and featured in the soundtrack of the film (1994). Presented by Hyundai Card’s curated program and marking the 93rd show, his upcoming performance in Seoul promises a diverse musical experience. Alongside tracks from his latest album ‘Vagabond’, audiences can expect to enjoy his beloved hit numbers.

His colleagues in Korea with Dominic Miller

Joining Dominic Miller for his performance in Seoul are his old fellas. (Clockwise) Dominic Miller, Ziv Ravits, Jason Rebello, Nicolas Fiszman

Furthermore, Dominic Miller will perform alongside his longtime friends, promising a varied performance instead of going solo. Bassist Nicolas Fiszman, a consistent member of Dominic Miller’s band since 2005, Drummer Ziv Ravits from the ECM label, and pianist Jason Rebello, recognized for collaborations with Sting, Jeff Beck, Wayne Shorter, and Gary Burton, will join Miller as a Quartet at the stage on April 25th.

The Pianist Son Jung-beom

The performance at UNDERSTAGE the following day after Dominic Miller’s show will be filled with the powerful and technically impeccable performance of pianist Sohn Jeung-beum. Sohn gained international recognition after winning the George Enescu International Competition in 2011 at the age of twenty, and he continued to garner awards at prestigious music competitions across Europe. Especially in 2017, he claimed the honor of being the first Korean to win the top prize unanimously at the Munich ARD International Music Competition, one of the world’s most prestigious music competition. 

On April 26th, Sohn is set to perform three pieces on the UNDERSTAGE. These will include Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.14 Op. 27-2, also known as the , Tchaikovsky’s known for its rich melody, and Liszt’s , a piano arrangement of Mozart’s opera . Sohn Jeung-beum’s performance will at times be passionate and at others, melancholic, delivering a spectrum of emotions to the audience.

<Hyundai Card Curated 93: Dominic Miller>

Date: April 25th 2024, 20:00

Location: Hyundai Card UNDERSTAGE

Ticket Price: KRW 99,000

Reservation: Interpark Ticket

<Son Min-soo Curated 16: Sohn Jeung-beum>

Date: April 26th 2024, 20:00

Location: Hyundai Card UNDERSTAGE

Ticket Price: KRW 33,000

The photographer holding the camera in his eyes at the meeting

Hyundai Card’s annual cultural events provide customers with opportunities to enjoy a variety of experiences. Especially in these events prepared for the first half of 2024, participants can embrace artistic sensibilities while enjoying the warm spring ambiance. If you are pondering what to do for fun at this moment, consider turning your attention to the cultural events from Hyundai Card. You might create unforgettable memories akin to vivid color photographs.