There are two G80 facelift models standing There are two G80 facelift models standing

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The Genesis G80 Redefines the Standards of Luxury Sedans

The Genesis flagship model G80 has returned with a facelift, offering a new look both inside and out. The various aspects of the evolved G80 showcase the values of a luxury sedan as defined by the Genesis brand.

G80 Facelift Model

The Genesis G80 has enhanced its refinement through a facelift. From its launch, the G80 has been the leading model driving the success of the Genesis brand, gaining significant attention in the global automotive market for its distinctive presence. Particularly, the third-generation G80 launched in 2020 has been recognized worldwide for its excellence based on Genesis's design philosophy, luxurious sensibility, and superior product quality. The recently facelifted Genesis G80 in December last year has reestablished the standards for luxury sedans, continuing the legacy of the Genesis flagship model.

Desirable Beauty - The Exterior Design of the Genesis G80

Genesis G80 Sideways

The new G80's design has evolved based on the automaker’s philosophy, Athletic Elegance

The beauty of the G80's exterior design is timeless. Crafted with perfect proportions and completed with the design identity of "Athletic Elegance," the design remains effective in the new G80. Genesis has touched up even the finest details of the G80, elevating the design completion. The evolved exterior design of the G80 captivates with its subtle changes.

Genesis G80 Front Design Variables

The new G80 has enhanced the details of key design elements to elevate its elegance further. At the front, the headlamps and radiator grille, which are central to the design, have evolved around the iconic two lines of Genesis. The headlamps incorporate semiconductor-based MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology for more precise light control and a sophisticated lighting effect. The iconic Crest Grille has been intricately crafted with a double mesh type G-Matrix pattern. Additionally, the G80 expresses the dynamic aspects of a luxury sedan with a sculpted bumper design.

Genesis G80 Front and Rear Design Variables

The rear design also exudes a more luxurious atmosphere through subtle changes. The rear bumper has been developed with three-dimensional contours at each end, presenting a stable yet dynamic appearance, and instead of a muffler, a V-shaped chrome trim inspired by the Crest Grille emphasizes a luxurious image. On the side, newly applied 20-inch five double-spoke wheels resemble the spinning of an airplane propeller. The dynamic stance originating from perfect proportions and the sleek silhouette sculpted from the vehicle’s body remain attractive features of the new G80.

The Interior of the Genesis G80 - Luxurious Interior Space Infused with Advanced Technology

Genesis G80 Interior Design Changes

The new G80's cockpit has transformed into an interior space that emphasizes a high-tech feel based on a luxurious interior. The most significant change is in the infotainment system. The 27-inch integrated wide display that connects the cluster and infotainment system blends exquisitely among various high-quality materials, illustrating the harmony between advanced technology and tradition.

Genesis G80 Interior

The interior of the Genesis G80 coexists with high-tech sensibility and luxuriousness

New design attempts reflected in the interior also catch the eye. The steering wheel, where the driver's hands rest the longest, has evolved into a modern three-spoke design, and the seamless center fascia and horizontally emphasized crash pad design present a clean and tidy cockpit.

Genesis G80 steering wheel and electric shift dial

The G80's interior has achieved a higher level of completion suitable for a luxury sedan

The luxurious touch suitable for the Genesis brand is also worth noting. Genesis has maximized usability and luxury by finishing the electronic shift dial (Shift By Wire) and the central control point with octagonal glass materials, upholstered various interior spaces with leather, and applied real material garnishes such as wood and aluminum, enhancing the overall luxury of the interior space. 

A Dignified Driving Experience Suitable for a Luxury Large Sedan

Genesis G80 Driving View

The Genesis flagship model, the G80, retains its dynamic performance characteristics with two powertrain configurations. The new G80's 2.5 Turbo gasoline model delivers a maximum output of 304 horsepower, and the 3.5 Turbo gasoline model delivers 380 horsepower, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed driving experience anytime, anywhere. However, Genesis has not rested on its laurels and has made further improvements. Genesis has significantly enhanced the driving quality of the G80 to provide a driving experience befitting its flagship sedan.

Driving of the Genesis G80

The new G80 has undergone delicate tuning to enhance driving quality

The new G80 focuses on improving driving quality to ensure a comfortable and smooth journey for its customers. A noticeable change is the shock absorbers. The G80 applies a frequency-responsive structure inside the front and rear shock absorbers to capture the road feedback and residual vibrations. Other changes to improve ride comfort include tuning the stabilizer bar and link connection bushings, and applying hydro-type bushings to the cross members. Additionally, a rack damper has been applied to the steering gearbox, and gear ratios have been changed, reflecting thorough tuning not only for ride comfort but also for handling improvements.

Image showing the noise control of the interior space of the Genesis G80

Driving noise is also a crucial element in completing a luxurious travel experience. The new G80 has added a cowl top cover strip to the driver's side and improved the belt rip structure inside the doors to block the sound of the wind entering the cabin while driving. Additionally, the length of the door glass has been extended, and the sealing of the B-pillar garnish has been improved to reduce wind noise. Other enhancements include sound-absorbing tires that reduce tire resonance noise, and dynamic dampers applied to the suspension upper arms, advancing the high-level NVH performance.

Advanced Technology for a New Mobility Experience

Sides and center consoles of the Genesis G80

The center console of the G80 is equipped with armrest heating functionality and an item sterilization feature

The Genesis G80 generously incorporates various advanced technologies, allowing customers to experience a more convenient and advanced journey. The high-tech ambiance of the G80's convenience and safety specifications is one of the core values of the new G80. A notable change is in the central console. The console's armrest compartment is equipped with a UV-C LED for sterilizing small items, allowing customers to easily sterilize their belongings while traveling. Additionally, the armrest area of the center console has built-in heating, providing warm comfort during cold winter months.

Rear Seat Space and Entertainment System on the Genesis G80

The second-row space of the G80 has been significantly enhanced with a 3-zone+ air conditioning system and the next-generation Genesis rear-seat entertainment system

The benefits of advanced technology are also experienced in the second-row space. The new G80 provides a more comfortable indoor environment with a 3-zone+ air conditioning system. Unlike before, where the front seat air volume was linked to the rear seat air volume, the new G80 allows independent control of the air volume in the second-row space, ensuring the convenience of second-row passengers is not overlooked. The next-generation Genesis rear-seat entertainment system applied to the back seats is also a noteworthy feature. The system, consisting of dual 14.6-inch smart monitors, provides various domestic and international OTT services through a vehicle-mounted 5G modem.

Genesis G80's Advanced Driver Assistance System

Genesis G80 incorporates various advanced safety specifications to ensure that customers can drive peacefully

The advanced safety specifications are also a hallmark of the G80. The new G80 recognizes obstacles (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, crossing vehicles at intersections, oncoming vehicles during overtaking, lateral approaching vehicles) in various driving situations and supports evasive steering to prevent collisions with forward collision-avoidance assist 2 (FCA 2), lane keeping assist 2 (LFA 2) that helps maintain the center of the lane, and other safety improvements. Additionally, the direct detection (Hands On Detection) using capacitive grip sensors precisely recognizes the driver's grip on the steering wheel, enhancing the completeness of the advanced driver-assistance system. Other features include remote smart parking assist 2 (RSPA 2), forward/side/rear parking collision-avoidance assist (PCA-F/S/R), and more, adding various safety specifications that allow customers to enjoy their drive with peace of mind.

A Step Further in the Value of Luxury Sedans

Design Elements of Genesis G80 Sports Package

The sports package of the Genesis G80 emphasizes a sporty style and dynamic performance

The sports package houses the charm of the new Genesis G80 as well. Following a high-performance sporty theme, the G80 sports package has undergone significant changes in exterior and interior design and has further enhanced its unique product quality with sports package-exclusive specifications and components. Features tailored to the gasoline 3.5 turbo sports model, such as the active rear-wheel steering system, electronic limited-slip differential (e-LSD), Michelin summer tires, sports+ drive mode, and high-performance gauge cluster, are sufficient to deliver a deep allure to customers seeking a sporty driving sensation.

Driving view of Genesis G80 sports package

The Genesis G80 solidifies its position in the luxury sedan market through a facelift

With precise styling changes, matured driving quality, and the latest technology for a convenient mobility experience, the Genesis G80 has reestablished the standards for luxury sedans through meticulous changes. The new G80's value can be recognized particularly in its enhanced completeness that actively reflects customer needs. The facelift has elevated the standards for luxury sedans, and the true charm of Genesis's pursuit of premium continues in the G80. 

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