What the Genesis GV80 looks like What the Genesis GV80 looks like

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Exploring the GV80 Facelift and the GV80 Coupe: The Evolved Luxury of Genesis Design

Genesis has revealed the GV80 facelift model and its first coupe-style SUV, the 'GV80 Coupe.' After approximately three years and nine months, the newly revamped GV80 facelift model boasts a significantly upgraded design, while the GV80 Coupe features a more dynamic design and maximized sporty sensibility. Here, we delve deeply into the design aspects of both the GV80 facelift model and the GV80 Coupe.

Genesis GV80 and GV80 Coupe View

Recent domestic and international media outlets have praised the pinnacle of Genesis's design sensibility. This acclaim began with the brand's first SUV, the GV80, which marked the dawn of a new era for Genesis design. The GV80 introduced design elements that complete the unique value of Genesis, such as the Crest Grill that symbolizes the Genesis brand emblem, the Two-Line headlamps, the Parabolic Line emphasizing elegant proportions and silhouettes on the side, and the G-Matrix pattern reflecting light diffraction from a diamond. Following this, from sedans like the G80 and G90 to SUVs like the GV60 and GV70, the charm imbued in Genesis's design identity, 'Athletic Elegance,' has gradually deepened with each new model.

The GV80 has undergone a facelift after about three years and nine months, inheriting the dynamic and sleek design of the original GV80 while completing a modern, spacious interior. Furthermore, the GV80 Coupe, as Genesis's first coupe-style SUV, is characterized by its bold and unique styling that maximizes dynamism. We focused on the significant changes made to the facelifted GV80 model and explored what makes the dynamically bold GV80 Coupe uniquely attractive.

New Design Features of the GV80 Facelift Model: The Deepened Charm of a Luxury SUV

Table describing the Genesis GV80's changed front design

The GV80 facelift model enhances its already high-quality design with luxurious details. The first noticeable change is in the front end, which has been meticulously refined to significantly alter its ambiance. It inherits the MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology first applied to Genesis' flagship sedan, the G90, which is based on ultra-precision manufacturing technology that reduces the thickness of the headlamp by minimizing the projection unit module. This not only strengthens the 'Two-Line' design, which is a Genesis design identity, but also successfully establishes a cohesive design across the brand.

Front View of Genesis GV80

Additionally, the GV80 facelift model introduces a new two-line design for the radiator grille's G-Matrix pattern and softens the edges of the grille to emphasize a sophisticated charm and luxurious style. A new skid plate, emphasizing the robust impression of an SUV, has also been added to the bottom of the front bumper. Furthermore, the shape of the bumper, including the air intakes and air curtains, has been crafted more dynamically to complete the bold and sturdy atmosphere of a sports SUV. 

Table describing the Genesis GV80's changed rear design

The rear retains the high-quality design of the original but sees changes centered around the bottom of the bumper. Instead of exposing the muffler, a hidden type muffler has been applied, and a V-shape inspired by the Genesis Crest Grille design has been realized in chrome material to complete a futuristic image. This incorporates a rear diffuser design that embodies the values Genesis pursues in the era of electrification.

Design Harmonizing Luxury and High-Performance Sensibilities in the GV80 Coupe

Table describing differences in front design of Genesis GV80 and GV80 coupe

The first-ever GV80 Coupe by Genesis showcases a deeper emphasis on the solemn charm of luxury SUVs, combined with dynamic elegance and bold silhouettes. Compared to the GV80 facelift model, the appeal of the GV80 Coupe is more pronounced. Although it shares the enhanced two-line lamp design through MLA lamp technology, the GV80 Coupe emphasizes a high-performance image by layering the G-Matrix pattern on the radiator grille. This is the Double Layered G-Matrix pattern showcased through the GV80 Coupe concept car. Moreover, the area of the air intake at the bottom of the bumper has been expanded, and four slots inspired by sports cars have been applied below the radiator grille to complete a bold and dynamic charm.

Table describing the differences in the side design of Genesis GV80 and GV80 coupe

The difference between the GV80 facelift model and the GV80 Coupe is most striking when viewed from the side. Genesis established a design philosophy centered on proportions to achieve the paradoxical contrast of dynamic elegance. This approach allowed the brand to create beautiful proportions distinct from other luxury brands and to bestow a timeless aesthetic that remains unchanged over time.

The Genesis GV80 Side View

Supported by this philosophy, the GV80 boasts a design with proportions differentiated from those of luxury SUVs from competitors. Even after the facelift, the dynamic elegance of the GV80 continues unabated - its proportions, the Parabolic Line, and the design elements of the strong and straight C-pillar resembling a hockey stick. The chrome line running from the front bumper to the rear along the bottom completes the powerful character and voluminous profile of the GV80 facelift model.

What Genesis GV80 Coupe looks like

The GV80 Coupe, on the other hand, boasts a silhouette that fully emphasizes the contrasting charm of dynamic elegance. The smoothly flowing roofline after the B-pillar showcases the graceful curves of a sports coupe while maintaining a taut tension by lifting the end of the trunk lid. The GV80 Coupe uses a flush-type roof rack invisible in normal conditions to ensure an impeccable roofline. Following the roofline, the side window molding gracefully flows to end where the two-line garnish, embodying the Genesis design identity, resides. Unlike the glossy chrome material used for the lower garnish of the GV80 facelift model, the Coupe model utilizes dark chrome garnish for its own uniqueness.

Table describing differences in rear design of Genesis GV80 and GV80 coupe

The rear view also highlights the design differences between the GV80 facelift model and the GV80 Coupe. The GV80 Coupe features a dedicated spoiler at the point where the roof ends, and a dynamically shaped bumper and muffler, emphasizing a high-performance image beyond that of the GV80 facelift model. The differentiation in muffler shapes according to the powertrain specifications is another feature worth noting.

The indented tailgate of the GV80 Coupe, compared to the facelift model, combined with the longer and thinner rear lamps, sets the tone for the rear ambiance of the GV80 Coupe. Especially, unlike the GV80 facelift model, the rear lamps of the GV80 Coupe are arranged in a trapezoidal layout with rear-emitting light sources, creating a simpler and cleaner look.

New Wheel Design Completing Dynamic Elegance and Bold Side Style

Table describing the wheel design of the Genesis GV80 and GV80 coupe

The wheel design, which plays a visually significant role from the side, has also been refined. Although the sizes of 19, 20, and 22 inches remain the same, the aesthetic of the wheel spokes has been further emphasized to enhance the dynamism. Additionally, Genesis' unique two-line design elements have been actively utilized on the spokes to highlight the brand's design identity.

For the GV80 facelift model, a new 20-inch wheel that crosses two spokes with different finishes to express a multi-spoke feeling, and a new 22-inch wheel that reinterprets Genesis' unique two-line design elements to create a stable and refined look are introduced. The GV80 Coupe features dedicated 20 and 22-inch wheels with emphasized spokes to underline the Coupe's sporty side style.

22-inch wheels of Genesis GV80 and GV80 coupe

The brake caliper design has also been differentiated according to the body shape and powertrain configuration. The existing floating-type calipers have been replaced with more powerful monobloc calipers as standard, enhancing the sporty image and adding unique charm. The GV80 facelift model comes standard with silver color calipers, with copper color calipers as an optional choice, symbolizing the Genesis brand. The GV80 Coupe comes standard with black color calipers with silver font, and models equipped with the 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger engine feature red color calipers indicating high performance.

Sophisticated Interior Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technology

Table describing interior design changes for the Genesis GV80

The interior design of the GV80, which elevates Korea's unique beauty through the 'Beauty of White Space' concept, underwent significant changes centered around the front seats through the facelift. The comfortable space, elegantly furnished with premium materials, is now equipped with advanced technology, creating a cozy and pleasant luxury space. New advanced technology and design elements, such as the dashboard, 3-spoke steering wheel, a unified 27-inch wide OLED monitor, and an improved touch climate control panel, blend seamlessly.

Table describing interior design features of the Genesis GV80 coupe

For the GV80 Coupe, which emphasizes a sporty sensibility, the interior also utilizes Coupe-exclusive design elements to create a more immersive driving atmosphere along with a distinctive charm. A two-tone D-cut steering wheel and metal pedals engraved with the G-Matrix pattern (limited to models with the 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger) highlight the high-performance sensibility. Additionally, real carbon garnish, commonly used in sports cars, is applied to various interior areas such as the dashboard, door trims, and center console to enhance the sporty atmosphere. Bucket seats with red stitching also add to the GV80 Coupe's dynamic appeal as a distinctive feature.

Table describing interior design changes for the Genesis GV80

The most notable feature is the wide display stretching across the dashboard. The existing 12.3-inch cluster and 14.5-inch infotainment display have been combined into one using OLED technology to achieve a sophisticated and high-tech image. OLED, known for its lightweight, thinness, low power consumption, fast response time, and excellent color reproduction capabilities, is highly regarded in the display sector for mobility. The GV80 facelift model and GV80 Coupe plan to provide various information more clearly through a 27-inch OLED display capable of producing sharp images with high contrast.

Interior Design View of Genesis GV80

Furthermore, the design of the Genesis Integrated Controller and the electronic shift dial(SBW) that previously served as special objects in the GV80 interior has been upgraded to be more luxurious. You can expect to feel the refined touch of a meticulously polished crystal when shifting. In addition, the touch-type climate control panel design, which provides haptic feedback, has been carefully refined to ensure a more comfortable experience than before in the GV80 facelift model.

Driving of the Genesis GV80

As we have seen, Genesis has invested all its design capabilities to imbue the GV80 facelift model and GV80 Coupe with unique charms that set them apart from other large luxury SUVs. This effort was not merely to expand the lineup but to solidify and enhance the brand's design identity. The challenge of Genesis design, which began with the GV80, is now ready to venture into new realms with the GV80 facelift model and GV80 Coupe. We invite you to join Genesis on its journey to elevate bold, progressive, and inherently Korean beauty into design.