Silver, black, green, and white palisades are placed on all sides against a white background Silver, black, green, and white palisades are placed on all sides against a white background

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[How about this car?] Hyundai Palisade, Its Unending Popularity and the Popular Options List

Exploring the key specifications of the Palisade by trim level can be quite insightful, especially for those considering purchasing a Palisade. It helps potential buyers understand the features and options available across different trims, enabling them to make an informed decision based on their preferences and needs. Looking into the choices made by previous customers can provide valuable insights into popular options and configurations.

How the man on the right looks at the rear of the chestnut palisade

Deciding on the right combination of specifications without regrets and understanding the choices made by others can indeed be challenging during the car buying process. With options ranging from trim levels that package specifications in stages, to interior and exterior colors that suit personal tastes, and the powertrain which is essentially the heart of the car, the decision-making process can be complex. The "How about this car?" initiative aims to alleviate these concerns by providing a simpler overview of the key specifications for each trim level of the Hyundai Palisade, as well as insights into the choices made by previous buyers.

Distinctive Trim Lineup with Premium Specs

The Palisade has established itself as a popular model not only in North America, where large SUVs are in demand, but also in Korea. Its popularity stems from various factors, including a robust and solid exterior design, spacious and practical interior suitable for its class, and a smooth and luxurious driving experience with the standard gasoline 3.8 V6 engine, showcasing the characteristics of Hyundai's flagship SUV.

Palisade Major Trims, Calligraphy Differentiated Design/Specification Top-of-the-line, Prestige 1/2 Row Convenience Specification Family SUV, LeBlanc Customer Best-of-Things Aggregated Best Seller, Exclude Cost-of-Performance Basic Model

The distinctive trim lineup, breaking away from a vertical levels to emphasize uniqueness, also adds to the Palisade's appeal. The Palisade's trim lineup includes Exclusive, Le Blanc, Prestige, and Calligraphy, each characterized by an optimal combination of specifications.

Excluse sheet Key Specifications Safety, Appearance, Seat, Convenience Specification List


Starting with the Exclusive, this trim enhances satisfaction by standardizing a rich array of specifications for driver assistance, safety, and convenience, considering the vehicle's nature for family use. Like the higher trims, the Exclusive applies LED lamps to the daytime running lights, turn signals, headlamps, rear lamps, and auxiliary brake lights. It also features a reverse guide lamp, found in Hyundai's premium models, from the Exclusive trim upwards. The reverse guide lamp projects light at set intervals on the ground during reversing, helping to easily gauge the distance to objects behind.

Palisades backward from asphalt road surface, center side airbags deployed between rows 1

Safety features are also notable; The Palisade comes standard with 10 airbags, including a center side airbag that deploys between the driver and passenger seats in the event of a side collision, minimizing upper body injuries for the first-row occupants, as well as driver's knee airbags and side airbags for the first and second rows, ensuring comprehensive collision preparedness. How about the configuration of advanced driver assistance systems? The Exclusive enhances driver convenience with various advanced features, such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (with vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist detection, and junction turning), Lane Keeping Assist, and Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control that automatically reduces speed in safety zones and on curves.

A forward view of Palisades driving on a two-lane asphalt road

Additional safety and convenience features include Driver Attention Warning, High Beam Assist that automatically adjusts the high beams when oncoming traffic is detected, and a steering wheel that vibrates to warn the driver of dangerous driving behavior. The Exclusive is equipped with a leather steering wheel with heating, an 8-way power adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support, heated and ventilated front seats, and heated second-row seats.

A view of the seat variations of a roofless car from above

The Exclusive's seating is a 7-passenger configuration with synthetic leather in a 2-2-3 arrangement as standard, but an 8-passenger option is also available. It boasts a wide range of practical seating functions, including second-row seats with front/rear sliding and reclining adjustments, a Fold & Dive function that minimizes the floor level difference when folding the second-row seats, and third-row seats with a 6:4 split folding and reclining adjustment for versatile use.

Convenience features include push-button start and smart key, an electric parking brake (with Auto Hold), a 12.3-inch navigation system (with Bluelink, phone projection, Hyundai CarPay), and Hi-pass, supporting comfortable travel for all passengers with a 3-zone fully automatic air conditioner (separate control for the left/right front and second row), five USB chargers, and three power outlets for external device power supply across the first to third rows.

LeBlanc Key Specifications Safety, Appearance, Interior, Seat, Convenience Specification List

Le Blanc

Le Blanc stands as one of the most competitive trims in the Palisade lineup. Building on the Exclusive trim, it adds the most preferred specifications by customers, achieving both enhanced product appeal and a reasonable price. Its exterior features 20-inch wheels for a more commanding presence. In terms of advanced driver assistance features, it adds Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, enhancing safety.

Palisade Gray Indoor Row 1 View From the Side of the Dashboard

Another feature of Le Blanc is the addition of specifications that provide optimal convenience for the front-row passengers. The interior ambiance is enhanced with genuine leather seats adorned with a quilting pattern (available in black/cool gray) and door armrests decorated with synthetic leather and stitching. The front seat functions have also been enhanced; the driver's power seat has been upgraded from 8-way to 10-way adjustment, and features such as 4-way lumbar support, cushion extension, and memory seat functions have been added. Additionally, the front passenger seat features 8-way power adjustment and a walk-in device that can be conveniently operated by other passengers.

Directing steering telescopic tilt and power tailgating

Other features include a 12.3-inch LCD cluster, power-adjustable tilt & telescopic steering wheel, wireless phone charger, a smart power tailgate, a surround-view monitor and blind-spot monitor for easy vehicle surrounding checks, and safe exit assist to prevent the rear doors from opening when a vehicle approaches from the side, enhancing convenience.

Prestige Key Specifications Built-in, Seat, Convenience Specification List


The Prestige trim is characterized by enhanced comfort for the rear seat passengers with features like second-row ventilated seats and manual door curtains, making it particularly appealing to those who want to treat their family like VIPs. The interior uses premium materials, and the luxury and functionality of the front seats have been enhanced. The material has been upgraded to quilting Nappa leather seats in three colors (black/burgundy/warm gray), and the driver's seat is equipped with an ERGO Motion seat.

First row of red leather and black interior combinations

The driver's ErgoMotion seat includes 18-way adjustment, electrically adjustable side bolsters that support the body's sides, and a Relaxation Comfort setting for the most comfortable resting posture. The functions of the front passenger seat have also been improved to support lumbar support, leg rest, and Relaxation Comfort. In addition, the suede materials to the headlining and pillars delivers a premium ambiance.

Calligraphy Key Specifications Safety, Appearance, Interior, Seat, Convenience Specification List


Calligraphy is the top-of-the-line model that enhances the flagship SUV image with a distinctive design and specifications. Calligraphy stands out starting from its exterior, using an exclusive design with 20-inch exclusive wheels, a dedicated radiator grille, front and rear chrome skid plates, and wheel claddings in body color, creating a unique style.

Calligraphy Brown color front and side view

In the interior, the use of metal materials including aluminum in strategic places like the console cover, rear bumper step, door scuff, and front door speaker grill, elevates the visual value. The unique ambiance is provided by quilted decoration door trim, ambient mood lamps, and exclusive quilted Nappa leather seats (black/brown/warm gray). The seat specifications include third-row power folding, third-row heated seats, and second-row wing-type headrests. Since the Prestige trim already includes all the luxury specifications for the front seats, Calligraphy focuses on enhancing the luxury of the second and third rows.

View of the Beige Indoor Dashboard, Two Palisades Face at Right Angle at the Intersection of the City

Advanced driver assistance system functionalities have also been improved. Calligraphy's Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist now detects not only vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and oncoming vehicles at intersections but also cross-traffic and oncoming vehicles during lane changes, and the navigation-based Smart Cruise Control now supports deceleration at off-ramps. The Highway Driving Assist II includes a feature that automatically changes lanes when the turn signal is activated.

Other features include Rear Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist, which helps with braking when there is a risk of collision with obstacles while reversing, Remote Smart Parking Assist, which allows the vehicle to be parked or exited forwards or backwards without the driver inside using a remote control, a head-up display, rear passenger a-lert, and a Krell premium sound system (12 speakers, external amp) for convenience, all available in the Calligraphy trim.

The front side of the white palisade stopped against a white background

Customers can also choose the Black Edition at the same price as the Calligraphy. The Black Edition features a sophisticated style with dark-tinted chrome exterior trim (radiator grille, skid plates, bumper garnish, door lower garnish, logos, and emblems), exclusive 20-inch wheels, a black roof rack, and an exclusive interior design (suede quilted Nappa leather seats, dark aluminum console cover).

An Unmissable Option for the Second Row: The VIP Package

The rear view of the Palisades stopped in a luxury residential area

Hyundai offers the 'H Genuine Accessories' customization options with high completeness. Thanks to this, customers can enjoy customization with excellent finish, quality, and performance without having to modify their vehicle after purchase. For the Palisade, various customization options that further emphasize the vehicle's outdoor activity and family-oriented nature are available. Among them, the VIP Package stands out as a convenience specification package that enhances passenger comfort to a level of flagship sedans.

VIP package specifications summary image, clockwise door trim smartphone wireless charging system, rear seat entertainment system, air purifier, hot cup holder and touch switch, second row center console, wing-type headrest with built-in speaker each image is arranged

The VIP Package includes wing-type headrests with built-in speakers for the second row, a rear-seat entertainment system for enjoying various content, a 2nd row center console including double door armrest for convenient storage of items, an air purifier, a cooled & heated cup holder, wireless charging in door trim, ambient mood lighting, and premium car mats (for the first, second, and third rows).

Close-up of the second row center console armrest cuphold and touch switch

The center console armrest is equipped with touch switches, allowing control over the cooled/heated cup holders, air purifier, and rear-seat entertainment system. The rear-seat entertainment system is integrated with speakers in the wing-type headrests, providing an individualized sound experience for each passenger in the second row, and supports Bluetooth, headsets, and mirroring connections.

The VIP Package maximizes the experience of convenient and luxurious travel, strongly recommended for those looking to transform the Palisade's second row into a space as enviable as airplane first-class. Note that the VIP Package is only available with the 7-seater Calligraphy trim (not available with the Black Edition).

The Customers' Choices

Palisade Customer's Choice, Popular Sales Trim 47.7% LeBlanc, 44.5% Calligraphy, 5.2% Prestige, 2.5% Exclusive, Powertrain Sales Ratio 61.7% Petrol 3.8 V6, 38.3% Diesel 2.2%

Among the diverse configurations, the most popular combinations chosen by Palisade customers were based on last year's sales data, focusing on trims, interior and exterior colors, powertrains, and selected options that garnered the most interest. Le Blanc led the trim sales ratio with 47.7%, followed closely by Calligraphy at 44.5%, with these two trims receiving the most love from customers, together accounting for 92.2% of sales. Prestige and Exclusive followed with 5.2% and 2.5%, respectively.

Le Blanc's popularity, adding the most preferred premium specifications to the base model (Exclusive), indicates a significant number of customers are seeking reasonable luxury, reflecting the trend in the large SUV market towards differentiated design and the values of a premium SUV. The powertrain sales ratio showed a clear preference for the gasoline 3.8 V6 engine at 61.7%, significantly outpacing the diesel 2.2 engine at 38.3%, demonstrating a high preference for the smooth and luxurious driving experience offered by gasoline engines even in large SUVs.

A black palisade driving a caravan on a one-way asphalt road

The choice rate for the all-wheel-drive system (HTRAC) was 38.6% (with front-wheel drive at 61.4%), indicating a considerably higher preference for all-wheel drive compared to other front-wheel-drive SUVs, suggesting a significant number of customers prioritize convenient and safe driving. This also hints at the dynamic lifestyles of Palisade customers.

Which color did you choose? Exterior color, 49.0% Creamy White Pearl, 27.1% Abyss Black Pearl, 9.6% Graphite Gray Metal, 5.2% Robust Emerald Pearl, 4.9% Moonlight Blue Pearl, 2.9% Shimmering Silver Metal, 1.3% Gaia Brown Pearl

Car color is a highly personal preference. Here are the results for the interior and exterior color choices for the Palisade: Creamy White Pearl dominated the exterior color choice with 49.0%, followed by Abyss Black Pearl at 27.1%, Graphite Gray Metallic at 9.6%, Robust Emerald Pearl at 5.2%, Moonlight Blue Pearl at 4.9%, Shimmering Silver Metallic at 2.9%, and Gaia Brown Pearl at 1.3%. Notably, except for Robust Emerald Pearl, Moonlight Blue Pearl, and Gaia Brown Pearl, all are non-colors, indicating a strong preference for calm and stable colors.

Which color did I choose? Internal color 25.2 percent brown, 22.7 percent black monotone, 19.8 percent navy/warm gray two-tone, 11.0 percent black (advanced), 8.4 percent cool gray, 5.6 percent black (for black edition only), 2.8 percent black, 2.8 percent navy, 1.5 percent burgundy

On the other hand, the interior color choices were more diverse, with chromatic colors receiving wider selection. Brown led the interior color sales ratio at 25.2%, followed by Black Monotone at 22.7%, Navy/Warm Gray Two-tone at 19.8%, Premium Black at 11.0%, Cool Gray at 8.4%, Black Monotone-Black Edition exclusive at 5.6%, Black at 2.8%, and Navy at 2.8%, with Burgundy at 1.5%.

Although black variants (Black Monotone, Premium Black, Black Monotone-Black Edition exclusive, Black) were the most chosen, Brown, Navy/Warm Gray Two-tone, and Cool Gray also held significant shares. This suggests that customers are satisfied with the wide range of interior colors available for the Palisade and are willing to make bold choices.

A full-sided view of black palisades stopping on a wide asphalt plain

As explored, the Palisade offers high value and satisfaction with its personality-emphasizing trim lineup. The choice optimization for customers, thanks to the base-level specifications of the Exclusive, concentrated enhancement of customer-preferred specifications in Le Blanc, improved second-row convenience in Prestige, and the distinction of a flagship SUV in Calligraphy, has contributed to its popularity. Examining last year's sales data has also revealed what aspects of the Palisade customers focus on and what underpins its strong popularity. The information provided here will assist in configuring a personalized Palisade that suits your taste.