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Everything About the 3.5 Turbo 48V Supercharger | Test Drive : Experiencing High Performance in the Genesis GV80 Coupe

The Genesis GV80 Coupe features a 3.5 Turbo 48V electric supercharger engine, achieving top-level performance within its lineup. To fully grasp the capabilities of the GV80 Coupe, an auto columnist teamed up with the vehicle's developers for a firsthand experience.

Genesis GV80 Coupe and Automotive Columnists and Researchers

To discover the true essence of the Genesis GV80 Coupe, senior research engineers Ahn Deok-ho and Lee Byung-hak, along with auto columnist Lee Dong-hee, took the GV80 Coupe for a spin

In an era of transformation, the automotive market is rapidly adopting electrification, mixing electric vehicles with internal combustion engines. While some high-performance electric vehicles surpass their internal combustion counterparts in performance metrics and overall prowess, the nostalgia for over a century of internal combustion technology remains strong among consumers. Therein lies the ongoing demand for advanced internal combustion technologies that offer enhanced performance and reduced emissions.

A Car Columnist Looking At The GV80 Coupe

Before the official test drive, auto columnist Lee Dong-hee explored the unique design elements of the GV80 Coupe

The 3.5T e-SC engine-equipped Genesis GV80 Coupe perfectly meets the demand for high performance. Originally, SUVs were designed for carrying more cargo and off-road driving. Transforming it into a coupe body with a high-output engine shifts it into a new genre, blending traditional SUV advantages with the capabilities expected of a coupe. High performance, crucial for a coupe, must be balanced with environmental considerations.

In pursuit of high performance, the top model equipped with the 3.5T e-SC engine was chosen for this experience. Joining the test drive were senior research engineers from Genesis Project 4 team, Lee Byung-hak, and the Genesis Electrification Fuel Efficiency Driving Test Team, Ahn Deok-ho.

Researcher Explains Genesis GV80 Coupe

Senior research engineer Lee Byung-hak emphasized the unique product features reflected in the development goals of the GV80 Coupe

The GV80 Coupe represents a special presence among SUV coupes, developed with a focus on safety, practicality, and a family-oriented lifestyle, according to senior research engineer Lee Byung-hak. The GV80 Coupe targets customers who value unique design, exclusivity, and leisure activities, highlighting Genesis's focus on elevating design and performance.

A conversation between a car columnist and a researcher, and the back and wheels of a GV80 coupe

Auto columnist Lee Dong-hee and senior research engineer Lee Byung-hak discussed the distinct design elements of the GV80 Coupe

Externally, the GV80 Coupe shares some similarities with the regular GV80 but is fundamentally different. Apart from the well-received headlamps, it uses almost no common parts with the regular GV80. The sleek roofline crafts a sporty profile without appearing bulky, making the GV80 Coupe appear more streamlined and elegant from the rear than similar models.

The integrated chrome garnish on the trunk lid serves as a unique design feature and enhances rear visibility. Its trunk opens wider and higher than those of competitors, adding practicality. The red monoblock 4P brake calipers and dual twin-type rear mufflers symbolize the high performance of the 3.5T e-SC model.

Steering wheel and front seat of the GV80 coupe

The D-cut steering wheel and quilted design Nappa leather seats are also exclusive to the GV80 Coupe

The Genesis GV80 Coupe's interior exudes a high-performance ambiance, articulated through elements like a sleek D-cut steering wheel, carbon garnish, and full-grain prime Nappa leather seats adorned with exclusive quilting designs. These features distinguish the coupe from the standard GV80 significantly. Particularly impressive are the second-row seats, which are unique in their class for including heating, ventilation, and the capability to recline—a rarity for coupe SUVs. Unlike typical coupes that often sacrifice second-row headroom and trunk space by fixing the backrests, the GV80 Coupe allows for up to 41 degrees of recline. This smart design adjusts the seat cushion to prevent sliding, enhancing passenger comfort. The smaller wheel housings are an intentional design to slightly mitigate the reduced trunk space characteristic of coupes.

How Researcher Describes the Second Row Space of the GV80 Coupe

During product planning, choices like these are critical, according to senior research engineer Lee Byung-hak, who explained the deep considerations involved in optimizing both seat comfort and trunk space. Unlike sedans, the coupé’s open trunk can transmit noise, so additional sound-absorbing materials were used to quieten the vehicle, reflecting a dedication to passenger comfort.

A conversation between a car columnist and a researcher

Senior research engineer Ahn Deok-ho provided detailed insights into the features of the 3.5T e-SC engine

The key is, of course, the speed. He explained that this engine was developed to match the performance expectations for Genesis's flagship G90 model, meaning no significant hardware changes were needed when integrating it into the GV80 Coupe. The development goal for the 3.5T e-SC engine was to provide a level of refinement and performance that exceeds that of the previous top-of-the-line V8 5.0L Tau engine.

Genesis GV80 Coupe 3.5Te-SC Engine Room

The GV80 Coupe's 3.5T e-SC engine boasts a maximum output of 415 horsepower and a peak torque of 56.0kgf·m

In comparison to the Tau engine, the maximum torque has increased from 53.0kgf·m to 56.0kgf·m, and the rpm range at which this torque is available has broadened from a high 5,000 rpm to a lower and broader range of 1,300–4,500 rpm, highlighting the differences between naturally aspirated large displacement engines and twin-turbocharged engines. In contrast, when compared to the gasoline 3.5T engine, the maximum torque is similar, and the increase is only about 2kgf·m, which might seem insignificant in numerical terms.

The Genesis GV80 Coupe's Driving View

The 3.5T e-SC engine of the Genesis GV80 Coupe provides both quick response at low revs and sustained torque delivery at high revs

 It stands out significantly due to its rapid response even from a slight touch of the accelerator pedal, distinguished from the regular 3.5T engine despite having the same gear ratios and final drive ratio. At idle (650 RPM), the torque is already 10 kgf·m higher, widening to about 15 kgf·m at 1,000 RPM. Such figures are comparable to adding a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, highlighting the enhanced power delivery of the e-SC engine. Even beyond the peak torque RPM of 4,500, it sustains its performance more effectively than its predecessors, with a robust output of 50 kgf·m at 5,800 RPM, where maximum power is realized.

Car Columnist Testing Genesis GV80 Coupe

Auto columnist Lee Dong-hee took a test drive of the 3.5T e-SC engine, looking closely at its characteristics

This remarkable difference in drive response is largely due to the 48V electronic devices integrated within the engine system. The larger turbocharger, which could have increased turbo lag due to its size, is effectively countered by the electric supercharger powered by a 48V high-voltage system from the battery, ensuring sufficient air intake even during low RPMs. Additionally, the inclusion of a Mild Hybrid Starter & Generator (MHSG) significantly enhances acceleration responsiveness by providing additional power.

The Genesis GV80 Coupe's Driving View

The 48V MHSG also plays a crucial role in regenerative braking, recharging the 48V battery while helping to operate the Extended-Idle Stop & Go (E-ISG) system. Unlike traditional ISG systems that operate only when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the E-ISG can cut fuel supply even when the car is moving at speeds below 25 km/h if the accelerator pedal is not engaged, reducing fuel consumption. This system, however, posed challenges in development due to the potential jolts when restarting the engine in motion, requiring a new control logic to ensure seamless integration and operation with the engine and transmission.

A conversation between a car columnist and a researcher

Senior Research Engineer Ahn Deok-ho highlighted the distinctive performance of the 3.5T e-SC engine and its features in the Sports+ mode

Despite the same hardware, the settings must be adapted depending on the vehicle model. While the flagship sedan G90 prioritizes a smooth and luxurious acceleration feel, the GV80 Coupe demands quicker responsiveness and more vigorous acceleration. It may seem dubious to achieve such different outcomes without hardware modifications, but Ahn Deok-ho explained that they maximized the operational range of the electronic supercharger and the MHSG without the constraints typically imposed by software limitations. This approach means that while the G90's configuration minimizes jolts to ensure optimal performance, the GV80 Coupe's Sports+ mode allows for some level of shock in exchange for peak performance.

The Genesis GV80 Coupe's Driving View and Digital Cluster

The Sports+ mode in the GV80 Coupe 3.5T e-SC model offers a dynamic driving experience with a distinct engine map and shift pattern, enhancing the vehicle’s sporty characteristics

When Sports+ mode is activated, the idling RPM increases from 650 to about 800, enabling a sportier start. Moreover, during acceleration, the torque converter slip is minimized, allowing faster power delivery. This mode also adapts the engine torque map and maintains higher RPMs for aggressive gear shifts, and intentionally creates a sharper shift feel to emphasize the sporty driving sensation. Switching between the smooth Eco mode and the dynamic Sports+ mode highlights the remarkable differences, and occasionally launching from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds using launch control adds an element of excitement.

The Genesis GV80 Coupe's Driving View

The suspension and tire setup of the GV80 Coupe 3.5T e-SC model are also specifically tuned to complement its powerful drivetrain

The matching of the engine and transmission performance to the suspension and tires is a timeless truth in automotive design. The GV80 Coupe 3.5T e-SC model, which also includes the 3.5T engine, boasts a distinct suspension setting that enhances overall damper damping force and alters the control logic for a more robust feel. Specifically, the stiffness of the rear springs has been increased to prevent the rear from sagging during rapid acceleration, allowing for more controlled handling in Sports+ mode with reduced intervention from the stability control system.

Although the standard road test drive was limited and couldn't fully utilize the vehicle's capabilities, the potential for aggressive driving tactics on a racetrack—such as braking just before a corner to shift weight forward and push the rear wheels outside the corner—seems feasible in Sports+ mode. This aggressive characteristic wouldn't affect the ride quality in Eco or Comfort mode to a significant extent, ensuring that the GV80 Coupe remains more comfortable and luxurious compared to its competitors.

Genesis GV80 Coupe and Automotive Columnists and Researchers

Auto columnist Lee Dong-hee, along with two research engineers, validated the true value of the GV80 Coupe through their test drive

In conclusion, the GV80 Coupe faithfully meets the expanding and diverse needs of consumers and the changing world. With its stylish design both inside and out, and comfortable second-row seating, the GV80 Coupe encapsulates Genesis's consideration in every aspect. It seamlessly incorporates performance suitable for a coupe, powered by a 48V electronic supercharger and a mild hybrid system that enhances both fuel efficiency and performance. Notably, the application of systems from the flagship sedan G90, without significant structural changes but with notable performance distinctions, was particularly impressive. The GV80 Coupe 3.5T e-SC showcases exceptional performance that goes beyond the specifications sheet, especially in Sports+ mode, which offers more than just sporty driving—it offers a dynamic and enjoyable experience. The GV80 Coupe is compelling enough to drive, providing a chance to experience its unbridled maximum performance firsthand.

Written by Lee Dong-hee (auto columnist / consultant)

He is an automotive columnist and consultant, currently serves as the CEO of Full Throttle Company, an automotive education and consulting firm.

Organized by Kim Jang-won

Photography by Choi Dae-il and Kim Beom-seok