A car driving on a forest road photographed from above A car driving on a forest road photographed from above

2022.01.27 Sustainability Message 분량0min

The Right Move for the Right Future

“The Right Movement for a Sustainable Future”

Pursuing a sustainable future is our duty for the next generation, and a basic right for everyone on this planet. Through the right actions, Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) will make the right change to achieve the future that we all envision.

Sustainability in HMG

Hyundai Motor Group's social responsibility system diagram

Move for our Planet

The Right Movement for Our Planet

Hyundai Motor Group moves in a right direction for environmental sustainability.

Earth view from space

The clean and sustainable environment envisioned by HMG is both a duty to future generations and a right for humanity and the Earth. Thinking first and foremost about the environment, HMG strives to realize a better world for the future by developing eco-friendly products and services through technological innovation.

With the aim of realizing carbon neutrality, the Group is striving to change the future energy paradigm, by expanding renewable energy and establishing a hydrogen society. Efforts are also directed towards protecting the precious natural capital of the planet and creating an eco-friendly workplace to realize a sustainable society.

Move for our Planet 5 major activities

Move for our People

The Right Way for Our Growth

HMG respects each employee and rightly guides them to upgrade their values.

Multiracial workers holding a model airplane and having a conversation

Being aware that individual development leads to corporate growth and further social change, HMG encourages a climate of diversity and inclusiveness among employees and provides new growth opportunities with continuous competency development programs.

By protecting and respecting human rights, the Group guarantees employees’ fundamental rights and creates a healthy and reliable workplace through the internalization of health and safety. HMG aims to embody an organizational culture of equality, autonomy, and creativity by innovating its corporate culture.

5 major activities of Move for our people

Move for our Community

The Right Change for Our Society

HMG makes the right change for the sustainable future.

As a future city drawn by Hyundai Auto, people are moving freely through autonomous driving shuttle UAM, flying PBV, and transfer hub Hub.

Through trailblazing thinking and a challenger spirit, HMG connects people to technology and people to people, opening the door to new possibilities and experiences. 

The Group always focuses on ‘humanity’. HMG takes customer value to the next level by innovating customer experience through the development and convergence of technology that breaks boundaries and enhancing product reliability with the use of AI and big data. HMG seeks to promote shared growth with partners by establishing a sustainable supply chain, positioning itself as a ‘true partner for the future’ through the systematic and steady spread of CSR impact and future job creation, and fulfilling its responsibilities to all stakeholders.

5 major activities of Move for our Community

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