a photographer photographing a car a photographer photographing a car

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Peacefully Yet Fiercely: How the Genesis GV80 Faces the Unpredictable Jeju

To capture the capricious weather of Jeju, one must be in tune with nature. A photographer, who continues his artistic activities while residing in Jeju, had the Genesis GV80 as his companion.

Spring in Jeju is filled with warmth. The hills are vibrant with deep green hues, and the wind is warm enough to shed one's coat. Jeju holds diverse charms with each season, but it is especially lively during the mild spring. It's a time when life vigorously resurfaces from the soft soil, and for a photographer capturing nature’s transitions, it becomes a busier season to document the springtime of Jeju.

a photographer filming nature

Photographer Choi Min-seok has been capturing the beautiful landscapes of Jeju in his photographs.

Choi Min-seok has been living and working in Jeju for three years now. He moved to Jeju from bustling Seoul, drawn by its serene beauty. While in Seoul, his focus was primarily on capturing cars through his viewfinder, but nowadays, his focus has shifted to Jeju’s stunning natural environments. The Genesis GV80 joined him on his journey, being a reliable companion whether waiting for the perfect sunset or traversing unfamiliar terrains.

a car running on a wooded road

a car running on a wooded road

Jeju, with its pristine natural environments, is an ideal place for photographic activities. From dreamy primeval forests to rocky coastal cliffs, the awe-inspiring landscapes of Jeju capture the photographer’s attention at every moment. That day, Choi drove his GV80 to less trodden paths. Following his gaze often leads to destinations not marked on maps. His travels are not passive journeys guided by someone else but adventures filled with just the right amount of tension and anticipation.

a car standing on a wide ground

He briefly parked his GV80 along the coast near Kimnyeong. The Kimnyeong coastline, made up of Jeju's unique rocky shores, is accessible by car. However, its rugged terrain makes it a challenge for vehicles other than SUVs. The Genesis GV80 smoothly handles the bumpy roads, its surround view monitor clearly showing the cars surroundings, making it easy to navigate around obstacles.

Two-Line headlamp of GV80

The Mauna Red GV80 not only fits well within the concrete urban environment but also matches beautifully with the rocky coasts. Its refined red exterior contrasts sharply with the blue of the sea, making the colors stand out strikingly under the harsh sunlight, while the chrome decorations on the GV80 gleam exceptionally. Its crest grille and Two-Line headlamps leave a profound impression, resembling distinctive facial features. The GV80, with its generous stature and elegant silhouette, displays an extraordinary presence beside the calm sea.

a photographer photographing a car

a photographer photographing a car

Upon reaching his destination, Choi becomes busy preparing for his shoot, using the trunk of the GV80 as a makeshift table to attach lenses and efficiently organize his equipment. The GV80 perfectly fulfills its role as his companion. Its spacious trunk effortlessly accommodates his camera gear, and its reliable driving capabilities make it ideal for exploring every corner of Jeju.

the appearance of camping gear

1.Genesis Rooftop Tent Black Edition / 2. Genesis X Helinox Camping Chair Edition 2 / 3. Genesis X Helinox Camping Table Edition 2

Not all his time needs to be devoted to photography. Taking moments to rest in a tranquil place is also part of his creative process. When resting, the GV80 equipped with Genesis camping gear becomes a comfortable shelter. Genesis camping gear, designed to extend the luxury brand experience into lifestyle products, includes items like rooftop tents, camping chairs, and tables in a refined black color, fully embodying Genesis’s luxury aesthetic.

the appearance of camping gear

the appearance of camping gear

The Genesis Rooftop Tent is a standout piece of camping gear that makes luxury tangible. Setting up the tent requires only a fraction of the usual effort, and there’s no need to meticulously check the ground conditions. Essentially, wherever the GV80 can go, it becomes a perfect base camp.

The camping chair and table elevate the Genesis camping gear’s sophistication by incorporating designs derived from the seating patterns of the GV80, while also incorporating Helinox's long-standing expertise for a more perfect camping experience.

a photographer filming nature

Photographer Choi Min-seok enjoys moments of leisure after setting up the rooftop tent and camping gear. He indulges in a fragrant coffee break seated in the camping chair or climbs up to the rooftop tent to capture the expansive views through his viewfinder. Sometimes, he simply lies down on the plush floor to take a nap, fully embracing the cool air and gentle sounds of the waves on a Jeju beach.

Genesis GV80 on Jeju Road

He then prepares to leave and takes the wheel of the GV80. The drive in the Genesis, completely isolated from external noise and vibrations, is a moment to truly experience the essence of Genesis. The smooth power from the gasoline V6 3.5 turbo engine ensures consistently comfortable travel. Moreover, the AWD system distributes power to all four wheels, aiding stable driving regardless of the weather or terrain.

interior of Genesis GV80

The luxurious conveniences available during the drive are a privilege for Genesis drivers. The highlight is undoubtedly the 27-inch OLED integrated display. This panoramic display connects the digital cluster and navigation, offering not only smart functionality but also a futuristic ambiance. The Ergo Motion seat, encased in soft Nappa leather, ensures optimal driving posture and comfort even on long journeys.

Genesis GV80 on Jeju Road

The GV80 reaches the Saryeoni Forest Path via Bijarim Road. A light drizzle mixes the damp air with the fresh forest scent. Saryeoni Forest Path, starting from Bijarim Road and passing through Mulchat Oreum and Saryeoni Oreum, is a trail made up of cedar trees and is a representative spot in Jeju, often visited by travelers for its well-preserved natural state.

a photographer filming nature

Choi often visits Saryeoni Forest Path on weekdays when there are fewer visitors. He says the high humidity allows one to always enjoy the strong scent of cedar. He meticulously captures the beautiful scenes of the forest and immerses himself in the rare experiences of spotting wildlife such as badgers, varied tits, and goshawks nesting quietly in the woods.

a photographer filming nature of Jeju

Before long, the GV80 sped along the coastal road past Sanbangsan Mountain, arriving at Yongmeori Coast. Named after its resemblance to a dragon entering the sea, Yongmeori Coast showcases majestic coastal cliffs. Choi picked up his camera again, focusing on the layers of sandstone accumulated over millions of years. He repeatedly pressed the shutter, eager to capture the awe-inspiring sight of the cliffs shaped naturally over a long time.

a photographer filming nature of Jeju and GV80

The two-day companionship was brief yet intense. And both he and the GV80 had to fully embrace the capricious weather of Jeju. Capturing Jeju's nature in photographs sometimes means enduring inconveniences. Weathering rough weather, navigating rugged terrain, and enduring lonely waits are all part of encountering beautiful moments. However, the Genesis GV80 perfectly performed its role as his ideal companion. With its reliable driving capabilities, the GV80 tackled tough terrains and occasionally transformed into a comfortable base camp with the Genesis Rooftop Tent Black Edition, allowing him sweet respite.

Genesis GV80 in nature landscapes

In this journey, Choi photographed Jeju and the Genesis GV80

Choi seemed to enjoy his adventure-like artistic endeavors. Having previously focused on beautiful car designs and dynamic driving in controlled environments, he now wants to concentrate on the beauty of nature shaped over long periods in a changeable environment. Thus, he also emphasized the importance of good equipment that guarantees excellent results. Just like his reliable camera gear, which is unaffected by the environment, this opportunity has proven the trustworthiness of the GV80.

The Photographer's View From GV80

Choi Min-seok and the GV80 were well-matched partners. Sharing a clear conviction of fundamental values and a delicate sensibility, they found much in common. Just like Genesis quietly walking a distinguished path, he continues his work, exploring Jeju with his camera, reaffirming a sustainable life.


*Genesis X Helinox Camping Gear Edition 2 (chair and table) is scheduled for release on May 16 through Genesis Boutique.


By Kim Jang-won

Photography by Cho Hye-jin

In collaboration with Choi Min-seok (CEO of Super Supreme Media)